• Terpenetime
    ↪Terpenetime Actually that is my point. I think there is only one. Same company.Other Side

    Aaaaah, I see!

    The reason I asked is because it looks similar in some ways with the aluminum/wood blend of the ApolloOther Side

    Definitely... no doubt about it!


  • Other Side
    And IMO that could be a catastrophic move...

    This is a small industry and people are not stupid.

    Coming clean would have been the way to go especially when asked point blank like I did. Don't give me "yes I know that guy", you are that guy!
  • Vapster707

    Wow yea definitely same family
  • Azn2101
    All I'm gonna say is that based on my dealings with the maker/owner(s) of VenusVaporizers and what Ville wanted to improve on, I'd bet money it came out of their shop in Finland... The Tiny Might Vape is made in Finland, the website has the same design as the US website platform that Ville set-up for English speakers only before it went down and it addresses the most serious non functional design of the device; If you're hand isn't big enough to wrap around the back side of the unit without the PC Board you'd have to use another hand to support it and not be able to rest that 2nd hand on the vape cause it usually activated the board via "boosting" or burning your hand/finger from the exposed post/crucible. The hand guard version of the crucible does solve that second problem but isn't designed for the v2 cooling chamber cause the crucible doesnt have the lip the meet the MP Tube when the cooling extender is in the crucible and can easily chip cause of that.

    It's probably set up the way he wanted our business relationship: Have a partner in the EU to (preferably) the U.S. that's stocked with 5-10 units and spare parts ready to ship out from a closer location to make shipping cheaper and faster.

    Unfortunately It did take getting the equivalent of the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Ombudsmens, to get a fully working model but I'm pretty sure that had to do with sour feelings from the deal going south.

    he does use like a communal shop that if he sold the tech to someone or hired someone to "make" or assemble the vape he could leave his shady past behind while still selling his product encased in a different design with a slightly different function:

    Change the "Swipe Up" to change between levels 1-10 to the dial on the bottom and move the crucible into the MP fully and shorten it by cutting the size to fit one battery instead of stacking 2x for ~1.5x the life.

    But yes I do believe that he and his wife have thier hands all over this products inception & production.

    After seeing your post in the earlier page my guess is that she's enjoying the models I sold her (1x 2.5 50w. 1x 2.0 50w FrankenVape) and Ville is implementing some features that have been suggested to him
  • WOLF444

    I did searches for 'KG Woodcraft' and I'm seeing Instagram and Facebook pages for a company by that name, based out of Canada, owned/run by a male named Kamron... Can you clarify which business/company you were referencing in your post on the first page? (By the way there are amazing wall-hanging wood sculptures on that Canadian company's social media pages.)
  • WOLF444

    Thanks... Seems I needed to search 'KG Woodcrafts', and not 'KG Woodcraft'.
  • androponic

    Also, here is the link to the thread over at FC. She is active there and is claiming if you buy from her she will handle all post sales support including repairs so sending this guy back to Finland will not be required only if you purchase from her store.
  • kebcatmorgan
    More like IKEA, not VOLVOmmx

    Both are from Sweden, not Finland :grin: but I got your point.
  • kebcatmorgan
    BTW this is the only vape forum I'm on, so I hope if there will be some new information or KG Woodcraft will have some news and/or review on it, they'll post it here as well.
  • Cl4ud3
    I'm sure someone will post here any updates but I also think KG Woodcraft is a member here under @Khelek41girl, maybe we will get some official updates.
  • Khelek41girl
    Good morning everyone!
    So I have yet to confirm that the designer of the TinyMight is the same person as the Apollo, but I will say this. I also shared the same suspicions and have asked him straight up, but have yet to get an answer. That being said, the TinyMight maker introduced himself as Johannes. Maybe they are friends? Coworkers? I have yet to be able to confirm the relationship, but I do know that Johannes had mentioned that he had in fact used an Apollo, so I assumed that the TM was simply designed after the Apollo. They are both from the same country (Finland) and I know that if I was in a smaller country and heard that someone from my country had put out a powerful vape (flaws absolutely, but powerful) I would invest in it. Then maybe that started him on his own journey to make a vape of his own. That would be in a perfect world giving the benefit of the doubt. Now, I will say that if I find out Ville is involved, I will have some trust issues knowing Azn's history with him. All I can say is, until I know for sure, I will treat him as if he is a separate entity with his own vape.

    Originally, we were going to get everything stocked up and have an official release, but then he went to cannabis convention and lots of people bought his supply leaving me without anything to offer and him scrambling to make more. Then, someone started the thread on FC and it was like trying to take a sip from a fire hose. Everyone was prematurely ordering even though I was telling them to slow down and wait for the official release and now, we are all way behind because the demand is more than the supply can support. He is building the units by hand now to fullfil the orders and his shipment from manufacturing has been delayed by 3 weeks, so he is scrambling. That is where we are at right now. I have been trying to put out fires and calm the raging interest while he scrambles to make units. At this point, he has mentioned that he will have a small order for me until the shipment comes in. Then he will be able to provide a full shipment order. So as of right now, there are some bumps in the road caused by a premature release and an over excitement of a new product, but I'm sure it'll all work out in the end...or not. I started helping Johannes because I saw that he wasn't getting many sales and thought I would help. My father, who is a part of KGWoodcrafts will be handling everything once the devices come in. Once everything smooths out and products are in, this will be mostly his thing.

    Just know that KGWoodcrafts is a separate entity from TinyMight and that carrying their product is a very small part of what we want KGWoodcrafts to be about. So regardless of what happens with the TM, we will continue to do our own thing, and if I do find out that Ville is behind everything, I will most likely cut ties and let him run his own business without any involvement with KGWoodcrafts. I have no room in my company for shady makers with shady business practices. Integrity, honesty, and customer satisfaction are the most important things I focus on. Thank you to everyone for your interest with the TinyMight. We are still in the early stages of release, so bear with us!
  • Azn2101
    Johanna is his Wifes name (just checked from our Emails in Nov-Jan of '19) and she handles business aspects like Email&CS and Ville handles/makes the things to sell for Venus.
  • jqcj5
    Looks like they're offering two options for the battery door. Or maybe they're just looking for public input on revising it. Anyway, the new battery door option looks very close, if not identical, to the Apollo's.

    Saw it on instagram:
  • Khelek41girl
    @Azn2101 thank you for the heads up. I will proceed with caution then if that is the case. Because honestly, I love this vape so much, but not at the cost of sketchy business practices. I think they made a killer vape, and hopefully they are working to repair a tarnished name. To completely disassociate from their previous products and skirt around confirming the company origin leaves me uneasy
  • meloHYPE
    I’m seriously interested in this, but am going to wait until things shake out, and if they do, I’ll order from KGwoodcrafts for the extra reassurance.
  • Azn2101
    I mean in the end I will say that we agreed that it just wasn't the right time and he didn't think it take up as much time as it was (like the US website that he set-up and has now merged over his old interface, but in that time frame only made units to sell to Finnish customers) and even though we clashed & got mad at each other he understood where I was coming from and we worked everything out.

    A few people have bought them and posted on FC and said they've gotten extras like an MP tubes or free MP Cooler, which I think are ingenious from the start and other devices should implement, so he is cool and I do respect him for not doing something out of anger and sending me a 2nd unit with like a cosmetic issue or whatever and just agreeing to go our separate ways.

    With that being said and to focus on the product, how are the o-rings and how hot will the chamber be between the heater surface & the actual place where vapor starts to go into your mouth? On the Apollo series it could actually get hot enough to discolor the wood between that area from just the glass touching it and the slight Airflow between the glass & the wood.

    On the Apollo cooling chamber, which this seems to slightly incorporate, that o-ring at the top of the Apollo's tube to secure the cooler would get hot in the .4 convert a smoker type bowl and in b2b sessions with separate chambers for different people and it made it so flimsy and would roll over itself all the time all the time so I eventually had to just take it off and switch it with the 3rd cooler I still have lol. Will that be a problem with this vape?
  • ssaucyc515
    Opened this thread to say as soon as it comes out I will own one. Glad I opened this thread :lol: hopefully things clear up.
  • Khelek41girl
    @Azn2101 That's at least good to hear that everything ended on ok terms and that you two worked everything out. I will still proceed with caution, but appreciate the feedback regarding the situation. Hopefully they have worked out their issues and will be able to proceed in a proper business manner. From my dealings with them thus far, everything has been going smoothly for the most part...other than the priority for local customers being met over fulfilling a previously promised outstanding order and the craziness that has ensued since, they seem to be taking care of things. Hopefully everything will work out in the end. Its a great vape and a great design.

    As far as the cooling system goes, I have had 0 issues with it whatsoever. It glides through the stem without and issue and doesn't seem to roll out of place. I have literally had no issues with anything regarding the TinyMight in the last 2+ weeks that I have had it. I will say that the cooling system can and will get gunked up inside and that it does need to soak in ISO every few weeks, but it cleaned up nicely. With back to back sessions, the stem can get warm, but that doesn't seem to affect the CU at all. I do use a Dynavap fat mouthpiece with it just to keep my lips cool, but I think the longer stem would work just as well. I just prefer the lower profile of the shorter stem. I have very little to complain about device wise. This thing can do monster hits, is very similar in size to the ArGo, gets about 6-7 bowls per session, is easy to clean, even easier to use, requires no technique, and very quickly became my daily driver. It has everything I would want in a vape. Time will be the true test as far as how the CU holds up, but so far, so good. Hopefully I will have a shipment soon so that I can get these bad boys out to all of you! Trust me, its definitely worth having in your arsenal. I will keep everyone updated as soon as my father lets me know that they are in, and the website is updated!
  • Karec
    1st got interested then all this drama and the Crafty+ launch made me loose interest but it did caught my eye, i will wait for further reviews especially with prolong use
  • ScentNomad
    One thing nobody really mentions is that the heating system in the Apollo (and also the Venus btw) was driven by a lightbulb, while the Tinymight works with a coil. The Apollo had a touch interface while the Tinymight has analogue buttons. There might be resemblances, but they still seem to be created with very different approaches in my opinion.

    And even if it would be the same maker, I would like to hear his side of the story before starting to judge.

    I preordered this device a few days ago, expecting it to arrive sometime in december, I'm totally looking forward to it.
  • ScentNomad
    Surprisingly the device arrived the day after I posted my last comment. I will try to give a nice, hopefully not too long summary of my experiences with it (for those who are not following the threads on fc and va, where I have posted as „Siebter”).

    At day four there's nothing negative I can report, though I consider myself to be picky. The build quality is amazing and the device feels good and looks great. Not IKEAesque at all.

    I think the three most prominent parameters are extraction speed, smoothness and taste. This thing hits hard, while keeping the vapor cool, tasty and soft. I'm able to clear a microdose .075g load in 2 hits. It's very flexible when it comes to chamber size, it's easy to adjust (unless the cooling unit is gunked up, I recommend getting a second tube and cu at some point, though it's not a must at all). I suppose loads up to ~.35g are possible, I went up to .25g and it worked great. Even at higher temps the vapor is far away from being dark or popcorny, it stays terp heavenly until it is fully spent. It's also very cool and well conditioned, the cu is doing a great job. I still have a hard time estimating the potency of a hit before exhaling, because when inhaling it's so smooth.

    The battery lasts about 6 to 8 sessions, depending on the temp setting and amount of herb, the battery can be swapped (Konion VTC6 18650, can be found in many e cig stores). Temps can be adjusted on the fly at any time by a stepless wheel at the bottom of the device. The Tinymight offers both a session mode and an on demand mode. For now I only use the on demand mode, since it's ready in almost no time anyway → 1. hold the button until it vibrates (within 3-5 seconds) 2. hit it 3. release button when done hitting. It's really easy to use, even for people who have little or no experience with vaporizers.

    Despite it's rapid performance the Tinymight hasn't combusted yet, never even came close to it. You might find some hotspots (not charred though), but in general the abv is very even and thoroughly cooked after the session. A loose pack will most likely give you 100% evenness, while a tighter pack may need stirring – I personally don't like to stir, yet every session has satisfied me a lot.

    I would love to see the VC reviewing this device. :-)
  • Drew420
    Looks interesting. Is there a picture of the oven?
  • ScentNomad
    Hijacked this from fc, hope it's okay to post here:
  • gnk
    Looks like Nomad's oven
  • Baron23
    Even at higher temps the vapor is far away from being dark or popcorny, it stays terp heavenly until it is fully spent.ScentNomad

    Really? I'm not doubting your honesty...but do you think you might be a little too enthusiastic in this comment. Maybe a bit of the honeymoon effect?

    I say this as most terps are very quickly gone with the application of heat. Its not really a matter of how the vape works as much as terps just boil off first.

    I have always wondered about reports that the "taste" stays to the last drop.

    Just doesn't seem possible to me.

    Thanks for the report. I have read your posts on FC re this vape and I appreciate the input.

    I find myself interested in buying one of these but can't think of why as I almost always use desktops while my portables mostly collect dust.

    But it is a cool looking vape and initial reports all seem very positive.

  • ScentNomad

    I honestly get your point and would have the exact same doubts as you. But I'm at day 4 now and my initial experiences remain the same. But: after all you'll have to test yourself.

    That's why I'm looking forward to the VC testing this device. He's picky. He will point out any flaws and imperfections.

    So far pretty much all reports have been very positive. And that must seem fishy.
  • Pud
    there's a lot I love about this vape. I love the way it looks and the functionality of buttons/dial is right up my alley. Maybe once they get caught up and get them back in stock I can think about it seriously. I def usually like to wait a few months and get more reports and then they get the bugs worked out. Thanks for your report on your perceptions. Do you like the functionality aspects? Anything weird or awkward that you'd change?
  • Raw2real
    Looks nice but dunno about the coil heating
  • BestBuds
    I do hope @VapeCritic does a review even if it's a text and picture review like he did with the Crafty -. I really like this vape from what I see so far. I am concerned about the vapor being too hot.
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