• Gloeck79
    I made these two fictional designs for these two devices but I wanted to know if this would help the Ditanium perform better and be an easy upgrade if it was curved so you could place a glass bowl like in the diagram I made up.

    Also I made a fictional portable rechargeable induction heater design for the Dynavap and wanted to know if this also could be done or be a viable solution to those who do not like using a butane lighter.

    Comments and please be kind, I'm no expert but thought these two designs could be a viable solution to some of the problems people may have with these devices.

    Again these are my own random design or upgrades I feel that could make them better.x3tbzttoc6vmszww.jpg
  • LabPong
    A car cigarette lighter is not IH. Any IH element that is viable today....will not fit in that tiny spot....

    But it would be pretty cool to have an all in one dynavap vape setup like that.

    As for the Ditanium.....it should of been designed with a vertical stacked oven from the start!
  • Gloeck79
    Yes, you are most likely right lol. Probably would be too hot, but I was just using that as an example for concept wise. I just thought it would be good idea if they came out with something like that. The one they sell or others have for it are huge and defeats the purpose of portable lol.

    Yeah, Ditanium I feel they should have came out with this already right. Would be a simple upgrade just unscrew old one and screw new one in lol. The glass I’m sure someone could design something to make it simple. I don’t have a Ditanium but if they did do this I’d get it in a heart beat...lol. Obviously I know nothing about engineering and what would be practical or feasible, but I’m sure someone out there could make a more practical design who knows how this stuff works. I’m no engineer so this stuff was just what everyone was complaining about or what they were missing. Kinda did it for fun just to see what everyone thought or what they think should be done to better the design.

    Thanks for taking time and checking it out and your honest opinion. Kinda using this as research, product design, to better help myself get better at marketing and business as I’m in college trying to finish up a degree lol.
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