• Magicman
    He never loved on it so it crapped out.
  • Pud
    :rofl: :joke: :blush: :lol: :rofl: :rofl: :joke:
  • Bruce

    Hoping anytime to hear Grasshopper 2... because when working, nothing comes remotely close. Like the Pax 2 and Pax 3, the product got much better. Grasshopper 2 would have my attention.

    I love the idea and the way the Grasshopper was planned and engineered.

    It would be the only vaporiser I would need. And done with pure convection.

    fits in a water tool out of the box. Battery replaceable, Flavor, hits hard, adjustable temps.


    The flaws as of the version i had 2 years ago.... It failed 3 times in 4 months and I finally sold the 4th one that I got back. My lips got used to the heat but not ideal. proprietary magnetic power cord.

    I went back to Pax 3 because its incredibly reliable and consistent. EYES WIDE OPEN for anything coming out with an upgraded Grasshopper 2...

    Peace, Love and Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The . Vape . Master . ^ ^ ^
  • elykpeace
    Just picked up a tinoer elite. 6in by 2in so a bit larger but in hoping a good replacement to my Hopper

    Too unreliable company and vape
  • 38spider
    I really hope they make improvements in the future, this is a vape that I have had my eyes on for some time now, I'm a little worried because I hear alot of people stating it craps out? Oh well, I wont be buying it till probably around tax return season of next yr so who knows, maybe they will improve it some by then? Lol.✌
  • Terry1951

    I've been through approximately 30 replacements since I got it.

    If I got 2 weeks out of one I was doing well.

    I was one of the 1st after they sorted the backers.

    They repaired one in June 2018 with the new fix, and it's been working great since.

    I'm still waiting for the 2nd one that I returned in June 2018.

    They keep telling me it will be soon.

    Don't know how they are still in business.

    It's a great little vape when it's working.
  • Baron23
    I've been through approximately 30 replacements since I got it.Terry1951

    Fuck!! I think the most RMA's I had heard of previously was 19...which is ludicrous in itself.

    And, like everybody else, nobody knows why some come out of RMA in a few months while some have been languishing for over a year.

    I really, really believe that those sitting out there over a year....that Hopper doesn't know where the fuck they are.

    I suggested to another fellow that he demand that after a year that they still had his GH and hadn't lost it. Suddenly, he got a shipping response from Hopper.

    They are a quite amazing company....sigh.

    It's a great little vape when it's working.Terry1951

    Indeed it is.
  • Terry1951

    It got to the stage that I wouldn't even raise an RMA through the normal protocols. I'd email Caroline directly and in the end they were sending me out new ones in boxes.
  • Bruce
    A Grasshopper that would be reliable as a Pax. Would be the ideal vaporiser that everyone should own. Desktop, semi portable, portable and ultra portable.

    I dont like when an investment in a vape goes bad. But I am happy to have the use of it. When it worked it was like a magic wand. If build quality and reliability, they can attain, they would own several major markets in the dry herb vaporiser industry. Can it.... Bud save them!!! We have the prototype - I would also say in my wish list would be a concentrate insert (triple quartz).

    In the mean time I enjoyed Purple Kush that I waited for 30 minutes to get at the dispensary.

    Peace. Love & Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • EconMan
    He never loved on it so it crapped out.Magicman

    You know what Freud said about things shaped like a Grasshopper :joke:

    I think the most RMA's I had heard of previously was 19...which is ludicrous in itself.Baron23

    Ludicrous is a good word. I would never buy one. I'll be honest, when I got into vaping and this forum, I would hear "ludicrous" stories about hoppers owned for years where their owners claimed it spent more time at Grasshopper being repaired than with them using it. They were hard to believe. Until another, and another, and another told their story.... I also came to notice many own two -- one to use and one for RMA?

    I study business in general and I find the company fascinating. First and foremost, they are still in business. I respect that. As a student of business and an entrepreneur myself, I REALLY respect that. It is a very HARD thing to do. Most business fail and fail hard.

    And their "Core" user base is impressively loyal -- like Trumpsters -- doesn't matter what they do. If my toaster toasted sometimes and other times not at all and yet at other times it burned my bread, and other times would not heat at all.... I would return it and get another model/brand. Yet, despite the "ludicrousness" many hopper enthusiasts continue to hop enthusiastically. Most folks here know I'm a fan of FireFly but if I experienced 1/100 of the issues described by so many hopper users, I would drop the damned thing like a bad habit.
    Not hoppers. They're loyal.

    The closest I've come to that sort of product loyalty was my old magnificent piece of shit TR7. I loved it AND hated it. I literally had two of them - one to drive and another bought from a junkyard for cheap parts. And my god did that thing go through parts -- everything broke, even things that never break on cars (like the seats) AND I didn't have much money back then at all.

    I really, really believe that those sitting out there over a year....that Hopper doesn't know where the fuck they are.Baron23

    Yes. One would just have to think that. I don't know precisely what a reasonable time is to allow for an RMA cycle but certainly a year is indeed ludicrous. Imagine the hypothetically unlucky person who gets the 30 repairs (like Terry) AND it takes six months each of RDA time -- wala, that's 15 years in RMA :gasp:
    My suspicion is as Baron says, they got "lost", meaning the used units perhaps get mixed up with other used units and they don't know often which hopper is who's. Like Terry said, they sometimes would just send brand new boxes.

    It's a great little vape when it's working...Terry1951

    Substitute "car" for "vape" and that was my TR7. :nerd:
    Seriously, I've heard your statement from many others who seem to feel the same love/hate.

    Don't know how they are still in business.Terry1951

    I don't either Terry. And I study business. I don't even know how they maintain a merchant account (accept credit cards) -- their "chargebacks" (disputes) must be through the roof, and banks don't like that at all. *IF* their credit card "disputes" hit over 1.5% every bank I am even aware of will put them on a "rolling reserve" where "x%" of their sales go into a reserve account -- their money but they can't touch it. That cuts DIRECTLY into cash flow -- this is in part what happened to Haze.

    My prediction is they are cash poor -- an existential property of any RMA process is literally to limit returns and repairs by putting a psychological "price" on initiating the repair/return -- just imagine how overwhelmed their support would be if they did NOT do this? So perhaps, ironically, they are still in business because they do fuck their customers around in this way. The whole thing is indeed ludicrous.

    A Grasshopper that would be reliable as a Pax. Would be the ideal vaporiser that everyone should own.Bruce

    I get your point but many people dislike Pax -- I gave my Pax3 away (and literally threw my Pax1 away and didn't vape again for years). I believe the greatest "idea" in vaping was the Haze Square. They failed to execute miserably, but the idea was solid.
    The PRIMARY problem with so called "portables" (wished we called them cordless) is loading on the go. The real reason I LOVE my FF2 and some hate it? I use it as a cordless desktop and never as a portable (for flower). It lives in its cradle mostly and I've never once run out of battery (except purposely to measure for someone). So I use it to its strengths, not weaknesses. A weakness is trying to reload it say at a concert or driving - it sucks.

    The Square IP solved this problem beautifully. Four BIG bowls and a simple and quick twist automatically sets the next bowl for vaping. It is a GREAT idea. Truly a design that is BOTH social and individual use!

    When I left combustion and started investigating vaping the 2nd time near a couple years ago, the Square was at the top of my list. @VapeCritic had not yet endorsed the MV1 (his1st review was lukewarm) but he had reviewed positively the FF2 (his appreciative face in the review made me want THAT particular hit). But a local friend had a relatively new Square and I hit it and all I can say is that particular experience was HORRIBLE taste as if a cat pissed in the airpath. :vomit: The taste was "sour" and just felt "unclean" if that makes any descriptive sense? Then he removed the cover to show me how it works and I saw what looked like "paint" flaking off the bowls apparatus. :gasp:
    So I went with the FF2. Thank you providence.
    If I had the time and the experiential knowledge, I would buy Haze's IP and finish it up proper. I think it could have been a truly great vape. (and my goodness, the "stories" from customers on that too are doozies).
  • Baron23
    I don't know precisely what a reasonable time is to allow for an RMA cycleEconMan

    They could gnaw one out of Ti with their teeth in that much time....and build a pyramid or two. LOL
  • Terry1951

    I reckon the latest fix has proved more lasting.

    Hopefully they've cracked the problem.

    I've had one back since June 2019, and it's still working fine.

    You're right about owning 2. I bought a 2nd one so I would have a spare, but I just ended up with 2 in RMA rather than 1.
  • Terry1951

    I use Drip Tips for ecigs like these.

    No heat at all, and very useful if you're passing it around and have friends that are obsessive about sucking on something that's been in somebody else's mouth.


    There's lots of different types.

    You can choose according to your own personal preference.
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