• BestBuds
    I have been thinking about this for a while now. I have tried bongs and j-hooks, glass hammers and mini bubbler pipes as well as ash catchers and others glass to figure out what makes a good glass piece for Vaporizers.
    For me, I like large open areas. I had a j-hook from DHGate that was a little misshapened. Right below the ground glass connection the body flared out and then tightened back down to a normal j-hook shape. I LOVED that J-hook! You could feel the air turbulence collect in that larger open area and it would give just amazing vapor.
    I also had a glass hammer that had a ton of little glass nubs and defusers and you had to clean it constantly. It would get a gross taste if you didn't clean it every day. It was thick glass and cooled fantastic but again it was too finicky and it fell by the wayside.

    Sneaky Pete's globes are becoming extremely popular, I believe, for this reason. They have a large, open, smooth chamber.

    I don't usually use my glass with water but I am starting to do it more just because I have been noticing a bitter taste in my mouth and it's from the dryness. So when I add a little water it helps with that bitter taste. However for the best cannabis flavor I go without water.

    I saw this and thought it might be something that is a j-hook alternative and would give an experience between a j-hook and a sneaky pete globe.

    A downstem might be needed but I like the idea.

    I know a lot of the people here have bought glass pieces that they both love and hate. I'd like to see some pictures of your favorite and most hated glass for your vaporizers. Tell us why you love the ones you love and hate the ones you hate. I'm hoping we can help new ones to the vaping community choose glass pieces that will be more appropriate for vaping rather than smoking. be specific too why do you like certain types of perks over others Do you like large open areas or do you like glass obstacles to cool your vapor? Be as detailed as you'd like but remember we're talking about glass pieces that are used with vaporizers only.
  • The Rogue Wax Works

    This is my favorite little bubbler for Dabs, Vapcap and Elev8r. I have never gotten water in my mouth.
  • mmx
    This is my favorite little bubbler for Dabs, VapCap and Elev8r. I have never gotten water in my mouth.The Rogue Wax Works

    Oh my, this is beautiful. Now I want it :sweat:

    I use magic flight orbiter without water. It is a great combination with lotus, my favourite. I can do a massive cloud on first hit and the pure flavour...then the second one hits me like a truck :rofl: its pretty small rig, but easy to handle and I like aesthetic of it.

    I have other rig I use with water. It has tornado percolator, which looks pretty neat, but not my favourite. Use it with solo 2 and mighty sometimes.
  • Dr green thumb

    14mm mini rig that I use with my Milaana 2 vapes. It cools down the vapor quite a bit and allows for huge smooth rips.

    Not expensive either
  • lazylathe
    I have a few glass water tools but the one that has been my DD for about 5 years now is the RooR Vapor bubbler.
    It seems perfect for all my vapes and milks them like crazy!
    Expensive new but I bought this 2nd hand for only $200 and it came with the RooR Vaporizer as well!


    And a quick video using the Supreme V4.
  • BestBuds
    YES! That's what I'm talking about!
    I saw something similar on DHGate. I had it in my cart for a while.

    I found this too. I'm really digging the form and size.
  • spider
    These new bubbler's that sneakypete's has are just what the doctor ordered, I'll tell you what, I just cannot get enough of these small/medium size bubblers, this, is a small honeycomb bubbler I believe, I love this styles. ⚓
  • Pud
    love that! Is that RooR bubbler tippy at all? That is awesome!....

    Just got this from dhgate.... only about 8” tall..

  • lazylathe

    Not at all! It has around a 6 inch round base, it do a not move.
  • Pud
    I’m surprised the info on the Supreme isn’t on ed’s site... I’m hard pressed to find any info on it other than fc.., do you know a web address for the Supreme?
  • lazylathe


    Website is just info and tells you everything about the device.
    For more info and the latest vape for sale, email Ed.
  • Pud
    Does this piece look familiar to anyone? I'm not having much luck.... was on a TV show The Magicians used by character Josh Hoberman. But big bulbous mouthpiece not the typical flat. Trying to find for a Xmas gift if I can locate. Purr has one similar but didn't have stem out front.
    Thought someone might recognize. Sorry so fuzzy. Thanks!

  • Pud
    Better pic...

  • 52
    I’m just not sure I could put that near my mouth :lol:
  • BestBuds
    not without cupping the bowls first! :rofl: :vomit:
  • Pud

    Hahahaaaha...and why I'm happy to buy it for her...
    It'll be awesome!!!
  • Kinick23
    @BestBuds always been a fan of the splinter Z but wasn’t until I started using it consistently with this spiked charlie j hook that the magic happened. The vapor is cool enough to take huge bong like hits through it and the flavor is more intense given the vapor path is relatively short compared to going through a bong. I like running it like a mini log vape and boy it doesn’t disappoint! I use it with my other rbt and Lamart gear and is one of my fav pieces right now

  • BestBuds
    That's exactly how I feel about the Drydrotube, it's like a mini e-bong.
  • Kinick23
    @BestBuds for sure that’s my other fav piece lol I luckily snagged one in the summer and really enjoy the Milaana and Tubo with it. That’s exactly why I wanted one in the first place to turn my MI into a waterless E-bong! I heard Ryan say more are coming from a live stream but from hearing all the other priority items he has in mind to build plus he’s traveling around the country now in his Winnebago haha o doubt we’ll see them anytime soon. In the meantime I’m praying I don’t drop it! :pray:
  • WOLF444
    These bubblers by Diamond Glass have been serving me well:

  • LabPong
    Excellent glass collection there Wolf :up:
  • BestBuds
    I am back to looking for a new glass piece. My SP mini globe dropped from my tray table and smashed. It was a great little piece but I think I liked the large volume but very little in the way of shit inside to collect vapor residue. And looking on DHGate and back at this thread I want to save some cash. How have these pieces held up for you all? Any new contenders?
    I use them many times with vapcap or rbt vapes and the G43, those sometimes require a strong pull and my neck injuries become aggravated if I have to put too much effort into pulling a huge rip. I know some rigs can help you get a good suction going on the vape and really make huge pulls with little effort.
    I'm still a new on glass. I know what it all means but not how they effect the vapors flavor.

    That's what I am all about with my glass is flavor.
  • Rockytdogg
    Current garage setup:


    My cheap ass ghetto rig works pretty good for me... Sneaky Pete mini globe I got on sale awhile back, $14 amazon banger, carb cap and "terp pearls", old torch I had laying around...

    I grabbed this in Maine for $200 last Wednesday (left to right):

    1 gram GMO live hash rosin
    3.5 grams Mendo Breath live resin
    2 grams Larry Bird Breath x Ice x Critical Super Silver Haze badder

    And he threw in a free 100mg edible too

    High quality products at reasonable prices and he's a great guy, too...!: https://www.topshelfcare207.com/product
  • Knisterminister
    Just wanted to let you know
    the pictures you posted are showing the "Black Leaf Horus Eye".
    I just can't find it anywhere available right now :meh:
  • Pud
    thats what I was thinking too I could just never find the right pic to confirm. Thanks!
  • BestBuds
    Here are a few interesting looking ones. :chin: thoughts?
  • Knisterminister
    No problem.
    I asked at Black Leaf if it's still in production and they replied "Yes, but it will take some time".
    If you're interested.. Black Leaf glass is imported from China but really high quality control and prices are fair.
    Nowadays we all know this can take some time :mask:

    The #2 is kind of what I use most of the time. A small can but with a whip instead of this long glasstraw.
    Easy as it can be and easy to clean.
    #1, #3 and #4 look like a pity to clean :eyes:

    #1 looks like one of the craziest j-hooks out there. If you don't mind the cleaning part i bet it works great.
    #3 and #4 not my case. Interesting to look at but i don't like when it gets too complicated on holding and cleaning.

    Nice finds :up:
  • Pud
    thanks for asking them and getting that info that it is still available.. good lookin out!

    I have had that #3 in my cart for a year!.. love the way it looks but I thought it looked too fragile and hard to clean also so just couldn't do it.
    I have one of these that I have never used in a box that I was thinking about posting for sale
  • BestBuds
    For all the vapers who don't like to pass..... (Pre-covid humor :cry: )
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