• Baron23
    Best I know, yes....they have some OG GH's with the new heater unit in them.

    Quite frankly, the 45W heater was a killer and I'm not at all sure that we need a 65W heater or a 65W heater that was binned for good performance (i.e. 75W heater).

    The IO is to be out in Apr, but keep in mind that Hopper Labs has NEVER done anything on time or nailed it the first time around. Not trying to be negative, but there is a long history with them and although they have made some bold statements about how they are turning things around, the proof of that is yet to be seen. They need to show on time delivery, improved CS, and dramatically improved reliability and testability and only time will tell.
  • spider
    that's a real bummer because I was getting ready to looking into buying one this week "Finally"
    I appreciate your guys info on this. Sure have been alot more help than the costumer service,
    I think since there coming out with a new model I'll probably just slow the horses down,

    I'd like to see how things settle once the new models come into effect, crazy how things work out some times, I've been waiting a yr to order one of these guys and now that I'm ready, there not?:: :groan: Oh well, looks like I'll just pick up some other vapes and wait till later this yr to order.
  • Baron23
    If you get a good working OG GH, its a killer.

    I'm with you...I plan to buy an IO, just not the first wave. I want to see how this thing works out first.

  • warren0728
    i sometimes think i should get one of the ss ones available on their site ... but part of me thinks i should wait and see if the io gets good reviews ... it seems the newest og grasshoppers have been pretty solid?
  • spider
    I'm very tempted to pull the trigger on an OG, especially since there available now,
    I've heard nothing but good things about the older model so the pull is definitely there,
    I definitely have some vape decisions to make in these next couple of days, decisions, decisions: :brow:
  • Magicman
    More like this kind of Magicman.
  • Terpenetime
    @spider apparently it’s now possible to pre-order the Hopper IO at http://thehopper.io/

    Shipping is slated for April and the order will be:

    1. Reservations
    2. Pre-orders
    3. General orders, after shipping of pre-orders, is complete
  • spider
    I've been talking with the support guys the last couple of days and they broke it down as well.
    Appreciate the link.

    Im gonna be kinda inpatient and just order the 45watt titanium here in a couple of days when I get my tax return. It took me a couple of days to think on it, but I heard nothing but good things about the OG, so I'm just going to settle for that one for now, and possibly buy the new one in the future if it blows me away. Thanks again.
  • Terpenetime
    @spider if it were me I’d definitely wait and get the io. The OG is a fantastic vape when it works properly but there are many cases of them not working at all. I was looking at the spec of the io earlier and was very impressed with all the detailed changes they’ve made. I think they may have finally got it right. Oh, and I’d really like to try the new 70W heater :gasp:

    It’s not as if you haven’t got anything else to vape whilst you wait, is it? :chin:
  • spider
    I heard that the OG grasshoppers with the new heater are working well so I'm not worried about it.

    I rather not sit around and wait, rather than get one now, and then buy the new one later,
    if I like it I'll just end up selling it to get the new one, or just buy the new one.

    They say that they will ship in April but I'm not going to sit around with my fingers crossed when I can buy one right now. I heard many people say that there has been hardly any issues with the new OG's and that they actually work very nice. I've heard that the 45 watts is plenty enough power and I think 45 watts will do for now.
  • Terpenetime
    @spider I’m sure you’ll enjoy it :100:
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