• birdplane
    The Triple Boost is a nice, practical feature, imo. Wonder if the old mouthpiece fits on the + . Hopefully there will be discount codes like there were on the regular version

    Does it not come with the grinder anymore? That would be unfortunate
  • Ram1
    i have the same feeling.. just like you after buds reviews got the mighty and classic cano..waiting for his crafty review before even thinking about it..they should have updated the chamber material it gets brown and very hard to clean unless we scrape it and scraping causes the tiny metal particles also you can only scrape for a certain no of times before the metal starts to feel weird so disappointed that they didn’t put ceramic or some other durable material for chamber
  • Baron23

    What is covered by the warranty?

    The warranty covers manufacturer defects within the warranty period. The warranty is 3 years with the VOLCANO and the PLENTY and2 years with the MIGHTY and the CRAFTY. The warranty will be valid for any original STORZ & BICKEL Vaporizer, regardless of where it was purchased. Defects due to normal use or wear are not covered by the warranty. Parts subject to wear such as batteries, screens, and similar are excluded from the warranty.
    — S&B
  • Karec
    My Crafty will became a "+" when i get a replacement plastic body for my old one.... Although we were waiting for something new and innovative this is the same old model with major improvements (they could have come with a new material and not plastic....) and thats why the OGs have that excited face...(God save her too!!! :lol: :rofl: :lol: ), in the 20%bat increase release i think they solved the thermal fuse problem and that was that... if you dont have one get one because imo a great small portable device.
    For heavy users, it be a challenge for S&B, i had strong beliefs that the Crafty was great for small time users or just a 2nd device to complement the home desktop when you go out (more than 3seshs per day no way was going to last 2 years...), now with 9 sessions i am curious to know if the crafty will last like the Mighty, if they add another year to warranty S&B is feeling confident that it will, if they got down to 1year..... no way i will get one with an old one running and a Mighty in my arsenal... but i would trade my IQ for this + $$$.
    "Defects due to normal use or wear are not covered" ?! :yikes:
  • mmx
    Price is a f****** joke.. Crafty was my first vape (got it on sale for like 200E) more than a year ago and I loved it. It died on me at 80 hours, but I got a new replacement (with +20% battery power). That was nice. I pushed new unit hard till 100h and realised battery was still fading quickly. Too quickly. Sold it to friend of mine, who wanted an entry vape. He went for the Mighty later on.

    My point here is - Crafty + has the same price as Mighty. And we all know damn well, that after these upgrades, Mighty is still superior. :monkey:
  • justjustin
    Is that the original Crafty warranty? It showed under the Crafty+ add on their site a 1 year wArranty. I know the Volcanos had a longer warranty but I though the Crafty was originally 2 year

    Not sure about the vaporizer housing but the Cooling Unit is Peek plastic ...anyone know if the inside of the Cooling Unit is diff?
  • birdplane
    Supposedly DOUBLE the battery on this new Crafty.

    Not the Crafty+, but are Craftys that are out of warranty still serviceable by Storz & Bickel?

    It is a good day for Crafty fans :)
  • kebcatmorgan
    Guys, please stop and read what the damn site tells you.nbsxmf7rs51ugl6s.png

    That means, they have a standard 2 year warranty which can be prolonged to 3 years (+ 1 year warranty). :rofl:
  • birdplane

    Thank you, kebcatmorgan!!!
  • Chaotix
    Well that’s what you get when a Canadian cannabis giant buys up a German engineering specialist.

    You get that American „Apple like“ mini upgrades that just cost a buttload of money.
    Like the firefly? Or Pax...

    Volcano hybrid was a new thing but batteries get better with newer developments that’s not innovation that’s just using newer parts to build an old thing.

    Let’s wait for the mighty plus.
  • kebcatmorgan
    You get that American „Apple like“ mini upgrades that just cost a buttload of money.Chaotix

    Totally agree. But is the demand and the vape community so big and "rich" so we can buy this small incremental updates? I doubt that. It's still progress, though.
  • Baron23
    can’t say. Just what they have posted under warranty info.

    Personally, one year would be insufficient to me
  • xaced
    S&B confirmed warranty is 3 years for the crafty+ on instagram
  • justjustin
    wow, that's pretty nice. First it showed 1+ year warranty with registration and now under the Crafty+ description it shows 2 year warranty + 1 year with registration.
  • jqcj5
    Troy just dropped a crafty+ video on youtube
  • Pud
    haha! That’s so funny! Glad they clarified from yesterday... but how do you have a launch with incorrect info on your website? That’s super weak... so much for proofreading... glad they upped it to what it should be so that’s cool.
  • Bud
    Troy's vid:

  • Leguy
    So it seems S&B has doubled the endurance of the Crafty (which is impressive), does that mean they implemented a new heating system ?

    At this point, I can't see what can be expected from the new mighty...
  • Mangu
    good point! The chamber could have been an easy update, but they didn’t even bother doing that.
  • Daman9
    6 to 7 bowls out of the crafty+ is very nice improvement. If there was a USB-C or swappable battery it would have been EPIC!
    I agree if Troy. Sucks that is no brush. Also odd that it doesn't have replacement large O ring
  • Bud
    PREDICTION: Storz & Bickel will phase out the Plenty and not release a new Mighty version for another 2 years.

    When you think about the small changes they're making lately, what would they even do to the Mighty? There's no low-hanging fruit for them to grab, any improvements would have to be *significant*, which would require real R&D, which...


    I'm sad.
  • 420vapezone
    they could just apply the same changes they've made to the Crafty+ and give the Mighty+ a much better battery performance.
  • Drew420
    Maybe at least have a permanent good stand for the Mighty +
    Better battery life and the same kind of design change.

    It's all a cash grab. Make minor changes so the can sit on the products for another few years
  • Bud
    How much faster could the Mighty heat up though? Has anybody *ever* complained of Mighty battery life? Just my douche self thinking out loud :lol:
  • Bud
    Biggest upgrade to Crafty+ could have been faster charging, this new one is still gonna take 2 hours to charge over microUSB :grimace:
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • Bud
    You're onto something
  • ScubaFlavour
    I heard that the Crafty+ box is smaller and does not contain the cleaning brush.
    Is it true? That would be a disappointing downgrade
  • Drew420
    @ScubaFlavour on the 420vapezone review Troy states that there is no brush, outlet plug, grinder, or large O ring
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    No outlet plug? How do we charge?
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