• Dr green thumb

    I agree and becoming politically correct on anything should not become the new normal. We are individuals with our own opinions.
  • LabPong
    In MI ...that is not a safe choice still !LabPong

    Dr green thumb

    We have one of the 2 biggest testers in the state just flunk out and got terminated. Iron Labs was caught using data on a batch it was not associated with (from a past batch), and I believe they also may have took a payoff to allow something to pass. And another tester for state licensed products also got caught missing something like mold or pesticides.

    So we can not trust anyone here in MI!!!!! I just see it as a total fail unless you have state run testers and not private parties. They keep sneaking crap carts under new names and such....Platinum Vapes (from CA) was caught a few times using shit in their carts and claiming they were not theirs and were knockoffs. But were caught again recently with no passable results on 1 strain/type of cart.

    Then there is the never ending......."i have not seen those carts before....then they are gone in a month or two. Most all have the stupid cartoon type graphics or something like that.

    Also, the state pushed back a final deadline of all products sold be tested and certified......but that was pushed back 4 times in over a year and product at the dispo's was not 100% tested still and still allowed to be sold. Then finally on June 1st of this year, there was a hard cut off for any dispo to purchase only tested products. But if they purchased anything untested prior to that....they could sell it off still but had to state it was not tested. So we still have shit products in most of the dispo's...which is mainly carts with all the problems.

    Our caregivers are now not allowed to sell to dispo's. They have to sell to a grower and the grower is the only allowed source to have the testing done...then it can be sold to dispo's. So....caregivers are not going to take that hit to absorb the expensive testing to sell small amounts. But....they have built back up the black-market....so it's a better black-market as they normally produce good product anyway.
  • LabPong
    My Nostradamus prediction is we’ll find the black market carts are being filled with “stuff” from the country of origin, not trying to be xenophobic, but melamine in the baby formula.Dankpup

    Not sure where you are located....but just the hardware is made in china.....the oils......that stuff is easy to access and it is all sourced here in the USA. Not hard to cheat and make crap cart oils.....biggest way to make money in the legal and illegal market. So this is why there is so many cheating for quick money and they do not care if they hurt someone for it.
  • EconMan
    Not hard to cheat and make crap cart oilsLabPong

    No it isn't.... A couple cans of butane, some pvc pipe, a few coffee filters, and a glass pie dish... and a prayer one doesn't blow themselves up like idiots. If they don't care about making proper oil, it is doubtful they will care about proper manufacturing standards and procedure.

    A good rule is "know your source" and if you do not, then "buyer beware".
  • Chris Larson
    Great discussion! You guys have made me reconsider a few things I do myself.
  • Dankpup
    yes all carts are made in China, China and Mexico both keep a keen eye on our drug appetites, I remember reading a bust a week ago of fentanyl, just had to google it, it was enough to kill 14 million Americans.
  • Microvaper
    @420vapezone Troy mentioned something in his last livestream about an upcoming on demand pen style vape that can be pocketed between single hits. I'm not sure if it was a dry herb or concentrate vape though. If it's dry herb, that sounds amazing. :chin: ?? That would be awesome. A dry herb vape for (lighter free) on demand in a small package.
  • BestBuds
    FireWood 5 or the upcoming 6?
  • Microvaper
    No it wasn't a firewood. He didn't mention any names but suggested it was pen style, and also that it was around £70 I think. I could be completely wrong though. He may well have been talking about a concentrate pen. He didn't specify. I just assumed it would be for flower. Kind of like a dynavap but with battery and completely on demand. Probably wishful thinking. Hopefully @420vapezone will confirm when it's not the middle of the night in Cali :lol: Wake up Troy!!!
  • 420vapezone
    yikes. i wasn't supposed to mention it...
    but yeah
    pen style. on demand. dry herb
    it's not perfect, but it has a lot of potentials. $60
  • LabPong
    yikes. i wasn't supposed to mention it...420vapezone

    50 draws of an e-juice vape for you mister! lol
  • Microvaper
    yikes. i wasn't supposed to mention it...
    but yeah

    :grimace: oops. Live stream + being blasted = boo-boos :grimace: :lol: sounds wicked though. Can't wait for that to be unveiled
  • warren0728
    sounds interesting ... i really hate carts but do use them for stealth ... honestly my xvape fog with dosing caps isn't a bad option ... just not as convenient as carts ...
  • Boombastik
    Im not super smart about everything but I would say this...

    If you purchase concentrate or flower and you have no idea where it comes from then anything is possible. I almost think; if you cant get the lab test when you purchase flower or concentrate then you have no idea how it was produced or where it came from (synthetic, organic, any chemicals/ pesticides were used, additives, so on).

    I remember when people or companies were doing the butane extract (if this isnt done correctly it can be dangerous)

    If anything, I would stick with live rosin or flower. Pretty sure live rosin = after harvest they press the buds and the juice that comes out is rosin (again I could be totally wrong) because Im not a know it all when it comes to concentrates.
  • Alexis
    If I vape let's say Chocolate OG from Cultivate for a few weeks I get jittery and mentally I start to have high anxiety.BestBuds

    Unfortunately, definitely a correlation between higher levels of THC and anxiety. For whatever reason our entire harvest this year each plant, and the whole of it as well really evenly and uniformly throughout the buds and leaves, is substantially more potent than we have ever had before with unquestionably high levels of THC and I have personally been used to for quite some years.

    Which has been really lovely of course but at the same time, particularly with these sativa dominant strains Durban and Fantasmo Express, it isn't always so helpful with my anxiety lately.

    An important factor is moment of harvest- I got it pretty bang on this year for maximum THC level without compromising anything either way. In the part I have often Harvester too late resulting in too much degradation and conversion to CBN, most likely premature which is always better in my reference then overripe.

    I'm using less herb anyway, and I'm significantly more stoned the whole time from the even lesser which is just as well because we only got about 250g this time.
  • Dankpup
    but the cbn would be helpful to treat thc overload anxiety, correct? Or if you had a high cbd strain.
  • Baron23
    "New York state’s lab obtained samples of thickeners from three companies and determined they are “nearly pure” vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from vitamin E"​ — Washington Post

    "The companies being served with the subpoena are Honey Cut Labs in Santa Monica, Calif., for its Honey Cut Diluting Agent; Floraplex Terpenes in Ypsilanti, Mich., for its Uber Thick agent; and Mass Terpenes in Amherst, Mass., for its Pure Diluent."​ — Washington Post

    The article in full:

    New York to subpoena firms selling substances linked to illicit vaping products

    New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) said Monday he is ordering the state health department to issue subpoenas to three companies the department has identified as selling substances linked to the mysterious vaping-related lung illnesses that have sickened hundreds of people across the country.

    The companies are marketing and selling “thickening agents” that can be used in black market vaping products that contain THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces the high. Dealers have been using thickening agents to dilute THC oil in street and illicit products, industry experts said. These thickeners are being marketed and readily available on the Internet “as a cheaper, safer alternative that does not negatively impact flavoring or odor of existing products and can be used to cut vape products to any level of THC,” the governor’s office said in a news release.

    New York state’s lab obtained samples of thickeners from three companies and determined they are “nearly pure” vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from vitamin E. Federal and state authorities have identified vitamin E acetate as a potential clue in the unfolding mystery because it is a common element in cannabis products that have been collected from patients who have fallen ill.

    Investigators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have found the oil in cannabis products in samples collected across the United States. That same chemical was also found in nearly all cannabis samples from patients who fell ill in New York in recent weeks, state health officials said. Although the FDA does not have enough data to conclude that vitamin E acetate is the cause of the lung injury, the agency said late Friday that “it is prudent to avoid inhaling this substance.”

    It is the first common element found in samples from across the country. While health officials have said it is too early to know whether the oil is causing the injuries, New York state has said vitamin E acetate is a key focus of its investigation.

    Vitamin E is found naturally in certain foods, such as canola oil, olive oil and almonds. The oil derived from the vitamin is commonly available as a nutritional supplement and is used in topical skin treatments. It is not known to cause harm when ingested as a vitamin supplement or applied to the skin. Its name sounds harmless, experts said, but its molecular structure could make it hazardous when inhaled, and officials said it could be associated with the kinds of respiratory symptoms that many patients have reported: cough, shortness of breath and chest pain.

    The companies being served with the subpoena are Honey Cut Labs in Santa Monica, Calif., for its Honey Cut Diluting Agent; Floraplex Terpenes in Ypsilanti, Mich., for its Uber Thick agent; and Mass Terpenes in Amherst, Mass., for its Pure Diluent.

    The governor’s office said these three companies are the first to be subpoenaed, but more companies are likely to be ordered to provide samples as the investigation continues. Health authorities want the companies to provide additional information to aid the ongoing investigation.
  • Alexis
    well yes, that is true cbn certainly can help with anxiety and also with sleep actually staying asleep in a deeper state for longer.

    However overall cbn heavily disagrees with me and actually makes me depressed because I have chronic fatigue conditions affecting my energy and especially muscular system and any amount of cbn just causes an increase in muscular fatigue and weakness and lethargy.

    I heavily Over Flowers most of our crop from last summer because I was focusing on fattening the buds to the maximum in the final stages and developing at least some Amber because I was hoping to start pressing my own rosin and switch from flower. So my thinking was that harvesting the plants towards the end of the harvest window would result in better yields from pressing.

    I just went too far and missed all of the markers due to compromised mental functioning and sensory perception mostly. It probably would have been better for pressing in terms of returns, but unfortunately I was never able to tolerate rosin at all and I had a bizarre immune reaction to it it which I don't have to the same flower it is pressed from which makes no sense on paper at all but that is the life of my stupid immune system lol!

    When I vape those buds which are very high and cbn I do like the high and mental feeling but the problem is I sit there in my chair and for the life of me I just cannot motivate myself to move if I want to pick up my tea to drink it's like the hardest thing in the world like dragging yourself out of bed at 4 a.m. in the middle of the winter to do a job you don't want to do, feeling like a log.

    As soon as I get into bed it's the best part in the world ha ha but then when I try and get up in the morning it's all just too difficult and heavy and draining for me each and every time.

    So at least this year I have the opposite problem with high THC anxiety provoking uplifting but slightly insanity causing meds! :grin:
  • Dankpup
    interesting! Dam, their business insurance is about to get expensive as F&@k
  • bulllee
    Stick to flower and rosin. I just got the Edge for a cheap stealth vape and I'm very pleased. I have a Fury 2 and this is a big improvement. Still small, but with more battery life. If you use the wpa you can get huge rips. The extraction seems way better and for $150 IMO the only thing better for stealth and price would be Dynavap.
  • Dankpup
    I have a good friend, serious epileptic, plenty of ambulance trips, doesn’t drive, medical patient, but when it comes to bud he only wants the high thc strains, never goes for the high cbd strains known for anti spasm-seizure qualities. Never want to accuse someone of malingering, but you wonder sometimes. So your answer was interesting. I personal love old bud (cbn) lol and the high cbd, makes me feel high yet sober.
  • Alexis
    yeah I didn't comment on cbd. I always keep that as a separate discussion but rarely do discuss it because I'm unable to tolerate CBD in any form of supplements which I have tried.

    And none of our flower ever will have any significant proportion of CBD in it may be a little bit but we would need to choose high CBD strains which we certainly could if that was my motivation.

    But CBD and cbn have very different effects from what I understand and have experienced a little I'm quite sure I would be very comfortable taking CBD in whatever form in relation to the effects without finding it debilitating or exacerbating my fatigue condition.

    I think some people have gotten a little bit confused with what they have heard and gathered about cbn and sort of attached that to CBD which does have a reputation for making some people sleepy and a little lazy depending on the individual and the time and dose.

    I would really love to use CBD myself I tried some CBD isolate recently but only had a tiny bit it was not tolerated well enough and even one drop of CBD oil severely exacerbates my lung congestion and breathing difficulties, like everything similarly medicinal.

    I could try the high CBD flowers which do look to be very good quality in many cases and readily available in this country but I would guaranteed be allergic to the Organic fertilizers.

    So for now CBD is off the table for me. And it does sound as though your epileptic friend is missing a mighty trick there but this is the way of the world with so many people it seems you can give them the most suitable and useful advice and yet they will will not budge on it in many cases despite the fact that there is absolutely nothing stopping them from going down such a road.

    Still maybe don't give up and try to keep making positive suggestions for them to be open to the idea that CBD could be very useful for their conditions.
  • TheZman
    I mentioned that and the Black market.
  • BestBuds
    Do you want the mods to delete my comment? Didn't mean to step on your toes.
  • Magicman
    The playgrounds here in Dunwoody are idiot proof. Rubber flooring and rounded plastic edges. If you never skin your knee you will never learn to avoid danger. Playgrounds of the past taught lessons of survival.
    The pool at Chastain Park used to be 25' deep with a 10 meter high dive. Anyone that could climb the ladder could perform any belly flop they wanted, regardless of age.
  • EconMan

    I hear you man. People in Johns Creek are raising pussies. Their daughters are mere debutants.
    I live close to Autry Mills Middle school. Because of the way the streets are set up, it takes about the same time to walk to the school than to drive. Yet, parents drive their fucking kids to school. Got to protect little Johnny from being bullied on the sidewalks or buses, even if little Johnny is an asshole and needs to be bullied on the bus. Because to be bullied is the worst thing a child could ever experience, right?
    I was skinny and small then and of course got bullied occasionally. Once on halloween, I remember some older kids took my candy and chased me home. I was crying and wanting to be babied. My dad (who never yelled) quietly, firmly, but lovingly took me by the hand into the broom closet, broke off a broom from its handle, handed it to me and physically shoved me out the front door with the admonition. "Leave and go find them and come back a man or simply don't come back at all". Well, fight or flight! :gasp: One CRACK of that handle again just one of those bullies head sent the others running. Word got out and I was never once bullied again in school.
    Looking back, my dad was very wise (34 year Sergeant Major - 6 years of wartime). He instilled incredible self-confidence in me at a time when I was being consumed by fear. He, unlike government, understood what a boy needed to become a man. Today, CPS would put him in jail and take me away from him as they "helped" me.

    I had such a beautiful adventurous childhood. I pity kids today. I was a true "free range kid" (I HIGHLY recommend the book of the same name to ALL parents).

    Back then teenagers were "people". I had a real job AND a drivers license at 14. I felt respected and semi-autonomous. I worked 12 hour shifts at IHOP (1st formal job where I paid taxes) on weekends. Got laid at that job! (today they would call it rape) by a lovely 27 year old woman named :love: Mary :love:. I was able to open a checking account without my parent's "authorization" or even knowledge. (No "Patriot Acts" then). If I got a ticket, I dealt with it myself. At 16, I rode a motorcycle from oklahoma to the Pecos wilderness in New Mexico, and backpacked for three weeks, then rode back through colorado -- no adult supervision. No cell phones to call home with. No credit card if I got in trouble. And I never needed my parents to finance my personal life since I was about 12. Kids in my neighborhood have better shit than I do. I'm still using an iPhone 6s. They have it all -- simply gifted to them.

    If I was an asshole in school, teachers just beat my ass (it got beat a lot) and the affair was was done in 30 seconds. No parent conferences, no lectures, no detentions -- just physical pain applied. Some of those teachers hit pretty hard! Yet, when it was over it was over it was over. But it was less abusive than today's system which literally wages psychological war with young minds.

    But No Excuses, I deserved every lick and much more. Today is so much MORE abusive. Kids are "gaslighted" into oblivion and literally nagged to near death with full drama. Monitored, spied on, surveilled, corralled to infinity. Schools look and are run like prisons and mental institutions. Even the architectural requirements now are similar.

    I want NOTHING to do with "woke" :death: Go woke, become a victim and go broke :grimace:
  • Dr green thumb

    You forget the helicopter parents who put their children in more extra activities and sports. They put so much on their kids that they have no free time and their kids burn out. These parents have their kids play like three sports a year or more then have them in other activities as well. You can see these parents are trying to live through their kids.
  • EconMan

    Very true. Control-freak parents are the worst. I get those when I teach a Freshman class.... and your word "burnout" is well taken. :100:
    They've been on their parent's treadmill and are burt at 17. :gasp:
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