• EconMan
    I have realized for a good half year now my flower vaping has been increasingly sparse. The logic of my behavior seems to go something like this now.
    IF DabInventory > 0 THEN NextDab=1 ELSE NextVape=1;

    So if I have dabs, I do dabs. RARELY do I want to sit down and vape a nice bowl anymore, rather, sit down and have a nice powerful lasting high.

    I wished I would have tried to measure the change but my lungs feel healthier (not that they were unhealthy) perhaps because I take so many less hits. Less dry hot air in my lungs?
  • John Cocktostone
    I noticed my lungs felt way better when I was dabbing.and no to minimal flower use.

    Currently doing edibles and carts from the dispensary to keep smell down and the lungs still feel better.

    My guess is less exposure time to the dry vapor...less hits and less time of inhalation.
  • Dr green thumb
    I vape and dab together. Flower and concentrate mix very well together and give you some very intense complete highs. I do not prefer one over the other but prefer to mix and intertwine them. Understanding your strains and how they effect you in different forms (flower, concentrate, edibles)is key otherwise you are just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it works.
  • bulllee
    I have a different reaction to concentrates than with flower. When I use concentrates My lungs feel on fire and they feel coated in mucus. Distillates make them feel like shit, No issues with straight flower, or with a mixture of the two. Just like the good Dr green thumb says I prefer to mix my flower and concentrates. I'm guessing it's due to my heart issues and the meds I'm on. Now I notice my lungs get toasted with the Sticky Brick LOL, but they feel great with my Solo 2. I use a torch and banger for concentrates with an insta- read thermometer. I prefer 550 to 650 degrees, definitely nothing higher. I can get through my straight dabs during the sesh but afterwords is when my lungs get filled with mucus and its not pretty. If I do a little concentrate sandwich then no problems. IDK I use different types of concentrates so I'm at a loss.
  • 01867
    Dabbing gets me baked as hell, but I don't get the same "full" feeling I get when I use flower or hashish. I find it's a lot easier for my tolerance to grow without me noticing, and I suspect this is because I chase after gritty body effect that I don't get when I dab. To put it bluntly, dabbing feels too "clean" of a high. The exception to this is rosin that's been made from hashish, but I honestly find myself preferring to vape hashish rather than pressing and dabbing it.

    I'm also epileptic, so the effects I seek out are totally different from those a rec user might want. I often find myself too high, wishing for a more mellow/full bodied effect. I'm also a big fan of CBN, and think it helps make for a more rounded experience (so long as it's not at the expense of all the THC/terps). The best effects I get are from pressed dry sift (melty, but not full melt) vaped in a vapcap or log.

    I'm very grateful for the dabbing community in the US for bringing hashish back into people's consciousness, and I think the hardware for dabbing is really awesome, and has advanced a lot more than the herb vaporizer industry (with a couple notable exceptions).

    That said, I regret some of the misconceptions which have risen from the popularity of dabbing - mostly the idea that clear resin is "better" than amber resin, something which has led to a lot of growers harvesting early. Or the idea that live resin is "better" than cured resin. I love live resin, but it's a complement to cured resin IMO, and if I had to choose one I'd go with cured. I also think US concentrate culture suffers from falling for the latest fad, which is exacerbated by prolific branding and marketing. Not that "terp sause/diamonds" are bad - they're fucking great - but I hate seeing their prices inflated due to popularity.

    The biggest thing I resent about concentrate culture however, is the popularity of distillate made from poor quality material, and the explosion in popularity of carts. I absolutely see the value in carts, but with the current bad press, and the associated environmental footprint, I wish they had never become so popular.

    Don't get me wrong, I think many of these criticisms also apply to vaping flower - especially the fad aspect. I think the obsession with 100% convention for instance has led to a lot of vaporizers which are hot and harsh on the throat, and require too much stirring in order to finish a bowl... But that's a topic for another thread
  • John Cocktostone
    I've started to prefer conduction over convection tbh
  • okla68m
    What is considered "low quality material" ?
    I do QWET on Sugar leaf and on Bud/Flower...the only differance I've found is the Return, yes, the Sugarleaf extraction/wash is Much More Sensitive to being Chlorophyll contaminated than Bud, if care is not taken ! Is this the type of Low Quality you are referring to ??
    When I hear LQ, I will assume it's not very Strong, to begin with and expound upon that, Dirty, Dry, Nasty tasting !!
  • bulllee
    Don't get me wrong, I think many of these criticisms also apply to vaping flower - especially the fad aspect. I think the obsession with 100% convention for instance has led to a lot of vaporizers which are hot and harsh on the throat, and require too much stirring in order to finish a bowl... But that's a topic for another thread01867
    I couldn't agree more. :grin:
  • okla68m
    To be truthful, I havent picked up my MV1 in a couple months. Been using my AirVape X w/WPA and a E-Nano stem without a screen to increase air path length. My Lungs are Shot and the required amount of Convected air to achieve a good draw is too much. The draw off if the X, a Hybrid, is Much denser of a vape when Combining Convection & Conduction.
    Taste Chasing is Fun, but, Not my main reason for Vaping !
  • John Cocktostone
    airvape x it's very underrated.... shit battery but has pass through charging
  • okla68m
    Yes Sir !
    I mainly use mine as with the rest as Desktop units as I Rarely vape elsewhere...so, I can keep mine attached to its Umbilical, lol !
    I normally get 2-3 5minute sessions at 199°C before the unit shuts off "LOW POWER" !
  • 01867
    when I say distillate made from low quality material I'm talking about using biomass, bud with mold or mildew, or any other major flaw that would make it so I would normally never smoke the starting material.

    Not talking about trim vs buds, since good sugar trim makes the best hashish imo, since you dont need as much agitation as with flower to make the trichs fall off.
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