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    Hi guys,

    We wanted to let you guys know about a few new products and upgrades we've released.

    2 New Coil-less Atomizers: Quartz Plus & SOURCE terra 2

    We've released our 2 newest coil-less atomizers, the new Quartz Plus and SOURCE terra 2 atomizers.


    Quartz Plus atomizers feature a flat All-Ceramic Plate at the bottom as the heating element, enclosed in a quartz housing, to ensure your materials slide down the walls to the bottom and are not wasted.

    These are compatible with:

    • SOURCE orb 4
    • SOURCE orb XL
    • SOURCE nail

    Quartz Plus are included in SOURCE orb 4 Premium Kits and SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kits.


    Building on the groundbreaking SOURCE terra, our first coil-less atomizer that featured a ceramic disc heating element. In its second generation, and our 5th coil-less atomizer, it now features no disc. Your materials are dissolved in an All-Ceramic cup.

    The most important feature change on the SOURCE terra 2, and what distinguishes it from other coil-less atomizers, is that heat is distributed throughout the entire cup. This means materials stuck onto the sides of the cup will vaporize. This also means, there is no material wasted or leaked.

    SOURCE terra 2 atomizers are available exclusively in SOURCE orb 4 Signature Kits, since they require 30w+ of power.

    All original owners of SOURCE orb 4 kits will get the respective atomizers shipped for free.

    New SOURCE 10cig Quartz

    We've also released our 5th version of our incredibly successful $10 Vape Pen, SOURCE 10cig, which now features a Quartz Single Coil atomizer.

    For $9.95 you get 1 Quartz and 1 Ceramic atomizer.

    New SOURCE orb 4 Magnet

    In case you didn't receive the email last week, we've made the Magnetic Lock on our SOURCE orb 4 2x as strong, making easier to take on the go.

    New SOURCE nail Glass

    And last but not least, we've upgraded the glass in our SOURCE nail Temp Control Kit and our SOURCE nail Attachment with our new Split Glass attachment, as well as released 3 Premium Glass options.

    All original owners will be automatically upgraded.

    We hope you enjoy these new upgrades and products, and if you have any feedback, please always email us to , we value your feedback immensely.
  • miklo
    hello, all this new stuff looks awesome. I ordered both the flosstradamus and a $10 pen. Are they shipping out soon?
  • miklo
    I just got the email that it shipped out and on its way. thank you! :D

    I just noticed the new atomizers dont come with the flosstadamus kit... :(
  • miklo
    or do they? :-}
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