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  • EconMan
    Are the dabs supposed to taste better/purer or is the price just that it has a custom look and neat factor? What is the benefit of this device over and enail, besides no atomizer replacement?John Cocktostone

    No. NOTHING beats a real proper dab rig. Nothing. I love my FF2 for concentrates, as far as appliances go, but it sucks compared to a properly thought out and used dab rig.
    It is a dabbing appliance made from relatively expensive materials -- relative to the Carta, Oura, Peak, etc -- and nearly all of it's demand will be from the "but it's really cool" sector.
  • Pud
    @Baron23 Price dropped a lot faster than I thought it would... $525.... glass adapters are only $32.... since you already have a dish

  • Baron23
    This is how I add it up:

    Looking at it:

    1. $525 for base unit
    2. $60 for a cap
    3. $32 for glass adapter
    4. $60 for SiC insert
    5. $80 Peak glass

    $757 total to get a complete usable system.

    That I have a 30mm insert doesn't change the cost basis of this vape to my mind as I had to pay for that insert also.

  • Pud
    oh I know.., but I already have a bunch of stuff so now that it's separated out makes it at least in the conversation of my next vapes... and yes, I am rationalizing... :joke:
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  • John Cocktostone
    I've "added to cart" but just cant seem to pull the trigger
  • Baron23
    PART 1

    I recently had the opportunity to test out the Tsunami from NewVape for a week. Edwyn and NewVape were very kind to send me a complete (and I mean complete) kit in a Pelican case and included shipping label for its return. My kind of service 

    This is my quick first impressions on the Tsunami. I say that because I only had it for a week. If I ran it for six months or so I may well have other observations and insights. Hence, this being first impressions.

    What Is It
    Tsunami is an all in one (AIO) dab rig. It is a real enail in that it uses a hot runner type flat coil and a T-bucket banger and there are no pen type “ceramic around heating filament” atomizers here at all. It uses either Peak or Carta glass as the bubbler but I expect there may be an expansion of the supported glass as the glass adapters are separate items so new mechanical interfaces should be easily accommodated.

    I did not take any pics, because I’m getting lazy. But there are from NewVape’s web site.

    Base unit

    Base unit with heat shield removed to show T-bucket

    Base unit rear view showing the embedded PID and removable heat shield. Also, note on the side the knurled knob for securing the glass adapter to the base unit.

    The entire system assembled

    Glass adapter with Peak Glass Installed

    Carb cap and dabber

    Tsunami showed up late on Sat via USPS. The box looked fine. No damage visible from the outside. However, when I opened it and then opened the Pelican case (or Pelican like case) there were items out of their slot in the foam and rolling around loose in there. Notably, the whip adapter which is pretty beefy. Higher density foam would solve this issue.

    However, I note that this was just the test drive kit and at the present this cased version is not something currently up for sale.

    Also, this kit came with everything. Base unit and power cord, glass adapters for both Peak and Carta, Peak and Carta glass, a whip adapter and whip, and both SiC and Sapphire 30mm inserts. That’s a lot of stuff that was packed into this case.

    Build Quality
    My impression of the NewVape’s Tsunami manufactured items is as always; their stuff is really top notch, heavy duty, and precision machined. There is no cheap junk made by NewVape and the build quality of their products are impeccable, IMO.

    The base unit and glass adapters are machined from billet aluminum and are rock solid. The T-bucket is titanium as is the carb cap. The glass…..is glass (LOL). The PID is the same VapeCode white label PID they sell on their site for various applications. I have two dual PIDs of this type with my Micro 20 rosin press. They do what PIDs are supposed to do…hold temp.

    Set Up
    Putting Tsunami together for use is extremely simple because…well, it’s an AIO.

    The one thing to keep in mind is to wet slightly the base of the glass or the adapter o-ring so it slips into the adapter easier.

    The glass goes into the adapter, the adapter goes into the base unit, and there is a knurled nob on the side that you tighten to secure the glass/adapter.

    However, after installing in the adapter and BEFORE installing into the base unit, fill the glass with water and draw on it to make sure it’s not over filled and will not leak out or get in your mouth. I used a plastic syringe to fill the Carta glass and I believe it was on the order of 35ml to get it to a level that I liked…about half way up the inner tube. I think it’s very difficult to try to fill one of these AIO glass pieces straight from a faucet and highly recommend spending a few pennies on a syringe.

    The banger shroud that protects you from burns fits on easily and is held on my four rare earth magnets.

    Simply drop in the insert of your choice (SiC or Sapphire)…well, drop it in gently. 

    The T-bucket banger comes out of the unit very easily for maintenance, if needed. Remove the flat coil cover from the bottom by taking on the retaining nut. Then loosen the hex set bolt accessible via a hole in the right side of the base unit which will allow the T-bucket/coil to be pulled forward and out.

    The power cord is detachable from the base. Plug it into the base and into a wall socket and now your Tsunami is ready to go.

    The Tsunami couldn’t be easier to operate. On the right side of the base unit is the main power rocker switch. This switch is lit at all times and I have suggested to NEWVAPE that a better implementation would be to light the switch when power is turned on. This is a function of the PID that they buy from a 3rd party so it’s probably not changeable. The rocker switch does have the standard O and – markings for off and on, respectively.

    Then press the momentary action button on the back that is the switch for sending power to the coil. I rather like, but don’t consider to be essential, separate switches for main and coil power and the Tsunami is configured in that manner.

    The PID has up down arrows for adjusting temperature set point. I won’t try to address any other PID functions like auto-tune or changing variable settings. NEWVAPE has a good video on auto-tuning and I suggest checking the manuals for variables and how to change them. Personally, I don’t know enough about PID to want to get into the guts that far.

    The PID will display the actual coil thermocouple temperature as it increases. This PID is set up to be very responsive which also means it tends to overshoot a bit on initial heat up. But, it quickly settles back to the set point and my observations are that temperature throughout the dab remained very rock solid and steady.

    Then simply wipe your dab over the very large 30mm insert surface, cap, and draw and Robert’s your mother’s brother. Haha

    When I received the unit it was already set for 550F set point which is my general set point for my other bangers. It worked well but I did find with the Sapphire that I enjoyed it better bumping up 20 degrees F to 570 for thicker vapor. I may well have liked to do similar for the SiC dish but ran out of time and needed to return the unit.

    This was easy. Clean the glass like you do any other glass. I like Powdered Brewer’s Wash and the Carta glass came out sparkling.

    The only thing a bit tricky to clean was the air path through the base unit to the glass. With the glass removed, you can see the air patch tunnel which is a few inches in length, max.

    I used a flexible bottle brush, pipe cleaners, and ISO to clean this out. It really was pretty simple. By the by, these flexible brushes are quite handy. The one I have looks like this:

    I cleaned the inserts as I would inserts in any other banger. In this case, and as I was returning it to NEWVAPE and wanted it to be pristine clean, I put them in some concentrated Simple Green on a candle warmer (this is Shane of 710coils.com technique) and in a few hours when I took them out they were like new.

    Alternatively, I do tend to clean inserts right in the banger on my Liger. I set the temp to about 190F, add a drop or two of distilled water, add one drop of ISO, and then jump in with a qtip as the ISO lowers the boiling point of the water so you need to be a bit lively about it. Works perfectly, IME.

    And that’s about it for cleaning and I don’t know of any other maintenance that is required.
  • Baron23
    PART 2

    What I Liked
    I’m surprised at how much I liked the neatness of an AIO. I have not bought a Carta or Peak and generally use my old Liger 20mm, V2 banger or some 710coils.com quartz bangers in a more traditional enail/rig set up.

    But I like that its…well, all in one and not a lot of pieces to put together for a session (yes, in my situation I prefer to not leave vape stuff out on the table)

    And, I like that there is no coil cable laying around. Nice and neat and no hazard to trip over or catch on your sleeve although there still is a main power cord.

    Also, the base unit is quick hefty and will not move easily. It is very stable, particularly compared to some of my 14mm dab rigs. This is excellent for safety.

    I liked the access to all parts for cleaning (more on this below).

    I liked that I can easily see the entire insert from the vape position. I have 20mm and 25mm bangers but never have used a 30mm. Wow, it’s a lot of territory and easily facilitates wiping your dab thinly over a large surface. I know many like “terp balls” and similar but I just don’t see the need, but perhaps I do more modest size dabs than some others.

    I liked the carb cap design. It easily went on the banger properly and was a good fit. The cap I received was a one-hole cap and I wouldn’t want any more airflow. Actually, I wouldn’t mind if the one hole was a bit smaller as I’m a big fan of boiling point depression with lowered pressure which is our objective with carb caps.

    I liked the dab tool that was attached to the cap because it’s rather thin and therefore my dabs melted off quickly. This is a good thing and it’s not so thin as to be flimsy (and it is titanium after all)

    I liked the Sapphire because I liked that it was clear and I could easily see what was left in the banger for clean-up. But, I didn’t notice any particular difference in taste with Sapphire dab surface that some others have noted. Now, I have old taste buds that have been through a lot so maybe I’m not the best judge of this. But to me, the SiC tasted the same, performed the same, and is less money.

    I found the vapor to be very smooth and effective with either insert.

    What I Didn’t Like
    Aside from my suggestion on lighting of the main power switch, the only improvement that I recommended to NewVape was lengthening the dab tool that is screwed on to the carb cap.

    The issue isn’t that my hand got hot or burnt from being too close to the banger. Rather, on dabs after the first one, when the chuck of Ti that is the carb cap is hot, when I went to flip the cap/dabber around to cap I hit my fingers on the hot Ti. No blisters but certainly an “ow” moment.

    I suggest that they make the dabber and wood insulator an inch longer. One of NewVape’s concerns was the dab tool poking someone in the eye if it was longer. I never felt any real proximity of the dab tool to my eye and think an additional inch would not cause any issues while at the same time reducing the burn potential.

    Where Does This Fit Into The Market
    So, it’s no secret that this thing is expensive. The price is shown on NewVape’s website so its not like I’m spilling any secrets. It’s pricey, no doubt.

    So yes, people willing to spend….say a $1,000 on a Sublimator may well not blink at the price of this extraordinarily well-made dab device.

    But who else. Well, to my mind this is a wonderful device for the safety conscious. Whether its pets and children underfoot or a medically disabled person, this device is to my mind much safer than an exposed coil traditional dab rig hanging from a drop down hanging, in turn, from a glass rig.

    I view it as safer for three reasons I touched upon above: 1) its heavy and is NOT going to tip over or be easily knocked asunder; 2) no exposed coil cable; 3) and no exposed hot banger.
    On this last point, I would like to mention that the banger shroud is very effective. I had the Tsunami on for at least four hours and could still touch the shroud without issue and I’m very temperature sensitive (about the only thing about which I can be called sensitive! Haha). It was warm but no more than that.

    And there may be ways to bring the price down. Volume is one thing. If this catches on and sales go up (and it is selling) then perhaps component costs can come down from economies of scale. But there may be other ways that NewVape can squeeze some cost out.

    For example, the heat shroud is milled out of a solid billet of aluminum. I’m not a machinist or mechanical engineer but this is a part that seems very suitable for being stamped out of sheet metal rather than costly milling of billets.

    The last thing I will say about cost is that there really are no comparables in terms of build quality or robustness that I’m aware of. But, there are AIO dab rigs such as the Puffco Peak for $379 which, to my mind, is a whack for a battery powered, pen type atomizer, device with a minimal confusing light as its only display.

    I’m not taking shots at Puffco but I am trying to give some comparative insights.

    I Want One
    No more for me to say than that. But, I will have to budget for it…but I do want one. Edwyn, my birthday is 9 Oct (hint, hint, hint LOL)
  • Terpenetime
    @Baron23 a great review and a very interesting read, thank you :pray:
  • Tdog420
    great review! This product does seem amazing, but for the price it seems outrageous. Not too manny people can toss that much money on a dab only device. I think it would be worth the money for a super heavy user who only does concentrate.
  • Señor Negro
    Man, if you are not taking "The Vape Critic" heritage I dunno who else could.
    :100: % quality :ok:

    But I like that its…well, all in one and not a lot of pieces to put together for a sessionBaron23
    I think I'm going to consider this point as a MUST for every device I put my eye on, from now on.

    The only thing that surprised me after what we've been talking about this product is ... how come you changed your mind? I get you consider it a top tier product, but would you really say it's worth enough to buy it at that price?

    I would ask even further, pushing you against the wall on this, would you consider it as the definitive dab device?

    Moar questions: :snicker:

    • I know is not made for it, but could you be able, somehow, to mimic Flowerpot experience on herb+dab hits?
    • Is it really safe safe? As no matter how lackadaisical (is that really an english word? :scream: ) you are you can't get burned? Of course it would not if you are that dumb to put a finger on it but you get my point, I hope :joke:
    • Do you need, neccesarily, to plug in? No portability or any way to use it without cord?
  • Baron23
    I get you consider it a top tier product, but would you really say it's worth enough to buy it at that price?Señor Negro

    That is a very individual decision that everybody needs to make for themselves. If either your income or your desire is sufficient for a product....any product...then its worth it to you. @EconMan can give us a dissertation on this subject! haha

    would you consider it as the definitive dab device?Señor Negro

    I can't say that there is a definitive dab device as there are a myriad of use cases from people wanting a portable pen for concentrates to people who just love to experiment with dabs/torches/inserts/pearls/up temp dabs/glob mod dabs/etc. See what I'm saying.

    What I can say is that it works very well, I liked using it a lot, and so if the form factor is attractive to you for the number of benefits it offers, then yes...its a definitive dab device for you.

    Do I thing that its functionally and build quality better than devices like Peak or Carta, yes. But it is plug in and it is a good piece of change to buy one.

    I know is not made for it, but could you be able, somehow, to mimic Flowerpot experience on herb+dab hits?Señor Negro

    No, this is a concentrate only device like any enail banger.

    s it really safe safe? As no matter how lackadaisical (is that really an english word? :scream: ) you are you can't get burned? Of course it would not if you are that dumb to put a finger on it but you get my point, I hope :joke:Señor Negro

    No, there is always some idiot somewhere who will get some stupid idea and hurt themselves...with anything! haha It is, IMO, much safer than a traditional enail banger dab rig combo for the reasons I highlighted in my review.

    Do you need, neccesarily, to plug in? No portability or any way to use it without cord?Señor Negro

    I do not know. @other side speculated that a power pack may well be able to drive this unit, depending on wattage it consumes, and that it would then make a great vape for camping and the like.

    It is NOT a pass round device. It need to sit on something as it is heavy (a benefit in my book) and while the heat shroud is very effective, if you touch the separate coil cover on the bottom of the banger you will surely be burned.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • Other Side
    Again @baron23 this was an excellent review! I will transfer over my thoughts from VA here as well....

    I 100% agree with you on the safety aspect. I regularly get little owies from these heavies but this is by far the safest hardware on the desk. No cords to get tangled. No exposed coil including hot metal hanging off glass with a cord wanting to tip everything over if you aren't careful.

    I REALLY appreciate the fine quality of the NewVape hardware as well! The heat cover is really genius and effective. I remember the first couple days with my Tsunami. I was running it hard and all day long. I was testing out all sorts of temps (BTW I've settled in the mid 500 range with a good heatsoaking but yeah up it by 20 early session) and I kept holding the heat cover in amazement of how it protected you are from the burn of the hot banger. In fact I got so comfortable that I decided it was a good idea to relocate the Tsunami by pulling it from the bottom underneath the guard. Owie! Yeah don't do that! :rofl:So yeah maybe it's not exactly safe but to your point it's safer than typical exposed coils on a traditional enail setup. Now I leave it on a NewVape moodmat and slide it around the desk to get it where I need it. I don't even touch the Tsunami unless I'm physically taking it off the desk.

    Speaking of taking it off the desk, I also really like that you can quickly and easily transfer this thing around and do it safely even when it's warm and operating elsewhere. Just unplug it, move it to where you want and plug it back in. Boom, back in business at the kitchen island or perhaps the patio out back or basically anywhere you can get electricity. I heard someone on Reddit say it looks like a blender. Well whatever the case I'm glad it moves like a blender. I have not tried it with a battery pack but if it pulls under 100w you are set up for the ultimate torchless camping rig! Or better yet, torchless poolside rig! Not just torchless rig, but premium enail/banger system.

    Taste- yes I know this is highly subjective but I have a little experience with different methods. This thing is pretty on point with the saphire or the sic. I definitely like the saphire better but the sic is great too. The unit really shines for low temp dabs imo. I haven't pushed it to see how effective it is at higher temps because I generally like my dabs on the lower end.

    Add on's: I like the universal dabber cap as well. It seems to provide a bit more heat for thicker vapor or maybe it's in my head? :thinker:. Someone told me to try another directional 30mm carb cap so I did. It works well too so I go back and forth now just to mix things up.

    With the 30mm dish I also decided to throw in some terp pearls. I believe they are 5mm. I'm am not sure they are helping but I am confident are not hurting so i leave them in there. I'm pretty sure I do larger dabs than you @Baron23 ! :ko:

    This is my first 30mm dish system (or any dish system for that matter) and I do like that you can spread the dab evenly across. It makes for nice even melts with very low residue at the end of the dab (which I also like a hell of a lot).

    I have been playing around with the attachments. I have a chandelier Peak top that I have been using.

    It works much better than the standard Peak top and I suspect better than the standard Carta top although I have never actually used the Carta. I am lining up a vendor to make some custom Carta/Peak tops but that said I tend to use it in other ways. It does however provide the best vision of the cup but requires a standing position where as sometimes I just want to be last at the desk.

    I bought the whip attachment and have used it as a whip and also modified it to suit my personal needs.

    First the whip configuration...

    While this isn't the exact whip that came with the attachment, some of the parts do and newvape sells the whip and parts separately which is what I have pieced together. I told Edwyn that I like this black tubing better so we will see if others provide similar feedback and he makes the switch. Anyway this setup gives you quick options to connect any glass you want. The adapters are either male or female but both are universal 14/19mm.

    I modified the whip system head too.

    I just took a bit of whip tubing, slipped it over the male whip nub and then dropped a reducer on top! Which also not only mates well with those whip connections but more importantly to me, it allows for this!

    Wahoo! I have another device to utilize with my Hydrotube collection! And boy does that OG VXL Honeycomb really smooth things out!

    But I've also used it with other glass including just jamming the whip tubing in a 10mm female joint. It all works fine. Point here being, there are versatile connection options. And Edwyn is keen on feedback. He has already taken one of my ideas and is putting it in action which is pretty damn cool!

    Lastly, yes no disrespect to Peak/Carta or any of the other 150 e rigs coming out daily but this is not comparable. In fact I kinda put the Tsunami in a whole league of its own! There is nothing out there that is comparable. The only gripe I can see (outside of the obvious pricey tag, but I agree warranted at this stage of the game) is not wanting to run it through the whip. And I am going to discuss some options to tackle that with a new friend I am having make some other quality glass and accessories (one of my own design).

    And if you do have or like the Peak/Carta tops, there are many American artists making quality pieces and some are surprising affordable. So this is a great option to keep that glass connection.

    So yeah I'm glad I got one too. And a buddy of mine picked one up as well and he is flipping his D Cup because he likes this better. So there's that for anyone considering if this is worth the upgrade. There'd be at least one person out there to be there with ya! Right @JakeTheGrimVaporist ! :headbang:
  • Baron23
    Wow, just noticed that your base unit is a bit different than the drive test one I was sent.

    You have your PID screen on the side with just the one momentary action switch while mine has the PID in the back with the coil switch and a main power switch on the side.
  • Other Side
    Yeah I know Edwyn made several prototype units before settling on the final. It seems that you got the last revision before the final because that is the only noticable difference. I like it set up like the final...just like the rest of the controllers on the desk. .

    And I also heard someone say Edwyn is working on a dry herb attachment for it. I have not discussed with him and cannot validate that but it's a great idea if true. Seem possible to me and I think it would really open up the market for them and encourage people to give this a good look (even at the premium price).
  • weedaholic
    sorry for my ignorance, is the PID removable on the tsunami ?...I was just wondering could it be removed and replaced if there was a problem with it in the future....I only ask as I had a PID controller fail on me with the vrod but it was ok as I could just purchase a new PID controller and replace it.
  • Other Side
    I was going to ask Edwyn that question. I would hope you could at least send it in and have him replace it That seems more than reasonable to me.
  • weedaholic
    @other sideI think I will have to get the DCUP instead..i am in Europe so the cost of shipping is a killer for me and then I have import charges...so if anything went wrong it would cost me more again to ship it back....I can get the newvape PID controller here in Europe so it would work out a lot cheaper for me if the PID failed I could just replace it...…....I wish they designed the tsunami that it was a removable PID. thanks for your reply.
  • Other Side
    makes perfect sense but I would consider the Ti Banger over the D Cup.
  • weedaholic
    @other side I was looking at that but it is not available in Europe not that I know of anyway.
  • Other Side
    ahhh you may be right. I don't think Vapefiend has the Ti Bucket yet but maybe you can check if they will get it before you give up on it.
  • weedaholic
    @other side I must send George a message to see will he be stocking it so.
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