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    I've been pretty obsessed researching how to make my own oil for pods. I've read quite a few forums here on people trying different mixers to make an oil for there pods or tanks. Anyone have any updates that could help a brother out? I am only doing it for myself at the moment, but am trying to save a buck overtime, since right now I'm spending around 400 a month on flower and concentrates.

    After reading the forum @artv4nd3l4y started a while back, I was able to get really good info to start experimenting myself with less doubts so thank you there. Hope I can hear how everything is going on your side cause your formula was heading in a good direction.

    I decided to go with a few different options for my second round of mixers. The first time I was really messing with liquids that after reading I'd rather stay away from. This time I got terpenes from holyterp.com, and I got the HT pure flavorless terpene mix, as well as the vapeur terp delta x terpenes. Kinda pricey for the sizes but we'll see if it's worth it. I am planning to add maybe a very small drop of the xtreme terpenes, and about 4-7 drops of the flavorless. I am also planning on getting the LIQUIFY diluting solution from theterpenestore.com, and a new solution they got out called skunkify enhancing solution. Suppose to add a blend of concentrated terpenes that supposedly add to you experience.

    I'm just waiting to get money together to order from them, cause I don't want to get there 6ml trial size that's $20 if I can get the 4oz for 100 with free shipping. It's steep for me, but I'm gonna take a risk considering it's MCT oil specifically made for mixing with concentrates.

    When I get it I plan on making a mix a little similar from above with 5-10 drops of the LIQUIFY, 2-3 of the HT flavorless, and very small hint of either the Xtreme terpenes or the skunkify enhancing solution. If anyone can add knowledge to the forum it would be highly appreciated.

    Oh and by the way the pod system I am currently trying out is called Caliburn from Uwell. Pods are 2.4ml I believe and last me 3-5 refills before the coil burns, but then again I'm still trying to perfect my formula so hopefully they last longer. I have not disregarded the actual CCELL cartridges as well though, and will probably be messing around to make a thicker formula for those overtime. Hope everyone is taking it easy, peace.
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