• YaMon
    When I sold my last motorcycle I looked at Audis, BMWs and VWs. I was looking at the R, but for $6K extra you get a much more complicated car and I’m a cheap bastard as cars are just depreciating assets. I purchased a 2016 Silver MKVII Autobahn Manual with the lighting package. Lots of fun and the adjustable suspension was a primary selling point as my bad back cannot handle a WRX.

    I have no intention on modifying it other than the hard wired Passport MAX and a cradle for my phone I installed. It’s plenty quick to get in trouble and satisfy my persistent need for speed and it’s almost as good at navigating traffic as my K1600 was.
  • Magicman
    That car is too tiny to have 4 doors.
  • YaMon
    Surprisingly the ingress/egress through the back doors is just as good as if not better than small sport utility vehicles like the Rav4 or Honda CRV
  • SirSixPence
    I have a coupe. No 4 doors for me.
  • PAM
    Nice window decal there @LabPong
    Right on @VapeCritic Das auto
  • SirSixPence
    Never posted a photo, thought I had.
  • Pud
    that’s an 08 rabbit? I like that a lot... might have to check those out. Been thinking of getting a much smaller car.
  • Mangu
    this is the car of my dreams. Wish they would make a new run of old car styles. Some of those old school Mk1 are just so DAMN classy.
  • SirSixPence
    Yes it’s an 08 Rabbit. I love the color and the rims are from a CC.
    When I saw that combo I was in love. I just picked up some stock side skirts I want to throw on before winter.
    I love 2 doors. It’s sad VW is not going to be making any anymore. At least here in the US.
    I would love a Scirocco but they are not US approved.fpodu8thv0166jkc.jpeg

    It may sound strange but I Love my car. I enjoy going places just to drive it.
    As said earlier I drive it “spirited” every day. It is just the perfect car for where I live.
  • Pud
    you are right about the color... it just looks smooth
  • birdplane
    My friend’s dad drove us up to a vacation house with one of these on Sport mode. The trip time was half of what it was supposed to be according to GPS :lol:
  • meloHYPE
    I had a ‘16 Golf R. Beast of a little car, practical, and fun as hell. Currently have a ‘18 M240i convertible, and love it too.
  • Vapedude
    GTI’s are well engineered drivers cars, x VW’r myself, from GTI’s to Touaregs, to...

    Will always remember them all fondly.

    Unfortunately, the Suits, The Bean Counters, and the real engineers, don’t sing the same tune in sync, and the hard working littler guy, more often than not, gets the shaft just when things look all rosy.

    Why did I ban VAG?

    Because their customer service and product support was_the_bottom_of_the_heap, totally unforgivable, and this is diplomatic polite language I’m using now, as we have moved on from the all guns a blazin million viewed threads, on technical forums from yesteryear, that mostly likely has haunted them, and deservingly so. What goes around, comes around, whether it be in 10 minutes, or 40 years later, trust me, it will :wink: .

    A few years have now past, I don’t know.... perhaps things have now changed, for the better?

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