• Bud
    Ladies and gents, here are my findings with the new Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel. I have a cold right now so you're getting a write-up instead of a video for this one.

    IMPORTANT: I've always loved Storz & Bickel products ever since I started doing vape reviews, I even used to be called a shill for them because I never had anything bad to say. Before reading my review below, please remove any idea from your head that I'm writing this from any sort of angle or purposely being negative.

    TLDR; It's not as good as the original, they think we're stupid, don't drink the kool-aid. I can't believe I'm saying this.


    Storz & Bickel just released the Crafty+ last week, Nov/2019, and the original version came out in Oct/2014, so 5 years ago.

    From this point on I am referring to this new vape as the Crafty Minus (C-).

    It's the same price that the original was, $279 USD, and you get less stuff in the box, but it's NEW and IMPROVED! or not.

    They no longer include a brush (cheapos), nor a charging adapter (are you serious), nor the uber-important filling tool (insanity).

    The C- still uses microUSB charging, and since they don't include a charging adapter you'll have to make sure you get one that puts out at least 2 amps to charge at max speed, which still takes 2 hours. Most common adapters only put out 1A which will extend charge time significantly.

    Without the filling tool it's a PITA to load the Crafty- and you're gonna get bud stuck everywhere in all the crevices, which you then can't get out B/C THERE'S NO BRUSH.

    So if you really wanna buy this vape, make sure you tack on those accessories to your order so that you can actually use it as intended.


    They changed the heating element, the heart and soul of the vape, for the worse. I can't prove it, well I almost can with the pictures below, but I can feel it in the vapor, it's not as smooth and doesn't have the same taste. You still get big clouds from it, but the characteristics of the vapor are not the same. My AVB comes out a little different too, I can tell it's not the same heater, call it a sixth sense.

    But that's a good thing right? New and improved heating element?


    I'll tell ya guys what, it heats up 30% faster because it's a simpler and cheaper heater, not a better and more advanced one, just in my humble douchebag opinion. It's reminding me of the Vivant Alternate in how it performs, a cheap Crafty knock-off vape from years ago.

    They changed something that they're not telling us and whatever it is I don't like it.

    My guess? The original heater design was probably the most common source of Crafty malfunctions, which were above-average over the years, so they moved to a simpler setup to lower the defect rate. I would also wager a guess that the new setup is cheaper to produce, so it's a win-win for them.

    But it's really a win-win-lose and we're the losers, because the trade-off was vapor quality.

    It's not a YUGE difference, most people won't notice, but it's enough that any experienced user should be able to detect. If the original Crafty got rated a 8/10 by me in the category of vapor quality, the Crafty+ would get a 7/10. So I think calling it the Crafty Minus is pretty appropriate.

    Here are some comparison pics between the two units:

    View inside Crafty+ oven:

    View inside original Crafty oven:


    Crafty+ Heating Element:

    Crafty+ Heating Element:

    Crafty+ Heating Element:


    Original Crafty Heating Element:

    Original Crafty Heating Element:

    Original Crafty Heating Element:


    I started to feel a bit like Alex Jones about all of this so I wanted to also try and verify the claim they're making that they "re-designed" the circuit board:


    Since both vapes were already apart it was an easy check, and...


    WOW, they managed to be SO GOOD at re-designing their circuit board that it still looks exactly the same as the original one! Skill level 10!

    So I'm going to guess that the barely-extended battery life of the new one is really just due to them putting in a higher capacity battery (now 3300mAh), and not so much improvements to the circuitry.


    In Summary:

    The Crafty+ looks and feels new, the battery lasts 4 sessions instead of 3, but they changed the heating element and managed to lower the vapor quality of the device, IMHO.

    It's still one of the best portable vaporizers you can buy right now, but that makes me sad. I think we've officially entered the Vape Depression.

    My advice, go buy an original Mighty before they ruin that one too!

    STAY UP!
    -Grumpy Bud
  • Baron23
    it's not as smooth and doesn't have the same taste.VapeCritic

    With the CBD bud or have you re-upped and tried it with...well, what we mostly use it for?
  • WOLF444
    If they lied about re-designing the circuit board, I hope they get publicly called out for it and have to issue a response...
  • RollingStoned
    Bud stepping into 2020 with a written review, which was actually a very good read. Excellent job disassembling everything and comparing
  • Baron23
    Wow, how the heck does the newer one's heater work. The OG, ok...we can see its like a cartridge heater inside the overall heater assembly. WTF is inside the new assembly that provides the actual heat?

    And the circuit board...wow, I'm looking and yes, they look identical.

    Oh well, money changers in Solomon's Temple once again.....way to go Canopy and S&B. sigh
  • John Cocktostone
    It looks like the heater in my Urinator...it warms my clean whiz for tests. I'm not kidding.
  • Bruce
    Hope you feel better. I am disappointed. I would like to have a change of pace vape from Pax and Tera v3.

    Is there anything on the horizon. Pax 4?

    In the meantime I am standing strong with some great vapes. Too bad With S & B.

    I am also not sure what the dry herb market will be like in the short term and long term future.

    I bought the oil cartridges from my dispensary (GG2 OG) Great! but extremely addictive. It is everything that people worried about before the legal weed revolution. In my opinion it's right under crack cocaine. I feel healthy and good with dry herb. With concentrates I needed more and more. I am 4 ever dry herb, i just hope there is a market left 90% of High Times is about dabs and concentrates. Too bad its going to ruin the reputation of dry herb.
  • Other Side
    I went through a couple Crafty units before I broke down and upgraded to the Mighty. Until now I had contemplated checking the Crafty out again. Thanks for saving me the $ Bud. And I would not count on anymore review units from S&B :razz: but we appreciate the honest thoughts and tear down pics.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Thanks for the great write up Bud! Very cool to see the guts.
  • 420vapezone
    Excellent coverage!!
    I'm interested to see what really changed in the heater.
    Mine extracts faster than the old one and tastes even better.
  • Mangu
    :lol: :lol: This freaking guy...
  • Other Side
    See and then there is this. I respect both of you guys. Maybe I just grab one and decide for myself. That said I am out of practice on session vapes. The Mighty has been on the shelf for a couple years now! And mine is old so I should probably get a new one of those huh? :groan:
  • justjustin
    You can't pull out the heating core/cartridge in the +?
  • kebcatmorgan
    I am confused as hell. After initial and first impressions @420vapezone published it seemed that the Crafty+ is the new Mighty. It wasn't a final review, but it looked very good.

    And then I read @VapeCritic review completely dumping a shit on it :D.

    Where's the truth guys? I respect both of you, but you keep pushing out very different information about the same products.

    Does Troy have lower standards or does Bud have way too high standards?

    Can somebody please clarify?
  • 420vapezone
    I'm not sure if its a difference in standards, but there's definitely a difference in expectations.

    From my perspective, they took the old Crafty, which sucked, and updated it into a usable device.
  • tsr

    For me it looked like they have a very similar opinion - they are both disappointed in the lack of upgrades (see the bucket list of expected upgrades from troy) and the missing brush/filling tool (also troy mentioned that he is missing the brush). And both think that this is (nevertheless) a top portable vape - also vapecritic:
    It's still one of the best portable vaporizers you can buy right nowVapeCritic

    I think the main difference is that Vapecritic is more frustrated/disappointed in the lack of improvements than Troy is. But this is just my impression;)
  • kebcatmorgan
    yup, maybe it's just a thing of delivery.

    Troy was frustrated like only in the first 2 minutes while bragging about the lack of updates and accessories, after that, the Crafty+/Mighty comparison went pretty good for the Crafty+.
    Bud was frustrated for an hour :D.
  • EDub
    Yea, I agree that confusion exists on what to actually think of the Crafty +. But after reading the reviews and gripes on this forum it appears that most of the negativity stems from disappointment from S&B having omitted what they feel ( and rightfully so ) should be standard features in this day in age of vaporizers. Unfortunately this bleeds over into the actual review of the product. So instead of mentioning these omissions and moving on to review what’s actually their they let their “Emotions” get the best of them and they harp on these lack of features for longer than needs to be IMHO. So I would say yes it sux that they came up short on some things, it’s f’ed up that they’re shorting changing us on freebies, but it seems that the product out performs the OG. Now Bud claims that he feels it’s not as pure of vapor of whatever but it’s like dude... you’re sick bro. Review the product when you are well and then make that determination. But then again...I haven’t really known Bud to be wrong often so.... ‍♂️.
  • Mangu
    that’s a beautiful way to look at things. Here’s another perspective: let’s wonder who could have given a more objective opinion....hmmm. Gee, I wonder if anyone got theirs for free? Hmm
  • GrantLee63
    Not sure how anyone could draw any meaningful conclusions based on just two (that I’m aware of) reviews.
  • Tdog420
    I have a crafty + coming tomorrow. I will give my honest opinion on flavor thurs after i spend a night w it. I have many vapes as i have said before to compare to. I also have a non working crafty that stopped at 2 years. I regularly use solo 2, g43, weed eater, cloud evo, and the plenty. So i think i can give a good opinion on flavor. Also i am very very good at picking up foreign flavors and difference in vapor. I think i have sensitive taste buds lol. Anyways my short thoughts to follow in the next couple of days. Also i have agreed and disagreed w bud and troy on other vapes in the past (dont like mv1 and think fury 2 has nasty flavor). So i will give a completely objective opinion. We need more experienced users opinions out to help other people make there final choice if they should buy or not.
  • Dankpup
    Maybe Troy got a version with the sleek black optimal performance circuit board and it works better with the heating element? Bud was sent a unit with the old left over parts circuit board.
  • Karec
    I dont find both reviews so far apart....
    The lack of brush, grinder, manual, filling tool and wall charger is mehhh... although i find the grinder and the manual not as important as the brush and the filling tool, the charger in the middle...
    I always used the Crafty with the filling tool but now i only use it on the go, indoors i use a scoop to fill the chamber. The manual is available thru S&B app (planet friendly), the wall charger... i guess this more important than the plastic grinder and the manual... i dont have the need of another but they should include one, lets hope this won't become a problem with RMA due faulty devices using inadequate wall chargers... (guess who will not take the blame for that?)
    The PCB look a like.... dam that was something i didnt expect (at least a new colour :lol: :rofl: :lol: ), but i guess they have a lot of them to use...like the heating element.... also looks the same...
    I have an upgraded crafty since i replaced the existing battery of 2700mh to a Sony VTC6 3000mh... my almost 400h crafty does 4 sessions per charge... but i dont call a +... actually is a minus minus because the plastic is crumbling.... (help with a new one needed!!!)

    This can look like a new vape.... but bottom line its not, i said before "if you dont have a Crafty get a Crafty + if you already have one dont...."
    It's still one of the best portable vaporizers you can buy right nowVapeCritic

    The meaningful thing here is: the crafty have 5years :yikes: and during that time they addressed the battery (20%) and some problems (thermal fuse?) and every one was expecting something new (2 years ago) and they launch this, if most of the upgrades are because of a new battery its highly disappointing (to say the least)....and its not going to be those new angled fins of the body work that will be enough for people that have a crafty already, and i also have a mighty...
    Its because people like S&B vapes so much for so long that they are disappointed with these "updates"
    I would like to see more details and specs about the PCB and the thermal fuse used in the +....
  • gnk

    Wow S&B lied about new circuit board! That is indeed the start of depression :/

    Thank you Bud that was great review!
  • LabPong
    Here's the deal.

    Big ass company buys a smaller big company.......turns the product into a new product (or changed/updated) which costs them much less to produce and thus has a higher profit margin. Customer gets a "newer" vape and the new owners of the vape company make more without actually designing a new vape.

    That is what you have here.....nothing more...nothing less.........
  • Dankpup
    these “plus” versions almost seem like “we running out of certain production parts”. Like the firefly+, not totally redesigned, just a tweak in production and rebranding. Now I’m so curious if that magical Black Death Star circuit board only exists in ad copy!
    Patiently waiting for the Mighty +
  • LabPong
    these “plus” versions almost seem like “we running out of certain production parts”. Like the firefly+, not totally redesigned, just a tweak in production and rebranding. Now I’m so curious if that magical Black Death Star circuit board only exists in ad copy!

    It has nothing to do with running out of parts....this is 2019 we can pretty much manufacture anything we already have made.

    What it has to do with.....is that these long stable vapes are just getting milked into the future because it will not cost much investment and time for the owners. That wont last too long obviously.
  • EDub
    yea, I think you’re right. This may have been a “forced” update by Canopy and not Storz but who knows. I just hope them being acquired isn’t the beginning of the end.
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