• Oubliette
    I am new to vaping and vape for medical reasons. I was wondering if they make a vaporizer that can handle small amounts of flower? Straight up smoking has aspects that irritate my system so I would prefer to vape it if possible. Packing a large bowl is not convenient or economical for me, but like I said I am new and still very inexperienced, especially about vaping products. Are there any vaporizers that can be set up to handle small amounts of flower, preferably smaller handheld units that anyone could recommend? Thanks .
  • Chronicles22
    The Fury Edge by Healthy Rips is dead simple to use, heats up fast and takes very small loads
  • Terpenetime
    A Dynavap titanium tip has an adjustable bowl that can handle as little as 0.05 effectively. You would need to pair it with a Dynavap stem or any number of proprietary offerings. You would also need a Dynavap ‘cap’, which are available in standard or low temp (more flavour, less ‘clouds’) versions.


    Finally, you would also need to get a butane jet torch lighter to use as a heat source, although you could buy an induction heater if butane concerns you.
  • John Cocktostone
    wait for dynavap black friday sale and buy a kit...then do what terp said and add adapters/stems if you like the dynavap....

    the only reason I say wait to buy a glass stem is a break my stems all the time. If I could do it all again for the first time I'd buy the titanium tip/original cap and one of Sneaky Pete's stems or a Glass Charlie from Vgoodiez.
  • OhHello
    Dynavap, any arizer or ghost mv1
  • Baron23

    hahaha....you will probably get as many different answers as respondents.

    My input:

    1. Dynavap is indeed a very effective, small load size vape. However, they are butane torch lighter heated unless you want to spend more money on an induction heater of which there aren't really a lot of immediately available and shrink wrapped devices. I do love my VapCaps.

    2. Grasshopper - this is a truly amazing vape with about a .1 gram load size. Hopper Labs has had quite a number of reliability and CS issues in the past which they have seemed to resolve (but...skeptics amongst us would like to see more of a track record). But this is a wonderful device and its full convection. You can take a hit and turn it off but its really a three hit and done device and the holy grail of a device you can just hit on demand, and not have it taste like crap after the first go around, is still elusive IMO.

    3. Fury 2 - I don't know about its big brother the Edge, but the Fury 2 is indeed a small load size.

    4. Sticky Bricks...particularly the Junior. Again, butane torch powered and you need to get a feel for it so as to not combust. But you can just cover the screen with a small amount ( again, .1 g) and it works well.

    5. Ghost MV1 - full convection, load size is in the .15 range I believe. Its is full convection, some find the crucibles and operation a bit fiddly and its a bit pricey perhaps. But many absolutely LOVE the extraction, taste, and smoothness of this vape. I have two.

    The above are all portables.

    If a desktop is acceptable (that is, plugged into the wall) then Epic Vape's Enano really does run on just a pinch and you can leave it on all day long and take hits when you need them. I personally think every med patient would benefit from one.

    I'm sure you will get other replies and suggested vapes that I have not thought of.

  • BestBuds
    If you want the best micro dosing setup get a Ed's TNT Woodscents Log vape then get a cap. The stem of the Ed's Log is basically a dynavap stem. BOOM! Now you have 2 of the most recommended and best micro dosing vapes on the market.
  • EconMan
    What @Baron23 said.

    Omni XL might be just right.
  • nofingmiddlename
    I vape .025 mg at a time and I have had success with the Tubo Evic, Splinter, E-Nano, and the Omni, The key is making sure the screens are covered and the material is tapped down.
  • ScubaFlavour
    The Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, and Ghost MV1 all offer a mesh pad which you can use if you want to vape a half-filled chamber.
  • acstorfer
    Dynavap is excellent for microdosing. I think I average around .2 grams a day with it, and that is plenty. I also have a Ghost MV1 which is great for weed consumption as well. You can take a couple hits, and leave it until you want another hit. Actually same can be said about Dynavap.

    Both vapes give great temperature control for the user so it should help keeping the irritation at bay. Truth is you may not like vaping. I always recommend a Dynavap as a first vape. It is excellent, it gives a good baseline as to what you want (and more importantly don’t want) in a more expensive vaporizer. You also may be very happy with just a vapcap, a lot of people are. Given the choice between my Mighty, ghost, and Omnivap, my Omnivap is my keeper.
  • gbpack94
    IMO, if it could be afforded, the NV Flowerpot is ridiculously efficient. You can use TINY amounts. Non-weighable amounts. Larger loads can last very long. The weedeater model is for flower only and is cheaper. Looking at their website for someone new can be confusing and kinda intimidating. There’s all sorts of diff parts, but you can just get the basics to get started.
  • Oubliette
    Wow, thank you all for taking the time to respond with your recommendations and experiences. I definitely made the right choice coming here for information. Now, some detailed research on my part is in order, but I am happy to see that there are many options available for microdose vaping. I will probably start with something small till I get the feel for it.
  • Baron23
    And after you get your vape, please come back and be an active part of our online community!! :up: :grin:
  • Ivan van Ogre
    When I look at the photos it appears that the Dynavap is being used on the WoodScents WITHOUT the VapCap. Am I seeing this correctly? The DynaVap's bare tip doesn't seem to go INTO anything. Are you supposed to just put it close and draw the hot air in? If that's the reality I'd like to know because it always seems to be presented with the Cap as part of it and this confuses me.
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    the dynavap tip (no cap) fits perfectly on the woodscents, so you can use any vap cap as your stem with the WS. Ed also includes a glass stem if thats your preference
  • Ivan van Ogre
    So the WS heating element is placed inside the chamber of the Dynavap with the WS acting as the male part and the Dynavap as the female? This would seem to bring them awfully close together heatwise. But then if you can control the temperature you don't need the cap anyway...
  • Ivan van Ogre
    Thank You for the clarity SP, John.
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