• Lucic and Chong
    With Black Friday sneaking up on us, I decided that the E nano will likely be the vape that I treat myself to this year. It is generally very liked by the community on here and I feel like it would be a great compliment to my collection.

    I am just curious about the difference between the fixed glass and adjustable stems, if anyone has tried both please give me your input.

    My vape logic tells me that the fixed glass may have a bit more draw resistance, with holes similar to the Solo 2 stem. But that they would also be easier to maintain. I find that with most of my vapes with screens that I have to clean, or change out, the screens quite regularly otherwise they affect the draw and performance.

    Is that close, and is there anything else that I may be missing with the differences between the 2?

    I've added a poll for anyone that may have a preference.
    1. Fixed glass or adjustable screen stem (9 votes)
        fixed glass
        adjustable screen
  • Baron23
    No, I don't find any significant draw resistance with the glass gauze.

    But, with the glass gauze the holes are bigger so if you like to vape big chunky pieces, its good to go.

    I have both and really only use the adjustable basket screen stems....mostly because they are adjustable and I like fine grind.

  • okla68m
    I also have both and use the Glass screen 99% of the time...Super easy to clean, I find the baskets a pain....the glass is Consistent, from a Crumb to almost a Session load, Chunck to Medium grind, depending on strain...I leave it set on 6.6.....had it almost 2 years, never missed a beat. Didn't like Replacing that glass stem after I Melted/Broke it(dont ask), ouch.
    Well worth the money !
  • Hapo
    ...I hate the screen in my E Nano...it is the only thing that I do not like aboot it...

    ...I find it a constant nuisance and always have to use that gauge tool to place it properly so it vapes well...

    ...it's not like it is really "adjustable"...

    ...I do not like that I did not receive any extra screens with it...

    ...I lost one and have only one worn screen for it...

    ...one of these days I will order a glass screen WPA and be done with it...

    ...I only use it with a WPA and a bong...it's a desk top vape so why use a stem...???...

    ...my E Nano has cracked but I don't want to send it away...
  • BestBuds
    I don't know why but my glass screen adapter started to chip glass into my bud. I actually put my avb in a pot and burned it to ash to see if there was glass and there was glass dust about the size of sand amongst the ash. I tossed it and use the adjustable screen only now. I don't like that I possibly breathed in glass particles.
  • okla68m
    I got tired of the basket screen getting Clogged, restricting flow and getting out of place. After adjusting my technique to the glass fret stem, I've never looked back. I broke my OG glass one, banging/emulating a Nectar collector with Concentrate I made before I got my SAI. $25 for a Stem was expensive, I'll take better care of this one. Would Never go back to the Basket screen unless I break the Glass Fret stem.
    This is why there's Chevys, Fords and Alfa Romeo's, we're all the Same, but, Differant !!!
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