• Bud
    I'm still lost in space... Should be returning to orbit shortly...

    Random question to break the ice, does anybody here drive a VW Golf GTI?

    My lease just ended on my Audi and I replaced it with a used 2017 gti with only 7600 miles, bought it from a Hungarian Diplomat oddly enough.

    And yes i already started modifying this one too lol


    PS i only have two cars cus i cant drive the 5.0 in the rain unless i wanna die
  • EconMan

    It looks pretty darn cool. :cool:

    I'm jealous. I'm technically carless right now. :nerd:
  • Biesas
    I don't anymore, but used to drive MK3 GTI years ago, loved that car to bits. :groan:
  • Baron23
    Not a GTI. I had a Golf diesel (TDI or GTD??) and loved that little car.

    Held up very well, tightly assembled, very good handing and torque, and great mileage.

    I could load up for an entire weekend skeet shoot in there by dropping the back seats down. Lots of storage in the hatchback.

    I should have kept it.
  • Gonzo
    I used to drive one when I lived in Germany. Was lots of fun to drive and handled corners great.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Never had one but everyone i know that has had a VW loved it.
  • MothChewMoth
    I drive a 2016 Golf R, your faster, all-wheel drive big brother.5nwettn11rhuc28c.jpg
  • John Cocktostone
    I was a vw tech for a while
  • standingsideways
    My Brother has a GTI and I have driven it quite a bit. Great cars, awesome to drive for how practical they are.
  • SirSixPence
    I have an 08 Rabbit. It is the perfect car for where I live, and how I drive. FAST AS FU>>!
  • LabPong
    Ok Budjamin.......you are the one! The bastard that keeps parking in my space at work.....

    Some young punk drives it (just like the pic above) and gets there too damn early for me to yell at him...so now I know where you are haaaaaaaa.
  • Terpenetime

    I had a Mk1 Golf GTI in 1983... black, twin headlights, Pirelli P wheels etc

    I wish I still had it now :heart:
  • LabPong
    My older bro and I both got Rabbits for our first cars......cheap $ and economical but pretty dependable little rides. I think I had 3 or so....my dad once got the diesel version....ooops what a mistake....you could beat it with a skateboard...lol but it got 51mpg or something like that.
  • Pud
    that’s the one a friend of mine had... those pirellis really stuck in the corners and he drove it like a bat out of hell.. fun on the old twisty roads
  • BestBuds
    I had a 05 GTI. It's one of the best cars you would want to drive every day.
    The quality gap between Audi and VW is not like what it was in the 99's and the 00's. VW are just as nice.

    But eff them! VW treated me like sht during dieselgate and they actively told me they don't care about the consumer. I will never buy a VW again due to that.

    Who am I fooling? No big businesses give a shit about any of us, only the money.
  • Terpenetime
    @Pud the Mk1 GTI wasn’t particularly powerful (circa 110BHP?) but it was extremely light in comparison to modern cars, so it felt adequately quick at the time. The 0-60mph time was circa 8 seconds if I remember correctly. Nowadays I’m fortunate enough to drive cars with 600 - 700BHP that reach 124mph (200kph) in a similar time, so that’s progress for you! The Golf could also be extremely economical if you chose to drive it that way, although that wasn’t often of course :snicker:

    The one thing it definitely lacked was adequate braking, although I recall that was only on right hand drive models due to the brake servo being on the opposite side of the car to the brake pedal. It was caused by the bar that joined the two together twisting under load. :monkey:
  • Pud
    oh for sure... curves is only place it excelled... he always wanted to try and “race” my Firebird which was 400/4sp/4brl... I just laughed
  • LabPong
    Are all the golf models all wheel drive now?
  • Chandler

    My lil baby. 2001 GTI turbo 5spd....at one time was straight lightning. Piece of shit now. I'm being affected by the electrical issues. I keep wondering if I should invest in restoring her, or let it die?

    Fun car though for sure! Also nice being able to fit where most can't.
  • Pakalolo2
    I can’t speak to the GTI but I owned a 2006 Phaeton and it was the best automobile I’ve ever owned. Amazing yet understated. Better than the BMW 745iL or MB S420 IMHO we had.
  • Chaotix
    What a fine and beautiful automobile.

    Don’t we all understand VW.... sure you can make a car eco friendly... but it won’t rip on the road like that one will. Just won’t ;-)
  • Baron23
    Wow, those things were made for chauffeurs. The back seat had so much leg room it looked like a limo!!

    That was some kind of car.
  • Pakalolo2
    Yeah my kids loved playing VIP with the black our shades down and drinking sodas from the refrigerator between the seats!

    They only were able to sell 3,000 of them here in the US between 2004-3006. Check out the videos on YouTube
  • BestBuds
    Have you seen the phaeton episode on Top gear UK?
  • Pakalolo2
    Yeah! Too funny. The Barry White song made it!

    I like my tea but....damn J!
  • WOLF444
    My good friend received a new '99 VW Golf GTI on his 17th birthday (gift from his wealthy Grandma)... I only drove it a few times but that sure was a fun ride to zip around in... Can't imagine the newer versions are any different... I think you'll enjoy driving it...
  • Ambush
    Do the DSG service every 40k. I used to be service advisor for Audi and VW. They like to be driven spirited.
  • shortcutlacie
    It is looking damn cool.
  • LabPong
    See......Bud has been visiting me lately....we are making a new vape...it is called the BSv 1000. It is made from hopes and dreams and bull shiettttt. :wink:

    Now get otta my spot! lol


  • SirSixPence
    "Spirited" I like that. Thats exactly how I drive mine.
    As i look in my rearview, And see my vanquished enemies fall farther behind.
  • Ambush
    @SirSixPence yes that was the way we use to note the repair order when client would come in with a specific concern pertaining to excess speed or revs of vehicle. Your comment made me laugh.
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