• Drew420
    This is just a thought since there seems to be a lot of questions about the Crafty +. Would you think it would be worth the time for someone to do this? What would you like a reviewer to test. If it sounds worthless. Why? This talk has been going around my group of friends. I would just like to hear other opinions on it.
    1. Would you be interested in a side by side comparison of a brand new Crafty and Crafty + (27 votes)
  • BestBuds
    What changed in the crafty for real? As far as we know the board looks to be the same, the body is functionally the same, the battery is still an 18650 and there is still one of them. So upon visual inspection the only difference is the heating element. That's the most important part! Yes the vapor should absolutely be compared with the 2 versions. Also I hear Bud saying the vapor is close but not as good, but Troy says there is no difference. So for me there is a big unknown. I would like for someone familiar with heating elements to dissect the heating elements and find out the real changes. I am now also concerned about the wires in the air path. I don't love that.
  • Drew420
    That was a lot of the same thoughts I had. Bud did say that it is a different 18650 battery. That's where the 30% more battery most likely comes from. The vapor quality and heat up time I think is the two things that would matter with a brand new og crafty. I believe in other tear downs they state it is a clear air path as far as the og crafty.
  • Drew420
    Doesn't look like people care for this subject. Thought it may be the only way to truly see how different the two models preformed.
  • ScubaFlavour
    Definitely would be very interesting to know.
    I will need to replace my old Crafty soon (over 100h battery usage) and I am undecided if to get the Original or the +.
    Honestly the heat-up time is not a big deal for me, I don't mind waiting 30-60 seconds more, doesn't make a big difference to me.
    But I am worried about the new heater, as Bud said, the improved heat-up speed could hide a simpler, worse heater - and the vapor quality would be affected.
  • Drew420
    SneakyPete has his Crafty + review posted. Its a good full review of the device and its options
  • Karec
    If you dont have one (Crafty) and you seek portability go for it, if portability is not that important i would go for a Mighty and wait for an Mighty + update (if there is one...) if you have already a working Crafty with 20% increase battery i dont see the point, unless people want the latest version of the device like changing your actual phone for the latest model, you dont need one but go for it if money not that important.... not enough upgrade for me.... still interested on a comparison between old and new....

  • jqcj5
    ScubaFlavour - Can't you just send your Crafty back to S&B and pay a minimal amount to have the battery replaced?

    Also there are vids on youtube where people swap the Crafty battery showing the disassembly in detail.
  • Ilmicael
    Hi everyone, after a long time reading the content of the forum, I decided to take the initiative to write something, as I am having an experience which is worth sharing with this community.
    At the begining of November my crafty suddenly stop working. As I could not live without it, I immediately ordered a new Crafty.
    While I was waiting for the delivery, the Crafty+ came out, so I decided to order to Crafty+. The idea was to return the Crafty and keep the Crafty+.
    Finally both were delivered on the same day (last Monday) and, after having read the first comments regarding the Crafty minus, I decided to keep both and try them in parallel.
    I confirm that heat up time has been reduced, so that now within a minute you are ready to vape (which is better than the OG Crafty), but nothing impressive.
    Regarding battery duration, I wll no more in the next days, as in fact I re-charge them after two/three bowl.
    The issue that I am having with both of them is that they connect randomly to my Iphone X, while my old crafty only sometimes had this problem.
    This was I do not see how much battery is left + I cannot check how much battery is used for each bowl.
    Regarding the performance, after these first days I have the feeling that the Crafty OG is more gentle with the herbs while the Crafty+ is pushing the vapor out of the herbs with more power but also with more violence. This seems to have an impact on flavour. Somehow I feel that the OG is delivering tastier vapor for a longer time. But this may just be an impression, also driven by the negative feedback of prestigious reviewers.. in the next days I will keep on alternating the use of the OG with the plus and I will come back with an update.
  • Ilmicael
    During lunch tiem I had again the possibility to try both at the same conditions.
    Again I had the impression that the OG is delivering better vapor. May be this can be related to the fact thayt while pulling from the OG the temperature drops down quickly, enriching somehow the overall taste? Something very similar happens while using for example the FF2, when you continue pulling after the heater is switched off. The same happens also with the Plenty, where the temperature is not fix. On the other hand it seems that the plus is able to keep the temperature fix even against long and consistent draws, turning barely to red light.

    Both units at the beginning were affected by a bad plastic smell, but this has quickly disappeared.

    Updates to follow in the next days.
    In particular I will try to find a reply to the following questions:
    - is the Crafty plus a real improvement?
    - is it worth the current price difference (the OG costs 225 Euro while the plus can only be found at 298 Euro)?
    - which one would I recommend to a friend?
    - which one would I choose if I could own only one?
  • Ilmicael
    I have just found that the cause of the missing bluettoth connection was the MV1 app. After closing it i could finally connect with the S&B App and manage my units!
  • birdplane

    Did you use the both cooling units new with their respective units?

    S&B mentioned using a new material in building the body, could the difference in flavor could be from the new material they used in the cooling unit?
  • Ilmicael
    good point! Today I will mix the cooling units and I will let you know.
  • Ilmicael
    I have just tried the plus with the cooling unit of the OG and apparently there is an improvement.
    The improvement may be due to the fact that I have started vaporizing at a lower temperature (175 °C instead of 180), but in general I can say that yesterday I felt in love with my plus. In fact I finally decided to bring only the plus with me to make an exclusive 24 hours experience and it was great!. The facts that it gets ready sooner and that the battery lasts longer make me feel much more comfortable than before. It is true that I always have a power bank with me, but I still appreciate not being obliged to always plug in the vapo..
    For the rest I think that the Crafty (both the OG and the plus) still remain the best portable session vaporizer. In fact it may be true that some competitors are better in some aspects (for example replacable battery or all glas vapor path etc) but the overall experience with the crafty remains unrivaled. I even prefer it to my Mighty, which delivers a better vapor at the price that you have to handle a giant...
    REMARK: it took 1 minute and 20 seconds to get to 175 °C. I was expecting something better, in particular because I was indoor. This means that outdoor in the cold season it may take approx. 2 minutes..
  • Ilmicael
    I have just used the OG one.
    It took 1 minute and 33 seconds. This means that it only took 13 seconds more than the plus (exactly at the same conditions - same room ans same target 175 °C).
    The experience was almost the same, even if this time I have looked carefully at the display, seeing that the temperature with the OG is floating is a range of 5/6 degress around the target T.
    This is not the case with the plus, where the T is in a rage of 2/3 degrees max (even less).
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