• 52
    I searched and didn’t find one at least.
    @Baron23 has been touting these guys for a while now and for good reason, so when I decided on an E-banger setup I went with a 710 Coil and his bangers he designed to be used with his axial coils, and grabbed one of his Ruby inserts while he was running a nice sale. There are now three companies(I’m sure there are more) that fall into an elite category to me. They all have excellent products, service and social interaction with their customers. They are 710 Coils(can’t find as member here) @NewVape420 and @MaxVapor, Bravo to you all! This is a 710 Coils Ruby insert, 30mm banger and axial coil being fired up by a Maxvapor controller. Excellent daytime effects and relieve at 350° insert floor temperature according to a Terpometer. Ohh, and SO EASY to clean with a dry qtip.
  • Dr green thumb

    Dabbing at that low of a temperature must be like steaming soup.
  • EconMan

    My problem with inserts is I'm a bit of a heavy toker and I tend to make a mess in the banger which is sort of the reason to use the inserts -- to avoid a big mess in the banger.
    So they sit in my box lonely.

    But I love your adventurous experimental personality with cycling through vapes and rigs. Buy it like it keep it, if not then sell it :cool:
    Soon you will have used everything :nerd: :100:

    Dabbing at that low of a temperature must be like steaming soup.Dr green thumb

    Yeah, I go in at 500-550f and feel relatively cold? I would think at 350 it would take an hour and a dried out lung to finish a dab? :joke:
  • 52

    I have been using a small amount and yes it’s very whispy but efficient as it eventually vapes much more of my rosin in the ruby then in the bare quartz. This is the first time I tried it this low and not my normal as My brain is usually not impressed without clouds.
  • fatbiker
    I have also been enjoying my new banger and coil setup from 710 Coils. Shane was super helpful.

    @EconMan I agree, it’s hard to keep up with @52 and all of his new vapes. I really like it when I can score something he doesn’t like.

    My new Auber controller has been working well too! Look familiar?? Lol

  • 52
    Life is to short to wonder. My current wish list is pretty empty. I got in on the end of Shane’s 20% off sale and got really lucky on the Maxvapor blemish sale.
  • Chandler
    I'm wondering if anybody has experience using 710 coils 20mm coil for use with the NewVape FP? More wraps better temperature control, heat exchange etc...

    I'd like to make all the right purchases if possible this green friday
  • 710coils
    @Chandler I have more of the extra wrap 20mm coils coming and they fit the flowerpot and also add 2 more wraps than the standard coils =)
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