• Drew420
    It's just the plug. It comes with a usb cord
  • Gonzo
    They should have added pass through charging, which would have at least helped since no replaceable battery
  • justjustin
    What do people know about the company that took over S&B? Canopy from Canada?
  • Bruce
    I am disappointed. I never liked the design it's the same. I hope its not like the "Firefly 2 Plus". I would want major changes, and that isn't evident. I would want a totally new design, a tremendous turnaround in repairs needed, battery life, stand up by itself, A price closer to the Pax 3. The Pax 3 is the best pocket vape you can get right now in my opinion. I would also take the Pax 3 as regular at home vape.

    Based on a picture and some rumours, it's not an overhaul. When the Mighty / Crafty burst on to the scene, they were bad ass looking and were the best and way ahead of the rest. Now it's 2019 and I hoping it's like when both Mighty / Crafty. I hope its good.

    Any new vapes coming out.

    I would love to see Magic Flight come out with a improved Launch Box.
  • Gergin
    I love my Mighty and my Crafty. You get what you pay for. We use both heavily, if we get a year out of either I am impressed. I drop the Mighty all the time. Still keeps on ticking. We take them on road trips, boating, biking. Have had no problems.
    Nothing lasts forever. If we have no problem replacing our $1000 phones every 2 years...
    I will buy one. I like the design. It's functional. Why change something that doesn't need changing?
    I'm just sayin'. lol
  • BestBuds
    Why change something that doesn't need changing?Gergin
    Because many people disagree that the Storz and Bickel line up doesn't need a change. :up: The best vape in the world ain't worth shit if it's plugged into the wall charging for 2 hours. If they ONLY added that one additional feature of a changeable battery, I would say it was a worth while upgrade. It's just meh... :confused:
  • Gergin
    Lol Ya got me there. If I didn't have access to chargers extra batteries would be nice. I guess that's why I prefer the Crafty to the Mighty. But I'm still going to get one!
  • kebcatmorgan
    They will release pink and gold.ones.Magicman

    You spelled rosium and aurum wrong :lol:
  • kebcatmorgan
    They should have added pass through charging, which would have at least helped since no replaceable batteryGonzo

    Pass through charging damages the battery. If it's not replaceable, it's a good thing they do not support it.
  • mmx
    Pass through charging damages the battery.kebcatmorgan

    That depends on how its made. If pass through charging avoids the battery and powers the device directly, there shouldnt be any issues.. I think thats the case with Mighty, but I cant say for sure..
  • kebcatmorgan
    If pass through charging avoids the battery and powers the device directlymmx

    That's not charging though, right? But yeah, if it can be done harmlessly for the battery, that would be an upgrade.
  • Karec
    Nothing lasts forever. If we have no problem replacing our $1000 phones every 2 years...Gergin

    Well i disagree most people change 1000$ phone every 2 years because most people want the latest model and not because it failed and they want to screw us in the RMA, that phone will continue to work if we are not picky on wanting the lastest "big thing"....
    My experience with the crafty is, if you just have the crafty in your arsenal and vape 3 or more sessions the device will not last the 2 years so for me that the biggest test for the Crafty +, after i got a desktop vape (EVO) and a Mighty the crafty is just for going out and still works after +400h...
    This is like the Nokia 3310 coming out in 2020 and the improvements are more battery, less charging time, better calls and a colour screen (UAU) and not like Apple launching every year small upgrades to existing Iphones... this is a 5 year model (that works yes) with 1 upgrade of 20% more battery and now this so....
    Its understandable the mixed feelings, if you dont have one its time to get one if you already have one that works you will buy it if you "have no problem replacing our $1000 phones every 2 years"
  • ScubaFlavour
    I always have been a fan of the Crafty, I had 3 of them in total, using them for years, from the first versions, up to the latest updates, where they improved the battery and added a few more functions in the remote control app.
    The battery was the only real minus for me, and I am glad they improved it on this new big update.
    I was very excited to get it.
    What @Drew420 pointed out is a huge disappointment.
    - No more plug
    - No more grinder
    - No more brush
    - No more filling aid tool
    I also heard that the instruction manual has been stripped down.
    You could argue that they are just accessories, but in my opinion they are fundamental.
    I always been using them along with the Crafty, they are just their inseparable companions.
    This update means that we will need to buy them separately.
    This is an unacceptable downgrade.
    Storz&Bickel, what do you have in mind? Why this move?? To spare a couple bucks in accessories??
    That is a huge disappointment.
    I love the Crafty because of its quality but also because it came well packed with useful accessories, giving you everything that you need inside the box.
    How are we supposed to keep our Crafty clean without brush? This is ridicolous.
  • kebcatmorgan
    Storz&Bickel, what do you have in mind? Why this move??ScubaFlavour

    I don't think Storz nor Bickel had any word in that. Canopy Growth is the overlord here.
  • Bud
    Canopy Growth stock doin the limbo this year :sweat:


    AC3D2C26-69C2-4992-A09B-C4124C40B527 (2M)
  • Daman9
    @VapeCritic So why did Stroz and Bickel sell? I thought they were one the best vape companies?
  • LabPong
    If you make more than enough $ to live on for the rest of your life...and help others....why would most want to keep up the daily grind?

    Or....maybe they wanted to do something else? Or a million other reasons.
  • Pud

    Lots of businesses will sell, have to sell, if someone offers them a ridiculous multiple or if they see the writing on the wall business is getting stale and passed by due to lack of innovation.... unwilling to “waste” money on r&d ...time to sell and get max profit out of all your hard work rather than ride the ship down...

    I mean their “improvements” look to be more because the old battery tech is outdated and now the batteries can be made for the same price or less and work better... so they have to update electronics to handle the new battery power and I’ll be damned it works better!... lol! A company in this cost cutting mode I would be suspicious of the materials being used throughout... when the bean counters take over a company, they don’t care about anything but $$... so you better watch them like a hawk. They’ll run a company into the ground living off old reputation and goodwill be damned. Guess we’ll see.

    And as labpong says, many many many reasons
  • Daman9
    Ok I want do know if there were any actual facts about the sale. I know there are many reasons a company will sell. Why did Storz and Bickel sell? Was there an actual reason stated?
  • french touch vaporizer
    Hi ! we will receive it on thuesday ! Good vapes all !
    If somebody want it before, we have one, only opened for photos..
  • Pud
    Statements are rarely made as anything that could be construed as being negative and the purchasers will sue and could possibly get out of the purchase for not being told the truth. On the rare chance the seller makes a statement it will be a cheerleading session with sunshine and unicorns. So they know the facts but it’s a lose lose to tell you.
  • Triad
    Has anybody in US received theirs yet cause I see they have the 2day shipping want to see what they think about of the updates they made?
  • Drew420
    This article has a statement form both Jurgen Bickel and Bruce Linton.
    Says Storz and Bickel are saying on with the company. So that is a good sign. May help some people have trust in the company. Wonder how much final say they have though. Also that the Canopy is a cannabis company so may have just been an expansion of the company not just a buy out of a competing company
    So most companies put out some kind of statement. Weather it's what we are looking for or want to hear is another matter. You may just have to read between the lines and maybe make your own assumptions. There maybe more about it out there. This was just a quick search.
  • Drew420
    @Triad I could be wrong but 420vapezone has a review on it (posted in this thread) I believe he is in the United States.
  • Pud
    If you have it to say say it out here don’t message me like a little bitch. This is a forum... I think I answered your question pretty thoroughly.
  • Drew420
    Well you were not helpful. That's why I took a look. Hope it helped you out @Daman9
    I think he is right. I have noticed the forum change a few times and go back. Its why I mainly stay away. There is a lot of clutter on here and hard to find accurate information. Maybe that's why he tagged Bud. Maybe Bud would have a better insight.
  • Bud
    Be nice buds!

    And stop rankin on the forum! :lol:

    and Epstein didn't kill himself
  • fatbiker

    Lol, love the Epstein comment.

    I don’t understand why people argue and fight on this forum. Take a puff before posting. After all, this is a cannabis based forum. Chill out guys.
  • jqcj5
    Lighten up Francis
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