• GrantLee63
    Yeah ... although I don’t understand ‘the why’ over the amount of nitpicking and bickering over any new vape / vape product on this forum, I have to admit I do find it highly entertaining at times! With that being said, I will be buying a Crafty+ soon to alternate with my Pax3 - which, by the way I LOVE as a daily hiking / dog-walking vape.
  • LabPong
    waaaa waaaa you didnt give me want I wanted....waaaaaaa


    added...... oh yea....the website keeps changing...waaaaa waaaaa stop changing....waaaaaa

  • Pud
    they should have changed the website. It was incorrect information.
  • Drew420
    @VapeCritic Sorry Bud I was not trying to dog on the forum. Its was just similar to things you have said. Liked some of the changes that were happening. Shows you care and want to be innovative. I know it's not my right, it's your baby. You have the right to do with it as you see fit.

    With Storz and Bickel staying on with the company gives me more faith that it will still be a great vape. If I wasn't on a break right now. I probably would already have it. It's good though so I can hear what Bud and others thinks. Would be nice to know if there are going to upgrade the Mighty soon
  • Tdog420
    do you think i should buy the mighty or crafty?? Size and price and not a factor.?? Im very torn on which to get.
  • Mangu
    if size is not an issue get the mighty. Better battery, less reliability issues :up:

    Side note: hey yo @VapeCritic can you hook it up so I can add a brown thumb??? I hate this yellow ass Simpson’s thumb, feels not personal :groan:
  • BestBuds
    and Epstein didn't kill himselfVapeCritic
  • LabPong
    they should have changed the website. It was incorrect information.

    I was being highly sarcastic about comments that were pointed at this forum. :wink:
  • BobCat
    Greetings! I had a Crafty over 3 years ago- prior to the 20% battery upgrade.
    I had some minor issues with it:
    * I don't like vapes with apps but knew that going in (despite being a techno-junkie)
    * The battery life was insufficient, to me, for what I paid
    * The recovery power didn't seem to be there

    Background. My wife is an severe asthmatic so I only vape outside and use portables. I include the G43 as a portable with a J-hook- still the best bang for the buck. @VapeCritic rocks!

    I gifted the Crafty to my cousin, and bought a MIghty which I LOVE! 3 years plus and still rolling. As @Gergin noted "]I drop the Mighty all the time. Still keeps on ticking. We take them on road trips, boating, biking. Have had no problems" I have had numerous 4 to 5 foot drops onto concrete. No broken fins, no broken CU, nada. It's a tank. The extra size doesn't bother me. It fits in my pockets fine. Great battery life. Even on long draws, for me 15 seconds, the temp doesn't dip too much and bounces back quickly. Bought 3 cooling units because cleaning is a bit intensive. My Milaana and Dynavaps requires little maintenance for example.

    I only vape flower, but I would have liked to have seen the max temp increased for my concentrate brothers and sisters, replaceable battery, and some other things detailed in @420vapezone's early impression vid. Those are obvious no brainers to me.***

    :victory: out brother!

    To keep it to one post:
    This article has a statement form both Jurgen Bickel and Bruce Linton.
    Says Storz and Bickel are saying on with the company

    This is common practice with M&A deals. I suspect, Storz and Bickle are little more than titular figureheads as Canopy, more importantly Constellation Brands, make the decisions. Keeping on S&B appeases the Board, major share owners, and customers. Valeant Pharma (Bausch & Lomb/Solta ect under the Valeant umbrella) were a knee deep M&A model. I noted this in an earlier post on this thread. @kebcatmorgan I would contend Constellation Brands is the overlord.

    ***With Bud's code a Might is $303 USD. I believe I paid $350 but bought about $75 in accessories. BUD'S CODE: 15% OFF all Storz & Bickel vaporizers with coupon code VAPENOW15 * I don't believe this includes the Crafty Plus as Bud posted he paid $279. Can you believe that? Bud? The Vape Critic? Laughable.
  • Deleted User
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  • Tdog420
    kind of was thinking that but also like the crafty 3 year warrenty vs mighty 2 year warrenty. If i knew the new crafty was now reliable like the mighty id go for it......this is very very tough one. Also these are both expensive so i dont want to make the wrong choice. I was going to order tonight but now will hold out to see the vapecritics thoughts on it. The other thing was that edward splifforhands was saying it can outlast or is the same battery as his one year mighty??? This is a tough one for me.

    Also i had a crafty awhile back but it crapped out right at 2 years so i never bought another due to default rate..... Kind of insane i own most vapes but not currently a mighty or crafty. F*ck vas and my need to have every top quality vape product!!!
    How do you unlike something you accidentally liked?
  • EDub
    If I hadn’t done my research I would think the Crafty was trash by reading all the comments here. I mean the unit was already good to great and with what they added makes it better. Yes, I would’ve liked other features and technology but the real question is does it still take top honors in the portable space and all signs points to the fact that it does.
  • birdplane
    Hopefully a Mighty update is in the works and will be released soon too, for the users that prefer the reliability and extra battery life. That way you won’t have to choose.
  • birdplane
    Were you able to get the other two fixed? Or do you just have to get a new one when that happens ?
  • Vapedude

    STORZ & BICKEL and a few others need to start waking the fuck up!
  • Deleted User
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  • AsUwish

    I was very critical about the mediocre upgrades on paper. Do I wish it had the same standard specs of the current line up of its fair priced competitors? Absolutely. I've only had it for a few hours but I'm extremely happy with it as It's exactly what I needed for outdoor use. I've found the vapor to be slightly stronger than the Mighty but obviously not as cool per its size. After 6 bowls with temps ranging from 352-392 and 10 minute breaks between sessions, I still have 2 bars of battery left. Early days, we shall see how it ages. Glad it has the 3 year warranty.

    *Edit: Stand-by on the vapor being a little stronger than the Mighty. Might be these new strains that are kicking my ass. Lol.
  • Gonzo
    Could the Crafty+ be the successor to the mighty?
  • Tdog420
    Screw it. I just ordered a crafty +. If it craps out fast at least i have a 3 year warranty and many many other vapes to hold me over. I think if this was going to he my only vape i would go mighty knowing its reliable and cant be left w out a vape. Fortunately for me that is not the issue. I will report back in a couple of day once i have it.
  • birdplane
    Welp. If the 3 year warranty was around back then I’d still be eligible to send mine in. In this way it’s kind of a big improvement. Maybe they’re expecting the Crafty+ to be more durable this time around.

    @Magicman thanks for the reply earlier
  • 420vapezone
    In last night's Modern Cannabists stream we discussed the Crafty+ in more detail and compared it with the Mighty. Austyn was thinking of selling his Mighty and buying Crafty+, so we went down the rabbit hold.

    I've been less optimistic about my Crafty+ performance lately. yesterday it only served 4 bowls per charge, but I also had a few instances where bluetooth wouldn't connect.
    I'm hoping that they're related, but need more testing time to better understand.

  • Tdog420
    darn wish i heard this 30 mins ago i would have got a mighty.
  • Gergin
    Why are you scraping anything? I think you might be doing something wrong.
  • justjustin
    Friend just got the Crafty+ and it's got a really nice feel, better than the last and haven't tried it, so can't comment yet but Im disappointed with the details....S&B used to send the nicest manuals, very detailed and well done but the new one is just worthless and doesn't cover everything about the device and I'm wondering if this is the new S&B trying to make things cheap...? they don't include the brush, grinder, loading funnel, wall adapter, catalog etc. Sure this stuff isn't a huge deal but what next? As long as they keep the quality in their products, I'll be happy but I was unimpressed with their new packaging. S&B is the leader in vaping imo but Im just a little let down with their new products
  • Bud
    Testing out my unit for first time on live stream in few mins:

  • Bud
    More testing needed don't take what I say in the livestream as my final word :100:
  • Bud
  • Deleted User
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  • Ram1
    mighty chamber is what I scrape as iso and ear buds just does not remove the layer of brown..the taste changes a bit.. in my opinion
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