• Musa Vaporizers
    Hello fellows!

    let me introduce you to the Musa 510. Its a convection based dry herb vaporizer (also works for concentrates).
    Im based in Germany (Munich) and open for any questions!



    If you want to see more pictures, visit me on:

    Im looking forward to have some conversations with you guys!
    Best regards, Tobias
  • Hapo
    ...how is it different that the Dreamwoods…???....
  • Musa Vaporizers
    Every vape is different. But if you ask me more detailed questions, i´ll give my best to answer it. I dont want to do any comparison as manufacturer!

    But i can give you some more detailed information:

    -The Musa 510 uses my selfinvented Coil, i call it the Tornado-coil(Clapton SS316L). It has a big surface heat area and the vapor production is very dense and tasty.

    -The heating chamber inside is full stainless steel.

    -The coil is replacable, you have full access to the inside.

    -I do custom laser engravements for small additonal money. Get personified art on your vape!
  • Pud
    nice work! That’s gorgeous!!.. welcome and good luck. :smile:
  • BestBuds
    I saw this on FC. Very nice vape and I look forward to seeing one in person one-day.
    Do you have a pic of the heater element? Does it ever glow? Oh, and any adhesives on your vape or how is it all held together?
  • Musa Vaporizers
    Thank you! <3
    The housing and the 510 connector got a double o-ring connection. I dont use any adhesives.
    The vape is stainless steel and wood only! Plus the high temperature silicone o-ring for the mouthpiece seal. There is stainless steel and glass only in the airflow to make it 100% safe for usage.

    The Musa 510 does not require any cleaning except the glass mouthpiece. (dont grind your herb to dust, so nothing will fall through the fine screen inside the vape)

    The glass mothpiece delivers the purest possible flavor! BTW: i use the arizer glass stems.

    According to the heater: it doesnt glow while drawing, but it glows slightly while preheat. That is no reason to concern at all! :)
    (the picture shows only one o-ring applied at the 510 connection, because i needed an easier access to the coil when i was taking the picture)
  • BestBuds
    Nice! Thanks for the quick response!
  • Justpassedu
    Been eyeing this 1 , messaged you on Fc , Love that it uses the Arizer Stems also .
  • Hapo
    ...are they in production...???...where are they being sold...???...
  • Musa Vaporizers
    i have 4 more units left in stock. with black, silver and rainbow colored base.
    they are 125€ + shipping.
    a personal engravement is 15-20€ depends on the complexity of the engravement
    you can order it right here, instagram, fuckcombustion, reddit, via personal message
  • Justpassedu
    Can confirm , this guy has been a pleasure to deal with so far. I just ordered myself one and cannot wait to try it out.
  • Musa Vaporizers
    the pleasure is on my side! thank you so much for your kind words! <3 that means a lot to me!
  • sickmanfraud
    I urge caution in dealing with MUSA. The vape I bought was defective from the start and MUSA tried to make it my fault??

    It smelled and tasted like burning wood but much much stronger. Like the artificial smoke flavor sometimes added to smoked meats. I found the taste disgusting, and potentially dangerous.

    He accused me (and other forum members) of lying. He was allowed to call people liars almost with impunity. Every time I answered his "stories" he complained to the moderators. I am not sure what he did in his first thread to get three warning points but the mods removed them. I can think of no logical reason for the behavior of the mods.

    I was quoted 18 Euros for shipping. I told him at the time of getting a quote that his vape was at the top end of the price range for a 510 vape (with postage it cost just about the price of a Custom Splinter Z). He gets back from the post office and tells me the postage was 38 Euros. I told him to cancel the order I was not going to pay that much.

    MUSA had already mailed it. When I told him I would not accept the package at that price he said he would pay the extra postage. I find it hard to believe that a seller of anything that needs postage should know how much postage would be.

    I have been told by three other vape manufacturers that the way he talks to customers is disgusting and that they would NEVER treat a customer the way he has treated me and others.

    Anyone who wants proof can send me a Private message and I can send them the PM's.

    Anyone who wants a 510 threaded vape should buy anImp from Mistvaporizers or a TUBO Tetrax or an iHeat or a Splinter. All made by people who stand behind their products better than MUSA.

    He is simply not to be trusted. Do not waste your money on MUSA or their defective vape.
  • lazylathe

    Similar events happened on FC and the mods protected him and pushed the truth off to the side... Musa then adjusted his seeing without telling anyone of the improvements and cried to the mods when confronted.
    Think he has some serious issues in his life that he is working through but there is NO reason to talk to paying customers like that...

    Love the idea, concept and design of the vape but would never deal with the manufacturer due to what I have read and seen first hand...
  • Baron23
    Well, I have re-read the FC thread again.

    To me, it seems like these events are open to varying interpretation and if any one has any interest in this subject at all, they would be well advised to read it for themselves and draw their own conclusions.
  • lazylathe

    Everyone is entitled to make their own opinions.
    I have a boat load of derogatory PMs from the manufacturer threatening me, swearing and just basically going off...
    I go by what I know and have experienced and saw the similarity between the two incidents.

    But, yes please everyone come to their own opinions! Read and be advised, is all I am saying.
  • Mangu
    Yikes! Well on a positive note I’m diggin the personalized choices....definitely would like the option of some custom laser engraving on my wood vapes.
  • Pud
    For sure!... sorry about everyone’s issues but it is beautiful woodwork for sure
  • shl
    To add some more feedback as owner of Musa 510, Musa, G43, Apollo Venus 2 50W and a Davinci IQ.

    Bought the Musa 510 to get some more diversity to mobile setup. I'm absolute happy with the original Musa I already have. It's perfect, only the cable is awful. Endless power, but that cable. And you cannot take it with you. So when I saw Musa 510 pics, it was an instant must have.

    I was hoping for comparable perfomance to the desktop Musa, but as a real mobile version. Asked for one, sent the money via PayPal and package was sent before he was going on vacation. Got it few days later (hooray for european/german seller!).

    So first try. No power horse at all. I was starting with low watt amount, getting up slowly. Was a little bit disappointed and def hoped for something with more strength. So while opening the Musa 510 and looking at it I thought about throwing in some glass beads (learnings of G43 lessons, for sure :pray: ). More heat, more power, right? Tried that and was def more happy with the result.

    I then started to talk to the musa maker and described my not so good experiences and my optimizations with the glass beads. Him being on vacation I did not expect any response, but he really tried to give me tipps and what to look into. Two weeks later he wrote me about tests with clapton wire and that the results are much better then with single ss316 wire coil. He sent me one and this setup is finally that, what I was hoping for.

    So: what you need:

    - Musa 510 with SS316 clapton wire coil
    - Arizer black curved stem OR Arizer 3D Flow Stem for Solo 2/Air 2
    - A boxmod

    And you get a vape, that is able to produce instant clouds, that are cool and not harsh with really good taste. You need to experiment. If you run it in watt mode, you need to find the manual hotspot of watt you're running on vs air throughput vs material amount (vs ...). The problem of sweet spot being quite near to starting to burn the material is def given with this unit. If you preheat too long, if you use too high watt amount with not enough air throughput, it gets brown and that typical horrible flavour. You can try running it inside TC mode but you need to experiment with settings there, too.

    It might be easier, to sell Musa 510 with a boxmod already configured, but yes - would say, Musa 510 is not a vape for someone, who wants a easy to use vape. You should buy something else.

    So let my finally compare it with my other vapes:

    - Davinci IQ not really usable without water cooling unit: too harsh, to hot, to less power, air throughput is horrible (squeezing feeling) so it is a mobile unit, but does not work for me without water cooling unit and is def my most restrained device I own. Do not use it much at all right now.
    - Musa and G43: both excellent and real powerful vapes. Both need a jhook (ore another glass unit) to cool the vapor. Using straight stems is horrible with both, but jhooks is fine to get cool and good flavour out of them. Musa has endless power and is a really beauty, but a real desktop vape. G43 is not a real desktop vape and quite mobile, but not a real mobile vape. Something in between, but I always would prefer to use it while sitting at a table. Taste Musa vs G43 wins the Musa, but only a little bit and especially after the first two hits. Musa has a better taste in the long rung. But both unit set the bar I really would like to have with a real mobile unit. Musa and G43 are a session vape for me (amount I use is double the amount I use inside Musa 510).
    - Apollo Venus is quite a power horse, too, and with cooling unit it is quite enjoyable. I think jhooks work a little better in sense of cooling. Taste is quite fine with Apollo. The only thing that really sucks with Apollo Venus is the cleaning part, especially the cooling unit. But it is a real mobile unit. They fixed in the new v3 the heat shield problem to not get burned. Was not a personal problem but it is nice to get that problem finally solved. It is a session vape for me. You might be able to do micro dosing with it, but a pot is only a good pot, if it is filled up :).

    Compared to all the vapes Musa 510 is really good with cleaning of the unit and getting it apart. If bending wire / making coils is already something you're doing, perfect match. Everything is easy maintainable. Using arizer stems give you a really good diversity of stems. Using the bent or the cooling one is a must in my opinion. So cleaning is mostly cleaning the stem and done. Doing a deep cleaning on Apollo Venus or G43 (not needed so often) is def more complicated.

    Related to easy of use: Apollo 2 works def for everyone. Everyone I gave the vape (with warnings to not touch the pot and how to hold it) was able to use it. G43 is quite the same (you just need to wait). Musa Desktop unit is easy going (finding the heat sweet spot for yourself is the most tricky part here). Davinci IQ "works" for everyone, too. Musa 510 is something more special. But if you finally know how to use it, it is a mobile unit, that is able:

    - to put a loaded stem into it
    - push fire and start inhaling
    - and get instant good clouds out of it
    - great microdosing unit, as amount of material inside stems is quite small compared to the other vapes

    One thing I don't like with arizer stems: stirring. Stirring helps to get material completely depleted but it is really hard to stir in that small stem hole, that is mostly filled up.

    And as it is made out of wood: Musa 510 really looks great (Musa, too!). I only need to find a mod, that fits a little bit better that style of the musa.

    One recommendation to the musa maker: perhaps don't use linseed oil. I know, wood workers like it, but the taste/smell of it, is horrible for the first few days. So instead of linseed oil, use beewax with jojoba mix or wood butter or something with a little citrone note (for example uulki holzwachs is great, I really like it to use it with my wooden vapes). Anything that is more neutral would help for acceptance I think.

    Would be really interested in a comparison of Splinter (Z) vs Musa 510.

    so far - enjoy your vapes!
  • Musa Vaporizers
    @shl thank you for writing down your experience! <3

    lazylathe and sickmanfraud already tried to destroy my buisness on FC. They are both in personal contact. one of them is already banned in my FC thread.
    Can someone tell a mod please?
  • lazylathe

    I have never tried to destroy anything of yours, please try and adjust your outlook on posts and what is right and wrong with customer service.

    I think your vapes are good but your way of dealing with anything but praise for your products is not desirable imo.

    People need to be informed of everything a manufacturer does so they can make their own decisions about a product.

    Always crying to a mid to ban me is not an effective solution imo.

    And please do not send me anymore PMs ranting at me, it does you no good.

    Glad to see your vapes are being enjoyed by many people!
  • Musa Vaporizers
    @lazylathe we didnt write via PM since over a month, and im not interested into sending any ranting things via pm to anyone.

    and i would never start a disrespectful conversation by myself.
  • Hapo
    ...this is whut we wuz lookin' fer...
  • Azn2101
    Unfortunately he is a savvy enough individual to stop, think, and take time to break the public train of thought so to speak, and then take it to private messages so that things that could be used against him from "not allowed to post private messages publicly without consent from both parties" -FC (and most forums) rules which I'm sure we're all aware of.

    In the early days there was some doubt in the messages people were sending me asking why I was on a crusade to "destroy" his business over a small fix when in all reality it was a series of events that led to the break. The biggest of which ironically was that he would either try to console you in a Private message or Email to stop posting on his thread and he starts saying what he's going to do or talks shit then says he knows nothing of the sort in public. No one likes being called a liar when they're trying to tell the truth..

    What person says they're being called a fraud, liar, Etc, has the evidence to prove their innocence, and won't expose it to people who've asked from a 3rd party prospective even though there are no repercussions if he's the one telling the truth?

    This is a new start from him and it's cool that he seems to have learned from the past experience but I do find it very odd that the "shipping price" issue was Exactly the same down to price point he asked for the the MUSA OG and ended up trying to ask of for the 510... €36 Euro except the reasoning he gave then was that he was unaware the DHL price was changed at the beginning of the year from 25 to 50 for tracked but it did show up exactly 30 days later untracked. I seriously doubt the 510 weighs anywhere close to the OG.

    Again We could just release the one template PM and shut this whole thing down

    If you're going to be a business man of any kind don't dis your customers which and i both are, then go shopping to a forum that you havent difiled yet and call "Guard!" Whenever someone seems to question your service or product. This is well documented on your OG thread when the mods couldn't take my photos down that made you change your ENTIRE DESIGN cause you didnt want anyone to look inside? Plus they were not breaking any rules....

    Grow a pair and deal with the issues cause this isn't FC man...
  • Musa Vaporizers
    dhl makes no difference with the weight in shippingcosts in this range. its 37,99€ international tracked shipping. tracked shipping to the EU is 17,99
    DHL is the only one provider in germany for international postage.
  • sickmanfraud

    Perhaps the moderator here are more concerned with people being ripped off than the moderators on other sites?

    You only came here since anyone who saw your interactions on another site would not do business with you. I am not about to sit back and watch people waste their money while you peddle a whole load of BS.

    I admit I was banned. Why was I banned because the moderators were more concerned with his business than their member's health or money?

    I am not trying to destroy your business you are doing that all by yourself.

    Besides his vape being defective his customer service is the WORST I have ever seen.

    How could someone who sells an item that needs to be shipped not know what the postage would be? He lied about the costs (I can show the PM's here if anyone wants) and then expected us to pay more. His vape is simply not worth the money.

    If you are willing to spend $150 and up for a 510 atty consider one that is not in beta tests (despite what he says he is not ready for "prime time") then buy yourself a TUBO Tetrax, an iHeat, and imp from Mistvaporizeers, or any of the splinter line. You can pick up a Splinter V1 for $69 a custom Splinter Z for $169.

    Why would anyone choose to spend that kind of money with a manufacturer who treats people like garbage (I have all the PM's to prove it)?

    That is not to say that his vape works, mine DID NOT WORK.

    If anyone has $150 that they do not know what to do with would be well advised to donate it Vitolo who will see to it that a low-income medical cannabis user has a vape.
  • Musa Vaporizers
    @sickmanfraud i want to see our chat protocoll in this post, but permission only without any cuts!!from the beginning to the end. you are allowed to make it public.
    you guys will see i tried my best to help this guy.
  • sickmanfraud
    you may have tried your best. your best was not good enough to make a defective vape work. And your attitude was worse than your vape.

    If you are in fact a business person trying to provide service to customers how can you go on vacation for a month with no internet?

    You can contend it is a finished product all you want, as long as you are getting it working it is a BETA Unit and should be less expensive and work.

    The addition of a guard so the coil will not burn the wood and the change to Clapton coils are welcome improvements (they were not on my 510) but it shows how you were trying to peddle Beta units at a full retail price.

    I just tried Cut and pasting the Pm's it is 5000 characters too much and that was only one page of two.

    Just to make sure everyone knows, he only offered to have me send the vape back AFTER I filed a Paypal dispute.
  • Azn2101
    What about our chats Tobias? Why pick and choose what image you want to be seen as instead of the whole picture?

    I say let it all come out and then people can see how you different you are in PM's than in public

    Edit: Again, one Copy & Paste with all the reputable points.
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