• Bruce
    Is the Crafty Plus better than the Crafty?

    What is the difference?

    Do you recommend buying and or upgrading?

    What I saw on the Volcano Hybrid was very unimpressive. I read that because of that "thing" you put on the Volcano, that will be the successor to The Plenty. So the Plenty won't be around anymore. I read that on FC. Also when I had the Volcano Classic I already made a rig that made it whip style. Mine was better and it only cost a few dollars. and mine was glass and there looks like a plastic tube. No Thanks!

    So I mention my dislike for the Hybrid Volcano. Because I am interested in hearing an indepth comparison.
  • kebcatmorgan
    I bought a Crafty+ this 4/20, they had a good deal on it on their site (~250USD).

    I have it for the second day, so I can't really tell the whole picture, but the vapor taste is A+, vapor production is A+, easy of use is A+, consistency is A+.

    The only downside is the battery, yesterday I had 6 bowls and there was some battery left, which seems good, but that goes down in time and by all the reviewers it lands on 4 bowls per charge. Which is the amount of dosing capsules you can put into the travel capsule caddy. I'll see.

    This is my first Storz&Bickel product so I'm very impressed. I get that the expectations you guys had were let down, but this is the most user experience friendly vape I have.

    Cheers and vape on!
  • Tdog420
    Crafty + is a beast. I have a crafty+ and a mighty. I like the way the crafty+ hits a little better then the mighty. Also my mighty is the newer version. Crafty+ has a slightly more open air flow then the mighty and extracts a little faster. The crafty + also hits better in a bong. The only reason i use my mighty more is because of the battery. Not sure why the crafty + got so much hate. I mean i would have loved a removable battery but what can you do.
  • Baron23
    Not sure why the crafty + got so much hate.Tdog420

    Ah, I think people wanted a more extensive update and refresh than came with the +.

    No saying its just a new color....but to some folks the Crafty + release wasn't far from that.

    I still run my plain jane Mighty and I'm still happy with it.
  • Bud
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