• ricardo
    Returning Crafty because Battery really sucked. Which other portable vape is similar and worth buying?

    Flavor and easy portability is important to me (battery life and portability are intertwined for me since a vape that cant last at least 4 sessions shouldnt be considered portable * cough *cough crafty*)

    is the MV1 worth it?
    the Arizer II really that good?
    How is the vape The One?
    I heard mix things about the FF2
    What about the Da Vinci IQ, is that good ?

    I am sad I have to start all over in choosing a portable vape again :(
  • Bad Dog
    Have you thought about going butane and leaving the battery's behind? I'm a crafty owner and picked a Dynavap to use when it was charging only to have the Dynavap mostly replace the crafty. For best taste go titanium over stainless steel. It doesn't get more portable than a Dynavap and a torch and your only limited by how much fluid your lighter holds.
  • Chronicles22
    Mighty — better battery life than crafty and not really as big as it looks in pictures — about the size of an iPhone “plus” model but thicker
  • Tdog420
    Airzers are solid vapes. I currently use an iq for my out of the house vape. Huge bowl and swappable batteries make it great for on the go. I really love the huge bowl for on the go because my wife vapes as much as me so one huge bowl is nice for out and about due to not having to repack. On the downside it is conduction and not as efficient. I hate mv1 for on the go because for me and my wife we need to vape a hole crucible holders worth to get where i want to be. Mv1 is good for micro dosing imho. The one vape is all around ok. Its discreet but has the worst tasteing vapor of them all for sure. Also battery life is not amazing. Id say iq or arizer if u dont want a crafty +. Removable battery is key for on the go heavy users like me.....
  • Tdog420
    sneakypetevaporizer.com has a very nice sale on the arizer argo right now. Comes w some really cool free accessories.
  • ricardo
    sweet, thanks for the info bro!! I will keep researching!
  • EasyToSlip
    Ghost MV1 is great. They reduced the p[rice recently and also have a sale going on beyond that ... I think sale price is now $175?? Check their site.

    FF2+ is also good the + update and lower price address many of the issues that some people have with it I use it a lot more now that I have upgraded... on demand.very fast heat up time. huge clouds... draw resistance is restricted.

    Airvape Xis also a solid portable but it is conduction and can be harsh... get the plastic case and water pipe adapter if you go wit that one...
  • EasyToSlip
    Yes. See the MV1 thread here $175 from the ghost web site for the next couple of weeks.
  • BestBuds
    EDC 420 is even cheaper on the Argo. They are also having a 15% off sale with WINTER15 as the code on "other gear".
    I have always been treated right by @420edc they are a very good company to deal with imo
  • LabPong
    Can't go wrong with an Air2 as well.....lots of different ways you can use it....many different types of stems and it is easy to use in any rig with the wpa adapter.
  • 420edc
    thank you for the shoutout & ! We are grateful for your support and everyones.
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