• ScentNomad
    Anything weird or awkward that you'd change?Pud

    Not at all, it's very easy to use, heats up withing seconds, easy to load, battery lasts quite a while... I kinda hate to say that, but it seems like a dream come true.

    I am concerned about the vapor being too hot.BestBuds

    Warm at best.

    And yet: keep in mind I still am, as Baron23 said, a honeymooner at this point. Waiting for some more reports and feedback is always a good idea.
  • androponic
    VAS has completely taken over my brain. I also caved and ordered the TinyMight vape, extra cooling unit, and pair of long stems.
  • LabPong
    Do they offer a wpa for it?
  • Raw2real
    Is there a piece of stainless steel in the glass tube? Is that the "cooling unit" Is it a coil heating element? Looks like it in the picture posted on the forum I think I heard SOMEONE realible form the THIS forum say there is a reason they don't post a picture of the oven on the website....and it's not a good reason as far as customers go
  • Microvaper
    I've been following this closely and hearing reports of early adopters experiences. I am going to take a punt with this. It's got so much going for it and ticks all of my need boxes. On demand and session and a temperature regulated experience along with a cooling unit to tame the heat of vapour and adjustable load size. I'm going to sell my solo 2 and my milaana and put an order in for this. It's always a little risky jumping on board with such a new product but I've been saying for ages that it's annoying that the vape that fits my needs perfectly does not exist, but this one seems to have it all for my requirements.
  • EconMan
    Looks nice but tha mouthpiece is short I'm thinking tha vape will be to hot and harsh...Vapster707

    Yeah, it's almost certainly not for me. :vomit:

    I know there were a lot of people unhappy about how he handled the Apollo so trying to hide that would make sense.Other Side

    More legacy vape company history stories? :nerd: :100: :cool:
    One of my favorite things. :love: What was/is their story?
  • ScentNomad
    Is there a piece of stainless steel in the glass tube? Is that the "cooling unit"Raw2real


    What was/is their story?EconMan

    Just look into the Tinymight thread on fc, you'll find your gossip needs satisfied. :-)

    Looks nice but tha mouthpiece is short I'm thinking tha vape will be to hot and harsh... — Vapster707

    Yeah, it's almost certainly not for me. :vomit:

    A longer glass tube is available.

    Is it a coil heating element? Looks like it in the picture posted on the forum I think I heard SOMEONE realible form the THIS forum say there is a reason they don't post a picture of the oven on the website....and it's not a good reason as far as customers goRaw2real

    I don't think so, the tubeholder can easily be disassembled, which makes the heating element, which is indeed a spiraled coil, fully visible (as in the picture I have posted on the previous page).
  • EconMan
    A longer glass tube is available.ScentNomad

    That might help. I'm a freak on taste and smoothness. I hate hot vapes.
  • ScentNomad
    Then I totally recommend the TM. Look at the reports on fc (not only by me), one thing you will see being mentioned often is the smoothness of the vapor and its pure taste. It's actually quite amazing.

    Edit: But again, don't take my word for it. I'm sure the TM will be available for a while, no need to rush things.
  • Azn2101
    Whoops thought I posted this earlier TL;DR I would like to hear from the maker myself too but the lack of will to participate in forum presence is very similar to that of Ville.

    Ville had a bad habit of randomly taking off a week to a month without any warning and the last time prior to his site coming back up in mid '18, basically abandoned his entire customer basis for almost 7 months with absolutely no responses and people did everything from throwing them in a drawer to never be used again from lack of spare parts or PC Boards that died/got fried from the heater being so close to it. He could've been dead for all we knew so the backlash was huge at a time when vape prices could be pushed to 300-400 USD to compete with the mighty, something he wanted to make the Apollo just as popular as and was doing pretty well until the event. The final straw was when on the day of the €1300 transfer to "seal the deal" he disappeared for 2 weeks I'm guessingbwhen he noticed that the money wasn't in his account (cause I couldn't get a hold of him) he stopped responding to me and I had to involve the Consumer Ombudsmen & Finnish Consumer Disputes Board to get the original unit I paid for (I got some Franken-Vape model of a v2 non 50w fitted with a 50w bulb with no adhesive to secure things from the post to the glass encasing the bulb.)

    I wouldn't mind hearing from the Tiny Might maker to confirm the difference on any forum. I bought a Finnish/Swedish translator that was the most highly rated (under $50) program to get a better understanding for communications for the business dealings and used it to go on Hamppuforum.net (or "HempForum/Hempyforum.net in English) where Ville was active for a short period of time then just dropped off the map there randomly also.

    When I asked Ville why he seemed to be avoiding the forums he said he would usually end up PM'img or Emailing them anyway and felt he was being harshly treated when returning to the FC page from his random absences of a few weeks at a time with no Email responses or anything to let people know that he would be gone, like the definition of "Going Dark", and this is prior to his 6 1/2 month Hiatus (can you blame the customers?) But even after the news spread that he had risen from his almost 7 month grave and was responding to Emails when inquiring about his site that was up and running again along with the new "Apollo2 SE 50w" (or now just the "Apollo 2.5/3") model and I told him that I think it had cooled down totally and he should go back to FC and I never got a clear answer why he never attempted that. Even when I said I would take over the FC aspect of questioning and be able to word it so that it would translate to Finnish in readable sentences so he could relay the answers back to me he was still skeptical but we did do that for a bit but there was always going to be things that i cant answer because I was so new to the unit and there were things that people only wanted to hear from him that I just couldnt fix and thats why the relaying of questions just didnt work. Maybe Social media was never his thing...he always seemed to be more about making units/money than about going out of his way to build a rapport with potential customers.

    But my point is that the way the business model is being used is very similar to the one that the owner of Venus Vaporizers (Ville) and I worked out with a distribution post on this side of the world for a small batch while still taking orders in Finland (like special/custom orders) too that can be shipped with the same units that are going to the US/UK distribution post. I'm not saying that KGW has this exact or even similar situation set-up but from the outside that's what it kind of looks like. That and Along with the "Johannah" = Tiny Might, "Johanna" = Venus CS & Wife of Maker and both in Finland along with a few things things on the build design that makes me seriously believe that it's the same maker.

    I should clarify that im not against KGW or think there's anything wrong with the partnership and I even support it considering that it is two separate entities, just pointing out that while it isn't a unique or new way of selling things internationally so it could just be coincidence.

    On a Separate note I think it should also be brought up that if for whatever reason there's an issue with a Tiny Might and whoever owns the business wants to contest that warranty you would have to be able to speak Finnish or Swedish and depending on the situation even have a visa to go there for the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board to accept the Consumer Ombudsmens report for the warranty/dispute. Something that if this is Ville as the maker, is very much aware of and will make sure you go thru the FCDB instead of it being purely handled by the Consumer Ombudsmen.


    Possibly an extra incentive to going thru KGW but if he wanted to dispute her she would have the same problem. I had to have my Aunt in Sweden file the report that was actually submitted.
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