• okla68m
    I Dont have a DynaVap, but, am surprised that no one has attempted to produce one. Making the DynaVap truly Portable Without having to carry a Torch, or does a simple Bic Lighter work ? I'd think that would produce lots of Suet on the cap....obviously, I'm Clueless and Medicated.
    Envision a 18650 Induction Heat Spot with a Holder for the DynaVap, maybe even a lil Dugout type Storage chamber......IDK
  • Kuzko
    There are a few out there. I believe Pipes over at FC makes a portable IH. It’s barely portable though, the batteries and electronics are a cumbersome thing to try to shrink down.
  • Mangu
    LOL! Dude theres already a little industry revolving around your concept. The first one I found out about was the Portside mini from Pipes (on FC forum), then I also got the fluxdeluxe from fluxer heaters. Also pretty sure that Lucid customs made battery powered units for some time. And there’s plenty people making homemade versions. Also Mistvape makes a 510 attachment called “the beast” - which is not exactly induction heater but also works to heat the Dynavap.
  • okla68m
    Hey, I lead a sheltered life, what can I say, lol !
  • LabPong
    Hey, I lead a sheltered life, what can I say, lol !

    Sometimes......you just got to try stepping out of the garden.....hehehehe :nerd:
  • gnk

    I own one, and the thing is really great.
    Be sure to choose the coil size that fits the best with your preferences, I've found 15mm to be perfect for me.
  • Gloeck79
    Haha, I have always thought why not make an added device if you wanted to buy an induction portable heater. I have ideas and would love to try and design one. I would have a pocket sized battery operated (rechargeable battery) device. Would be no bigger than a Mighty or the box they advertise, etc...Think about this, should be relatively easy for them to design. Here is kinda what I was talking about as I just designed this just now when I saw the forums...lol. If this can be done it would be a great portable with the option to use butane or a rechargeable portable Dynavap. Notice the copyright in case they steal this idea haha, anyone interested in making one and prototyping let me know, I would love to fill this need in this market...lol. I am a college student majoring in Business Studies and want to do marketing, product design, etc...Dynavap if interested contact me through here...LMAO. like it would happen...lol.

    Yes I spelled Swivel wrong, sorry was in a rush, Swivil i put by mistake...lol.

    Check the attachment I did this in an hour so its crude but just thought of it ;).
    DynavapHeat (158K)
  • okla68m
    EXACTLY what I had imagined, kool !
  • Tyedyesamuraiguy
    one day ill complete my dyna experience.
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