• John Cocktostone

    Had the lungs tested again by my Immunologist. Doc knows about all my habits. Lungs are perfect. He advised that if I am going to inhale nicotine that ecigs are still the way to go.

    He feels that while inhaling anything but air is bad, this whole vape hype is a scam. His worst patients are still smokers.
  • Triad
    It just seems very strange that for past couple year these carts were going around there wasn't no problems at least what we heard about. Now the legal industry is up and running and we have problems. Maybe this is a way to try and kill the black market . Just saying we heard this story before when cannabis was made illegal and everybody was told that marijuana is one of the worst drugs out there. Makes you think!
  • CarelessDogg
    I am in no way affiliated with Synergy Extracts, but here's a related post from their newsletter:

    Should you vape CBD?

    Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vaporised liquid through an electronic device known as a vaporiser or vape pen. The term "Vape" is used because CBD vape pens and mods do not produce smoke. As they do not use a “burning” process.

    In a typical vape pen or vape mod that accepts CBD vape oils, there’s a pretty simple process. A battery-powered ceramic heating element quickly heats the CBD vape oil until it turns into a vapour. Which is in turn, inhaled.

    Then, the vaporised CBD e-liquid passes through tiny air sacs in the lungs, called alveoli. Just before entering the bloodstream. From there, the CBD compound travels to the brain rapidly to interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Which are part of the endocannabinoid system.

    However, there are some types of vaporisers that allow you to “vape” CBD flower or CBD Wax concentrates. But, in order to vape CBD in a standard CBD vape pen or vape mod – a “liquid” CBD vape oil is required so the oil can “flow” onto the coil. So, what makes liquid CBD vape oils so different?

    What is in CBD Vape Oils?

    Typically, the CBD extract will be blended with a carrier liquid in a CBD e-liquid. Often times, that carrier liquid is propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), or a mixture of both. The main reason for this is, PG creates a stronger throat hit, while VG creates thicker clouds. Essentially meaning to mimic the feeling you get from smoking – and for aesthetic purposes. Because, blowing out big, huge clouds is just plain fun. Plain and simple.

    However, there is another common additive in CBD vape juices and e-liquids – flavourings. Many manufacturers use artificial flavourings, while others opt for more natural flavourings, like terpenes, such as ourselves. Here at Synergy Extracts, our CBD cartridges for CBD vape pens contain purely and only CBD and the natural flavourings/terpenes.

    Is Vaping CBD Safe?

    This is a question that has been coming up a lot lately. Especially since, in the US, there has been a lot of health-related issues with vaping in recent months. Mainly linked to black market counterfeit THC vape cartridges, which contained unknown cutting agents, such as Vitamin E acetate as well as having heavy metal and pesticide residues. The simple answer is, introducing a foreign, unknown liquid you bought off the street into your lungs is not the best for you. This is why we advise people to use “concentrated” cannabis extracts which have a VERY long history of safe human consumption, and so that you only need to take in micro doses to get the desired effect. When it comes to vaping the purer the extract the better.

    One major factor to note- Millions of people have been vaping cannabis oils for decades/centuries and nicotine e-liquids safely for many years. Since around 2007. And these reports seem to have begun very recently – i.e. summer of 2019

    How to Use CBD Vape Oils?

    When it comes to knowing how to use CBD vape oils, first things first is knowing your product. Such as the vape equipment and the type of CBD vape juice you have or plan on using. Is it disposable or refillable? A cartridge or a tank? A pen or a mod? What is the CBD vape oil you have made of? Is it the right kind for the vape you’re going to use? Was it bought from a trustworthy source?

    Know your CBD Vape equipment.

    Knowing your CBD vape equipment is just as important as knowing your CBD vape oil. Because if utilised incorrectly, it can at the least – cost you a pretty penny. The easiest way to avoid this is to follow the instructions, or user manual, that came with your new vaporizer. But, let’s go over the different kinds and how they work. As well as, what you can use in them, shall we?

    Large Tank Style Vape: Consists of a vape battery of choice with a tank and cotton coil. Will require a CBD e-liquid made of PG and/or VG to fill the tank with.

    Vape pens: There are two types of CBD Vape Pens, disposable and reusable.

    Disposable Vape Pens: Cartridge will come pre-filled with CBD extract and attached permanently to the battery, once your done, the entire unit is fit for the bin (the least environmentally friendly and not sold on our website for this reason)

    Refillable CBD Vape pens: Come pre-filled and the cartridge can be topped up with high potency CBD Distillate vape oil. The battery is rechargeable via a USB charger. However, you will want to recycle the cartridge once the coil is burnt. Otherwise, you’ll effect the flavour of the fresh terpene rich oils. You can refill your cartridge with any high purity CBD Distillate vape oil.

    Vape pens are typically for beginners but, they are popular with beginners and experienced vapers alike. Purely for the convenience factor. They’re an easy and mess-free option. They also allow more controlled and accurate dosing with a fairly consistent 2.5mg of CBD per puff.

    It is our opinion that vaping CBD concentrates is without a doubt the most enjoyable, cost effective and cleanest way to intake CBD. CBD Concentrates are usually upwards of 70% potency and you can take in larger flavourful doses in one hit. 1mg-5mg-30mg-50mg or even 100mg of CBD could be placed into the chamber and vaporised in one hit. Plus, the devices used to vaporise CBD Concentrates can be cleaned and reused over and over again which is more environmentally friendly.

    Determining Your CBD Dosage?

    Because each CBD vape pen, DabPen and tank is capable of different levels of vapour output… and each person’s puffs take in different amounts of vapour – there is no definitive way to determine your dosage. That being said, the first step to vaping CBD is knowing how much to vape – and which strength to buy. Several factors go into determining this, such as:

    CBD strength
    Delivery method
    Body chemistry
    However, it is highly recommended that you start with the lowest possible dose. Then gradually increase by 5 mg intervals as needed. Because there are so many variables. The lowest dosage possible based off of weight would be:

    36-68kg: 12mg
    68-108kg: 18mg
    108+kg: 25mg
    As mentioned, the equipment comes into play as well. For example, a standard Synergy Extracts 0.5mL cartridge can provide approximately 100 puffs total. Depending on puff duration of course. As a result, a 0.5mL cartridge containing 250 mg of CBD will give you around 2.5 mg of CBD per puff.

    Should You Vape CBD?

    The answer to this question is, it’s really up to you. At Synergy Extracts, we recommend you research the product before you use it. In many cases your inhaling a lot of unnecessary compounds in order to get your dose of CBD. That’s why our products have no harmful chemicals utilised. Our customers, and their health, matter to us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this business. Although is takes a little bit more knowledge on equipment vaporising CBD Concentrates such as our CBD Crumble, CBD Diamonds and Sauce and CBD Crystal is by far the best option, not to mention the most cost effective.

    If you're ready to try premium quality CBD take advantage of our special welcome bonus below to save 15% off your purchase.

    15% coupon code: SAVE15
  • Dankpup
    he talks about “politicians worried about MSA money drying up” or something to that effect, source? Quote or link? That would be a crucial piece of evidence when peddling a conspiracy. I’m not saying he’s pulling it out of his ass or evidence doesn’t exist but it’s a long video and he has editing skills so why would you fail to include that?
    Just critiquing the video not ripping on you okla68m.
  • Bud
    Very good article on this subject by a doctor:


    TLDR; he says legalizing MJ is the answer
  • okla68m


  • Dankpup
    I understood that, I don’t know if he was saying politicians had a part in adulterating carts? It would be much easier to introduce/increase a new tax on vaping and procure the money that way then to attempt to chase a young generation of people backward from tech, you know what I mean?
  • okla68m
    If they can Damage the Vape industry, there's thinking it will drive people Back to Cigarettes, at least Some....
    Big Tobacco wants the Money Vaping is taking away from them and I'd bet they'll do ANYTHING to achieve that. I Cant see the Vaping industry aligning themselves with Big Tobacco.

    Less than 3% of those Millions went to the Proposed MSA agreement in some states...I've read where some actually used the allotted money to Increase Production !
  • okla68m
    There's an excellent article on Leafy about how mainstream media has Fkd up in their reporting....Well worth the read...publish 10/16/19...I Tried to post a link, but, couldnt.
    Peer group studies about the effects of MJ Vaping...15+ years of data...and the LACK of following what's TAINTING a product that has been around for 30 years of Vaping..
  • Dankpup
    I agree Leafly is doing the best reporting, I don’t know if it’s they are already so familiar with the subject, but you can see a big difference vs other articles where authors seem clueless.
  • EconMan
    Big Tobacco wants the Money Vaping is taking away from them and I'd bet they'll do ANYTHING to achieve that. I Cant see the Vaping industry aligning themselves with Big Tobacco.okla68m

    I don't see it as that conspiratorial.
    SInce Big Tobacco ALREADY is heavily invested in "MJ tech" companies (like Juul), they are simply hedging their investments towards both potential outcomes. If the e-cig market prevails they win, if it loses, they win (record profits last year from asia operations alone -- a huge US export. Want to make friends with a statistical Indonesian? Offer him an american Marlborough - lol :nerd: ).

    What we are going to see is a gobbling up of the retail e-market by Big Tobacco, and also where the flower and most importantly, concentrates, are controlled by Big Pharma. They will simply buy the little state based LLC's or price them out of business. Big Tobacco and Pharma have the deep pockets, the network, and critically the LOBBYISTS experienced in "rent-seeking".

    Indeed, that is the story of american capitalism. It usually is not the original inventor who usually prevails and brings something to the masses. There is a big difference in the very soul of an Edison vs a Tesla, and Facebook did not create Instagram but rather bought it and massively increased its use.

    In the USA I don't see coming a marijuana nirvana but rather a "brave new world" dystopia perhaps worse than outright prohibition. Government doesn't need to put you in prison anymore to "punish" you. It is all about information now -- Facebook doesn't want your "payment" rather they want rigorous KNOWLEDGE of YOU. And increasingly we are changing our institutions so that a citizen can be "turned off" from society. :scream:

    But then again, I study history and am biased in fear like that. :nerd:
  • Dankpup
    For anyone interested https://www.leafly.com/news/politics/how-mainstream-media-botched-the-vape-lung-story?utm_source=SailThru&utm_medium=email_news&utm_campaign=Newsletters_10192019_Sat&utm_content=B&utm_term=%5BTWS%5D%20%26%20%5BMaster%20%2B%20Not%20Dormant%5D
    Yes pharma lobbying in the US is huge, the reason so many peoples parents and grandparent have turned to criminal behavior!(getting meds shipped Canada, my mom included). You don’t spend 198 million in lobbying hoping for a double on your return.
  • okla68m
    This is the article I was referring to...thx for posting it !!
  • Baron23
    Yeah, I get the Leafly email notifications and saw this article also.

    While I absolutely do believe that mainstream media, and those sterling examples of total thoughtlessness...our professional political class, irresponsibly published semi-hysterical, inaccurate, poorly researched, totally missed the mark articles on the subject.

    But I'm not that overjoyed with Leafly's version either and in general most MJ dedicated media outlets seem populated by cub reporters.

    I particularly didn't like this article as it also seems to smear and confuse the subject and fails to distinguish well the VERY different activities that we lump under the label of "vaping".

    They talk about "vape pens" without ever once mentioning carts. Vape pens....like KP Galaxy...well, actually no, not like that. sigh

    Its not really that hard to distinguish flower vaping from dabbing from cartridges. And its also not really that hard to see that while carts have been out for a good long while, this cluster of lung illness has never been seen before. So, clearly something has changed and clearly its not the THC that has been present for all of the history of carts. So....WTF is it...still not answer yet.

    And yes, many are using this to advance their already existing anti-MJ agenda. Like its been said "never let a good crisis go to waste" (Churchill, I believe but...??)
  • LabPong
    But I'm not that overjoyed with Leafly's version either and in general most MJ dedicated media outlets seem populated by cub reporters.

    I particularly didn't like this article as it also seems to smear and confuse the subject and fails to distinguish well the VERY different activities that we lump under the label of "vaping".

    Exactly....this is why in this day and age.....you must do your own research and do a lot of common sense break downs these days. Anyone can say anything and it could be true......but usually not as they have an agenda..... $$$ and they suck at being responsible for their so called "reporting". IE this is our main stream media that has been bleeding BS into our daily lives and changing culture in a illogical and unrealistic way.

    Rant off......lol :victory:
  • Dankpup
    Leafly went undercover in the warehouses(different article), and actually did investigating journalism which I didn’t see anyone else bothering with. I felt it was well written. You thought he should have spelled out the difference between prefilled carts, prefilled disposable pens and pens you can fill yourself? I have read lots of vaping epidemic articles but I haven’t seen any smear dry herb vaping yet.
  • Baron23
    You thought he should have spelled out the difference between prefilled carts, prefilled disposable pens and pens you can fill yourself? I have read lots of vaping epidemic articles but I haven’t seen any smear dry herb vaping yet.Dankpup

    Yes, I feel that using that overly broad and ill defined term "vaping", without distinction, does to an extent throw all vaping under the bus when the issue is only with carts.

    Please don't misunderstand, I wasn't trying to be critical of your posting that article....it just disappoints me to see this broad brush term of "vaping" continually used when talking about a very specific activity and set of products.

  • BestBuds
    I agree. In fact when the vaping ban took hold of Massachusetts Stickybrick said on this forum that they won't be able to sell to Massachusetts customers. When I go to the dispensary now they all know I vape but have no idea about dry herb vaping. The ignorance of the general public can group dry herb vaping into the liquid vaping world.
  • Dankpup
    no offense taken, yeah with Leafly it’s kinda of an industry insider type of e-news sometimes. They sell Merch etc so they aren’t an unbiased source, they are very pro cannabis. My mother owns farmland and gets farm bureau news, she would show me articles related to marijuana or hemp and I would be lost with the agricultural lingo and shorthand used.
  • 01867
    I want to hear other's thoughts on the term "vaping" itself. When I got into herb vapes e-cigs had not yet been popularized, but since then they have come to dominate. Ask any layperson about vaping and they will think of e-cigs, juul, and the likes.

    PM has adopted the term "heat-not-burn" for their IQOS system. Since then I've seen other new herb vape manufacturers adopt the term (Omura is who I'm thinking of specifically). While I don't love the idea of sharing a term with a product like the IQOS, maybe it's in the interest of dry herb vaporizer manufacturers to adopt that terminology. It is a more technically correct term, but I can see why one would oppose it - especially considering dry herb vaporizers were prevalent before e-cigs became popular.

    Or is the answer to educate the public about the differences while using the same terminology? I think that has proven to be difficult.
  • okla68m
    Great article on Leafly about how the media has botched the reporting of Vape Injuries and Vaping as a whole.
    Cant seem to copy the link to the exact article, Yet !
  • EconMan

    Damn! I get some supplies from a guy in NY. :scream:
  • Dankpup
    yeah actually they were from Fort Lee Nj,
    Don’t know if you recall the infamous lines “time for some traffic problems in fort lee” Sunk a presidential hopefuls campaign, closing lanes to the busiest bridge in the world on the first day of school. FYI making elementary kids piss their pants on school buses is universally seen as villainous behavior by both parties lol. People went to jail.
    I do order from a company in fort lee, Dankgeek, bought my friend a nice bong a few weeks ago from them.
  • EconMan
    making elementary kids piss their pants on school buses is universally seen as villainous behavior by both parties lolDankpup

    Yeah. :nerd:
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