• LabPong

    Perfect rig for the Sled G! :ok:
  • chaos191
    Yeah it's only for hand use in I don't leave the heater on like that. Because of my injury I am not able to have a rig sitting on the table and lean over to it it has to be brought to my lips. Which looks doable with the one you've got shown. Even with this little piece I am having a hard time even milking it. Doesn't look like I'm getting much but on exhale I usually have a nice cloud of vapour. No I just need to work on getting the best flavour.
  • chaos191
    Picked one of these up today I've always wanted a bear mountain studios RBR scooped this sweet small piece At 6 inches tall this Mini Recessed Recycler from our Elev8 Foreign artisans I got the Amber pictured in the video :100:

    Function Video

    They can be found here for $100

    @Other Side had some but sold out quickly
  • Other Side
    could never keep those in stock. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they are offered by 7th floor any longer. :cry:
  • Bruce
    very , very nice, if I need another this would be it. I Can't ask for more than that, how many USD? Mine was $85 Exact size.... great minds think alike. i am 5'7 so its all about ease of use...
  • chaos191
    Sure glad I got one for sure. Looks like a really nice rig. How's the quality? Is the glass fairly thick?

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like they are offered by 7th floor any longer. :cry:Other Side

    That's to bad, Also got a Grav 14mm J hook for $15! :joke: :blush: I'm a happy camper :-)

    :up: :victory: )
  • Rockytdogg
    I like Grav glass
    - @Gloeck79

    Yeah, I'm with ya, it has an overall pleasing "scientific" utilitarian aesthetic...

    not bad for cheap, if not generally overpriced (depends where u get it) Chinese glass... :joke:
  • Gloeck79
    yes that is true, beware of China...lol. Yes for the prices they are good glass Grav glass, not China, thoughts be honest China does have some good glass out there that's not all bad...lol. Just cheap and breakable...lol.

    Ever try or see those other 2 bongs. Check out the video of the two, interesting pieces.
  • BestBuds
    I cleaned the dust off my favorite beer glass for a special beer with dinner tonight. I put it in the freezer to make sure it's frosty cold tonight and decided to put my grav coffee mug rig in the freezer too. Freshly cleaned of course. I figure people go that far for a good point, why not for a good quarter gram? I just had my first bowl of the day, a little cowboy lemonade with the E43.... Wow what a beautiful session. nice cool, not cold air. Flavor came through really nicely. Cool and tasty exhale. Good stuff.
  • chaos191
    Sounds like you've been experimented with chilling your stems or glass before vaping out of them and getting good results I'm going to have to try this. Can you freeze a j hook? Hm Frozen j hook with G43... Sounds great
    Thanks for the idea .
  • Gloeck79
    Oh nice, I use to use old beaker style with ice cubes. Haven't frozen any because I have cheap glass not cheap but I guess I'm afraid of freezing it then it cracking from the temp differences. Cold hot cold hot might break the cheaper china glass. That's my thinking and I could be dead wrong...lol. I like the idea, need to maybe pick one up. Any recommendations on a decent one on those grav glass pieces. I saw the smaller ones, I'd maybe look into buy one of those then freeze it? Not sure freezing new to me.
  • BestBuds
    how do you like the beaker style for vaping?
  • Gloeck79
    I like that you get good clouds, but can be harsh. I have a few honeycomb type are good, but they tend to not accumulate cloud as I just love seeing the milky clouds in the glass so I know how to gauge my lungs otherwise I just want some nice smooth bong hits and able to use vapea with it too.

    Oh, I also hate wabbling glass or unsturdy bongs. Tall ones are frustrating me too, why was looking at those Gav glass bongs...lol.
  • Gloeck79
    I'm using this right now for vapes, and the Mega globe by sneaky pete. Harsh when doing old school bong hits on both of them.


    Figured I'd ask around see what other people like or recommend.
  • moistbuddha
    Hey I can't PM you for some reason (I just made this acc), but I'm looking to buy your FlowerPot Vrod, could you shoot me an email? . Thanks!
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