• chaos191
    Hi I am posting because I have plans to pick up a nice desktop unit this month. Let me start by saying that I am quadriplegic and I have a personal assistant that works with me so they would be the ones performing Tasks and helping me to use the vaporizer. I had my eye on a weed eater from new vape but reconsidering and reading these show your Burns thread I'm starting to think that that is probably not a very good option. Primarily this unit I would like for flower but if it was able to do concentrates I would be happy as well down the road I plan on picking up some kind of dab unit maybe a carta So I was talking with LabPong and he mentioned the VapeExhale EVO I was considering an E-nano or ditanium but am Now actually seriously considering the Evo, I don't see any kind of black Friday sale coming up on them or anything like that I was tempted to pull the trigger on it yesterday, I had in my basket a starter kit with the Hydra tube hydrabomb I went check my basket this morning though and they sold out of that item now and it's my understanding that they have discontinued making the hydrabomb so im wondering how is the Calyx... how is use with a whip if not water conditioned is it very warm? Thanks i have found a Hydrabomb with a stand on DHGate. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks very much.
  • Gloeck79
    I have the EVO and it’s excellent, I only have 2 bad things about it if they are bad...lol. It’s kinda a lot of money with all the glass but is fine with just the lynx whip. Lynx whip can be a bit harsher if you pull too much, but with the honeycomb glass it’s not. EVO can and will knock you on your rear...lol. They other problem can be that it takes a bit to warm up and the device can take a lot of space on your desk. Other than those minor things it’s excellent.

    Another device I hear is really good but I do not have is the Ditanium. I have been looking at that but I have the EVO so I really didn’t want to drop that much on it. It can stay on all day so after the initial heat up time your good all day. I hear it’s excellent too. I have heard it is better than the E-Nano but again I do not have that. Though, I heard it was good too or as good but smaller bowls?

    Hope this helps
  • chaos191
    Thank you very much for your advice the power cable for the Evo is quite long correct?
  • Bad Dog
    I'm a Ditanium user and I have to say it is a very nice device. I actually chose it over the Evo mostly because I wanted to use concentrate and the Evo didn't have a stellar reputation, also there was a lack of HT available, I also didn't like how hot the unit got. So I got the Ditanium and have been very pleased with it, it does a good job with bud which is what I most use it for but combo dabs are really fantastic. Dabs are super easy and tasty, flavour and effects are nearly on par with my banger really close. My main concern for you is the length of the whip, as I envision it the Ditanium unit would be on a tray that is connected to your chair seated a least a foot away from your torso and depending if you want to use a rig and its style it may further exacerbate the problem. The way I see it there are 2 solutions, if you want to use a rig use something like a beaker style bong with the intake near the bottom of the vessel that should add overall length, also you can get the dimensions of the whip and buy a matching roll of tubing and cut a whip the proper length for yourself. I may be jumping the gun and the whip might already be okay, it's just that I don't know the configuration of your chair.
  • BestBuds
    Have you thought about the Volcano Hybrid? It's whip/bag only but if you have a favorite Glass piece you can always get a glass adapter to plug the whip into it.

    I have a enano and I love it. For your assistant maybe not so much. The bowls are so small in the eNano, like 2 hit bowls. They will be loading and unloading bud in their sleep. Haha

    That's why this Black Friday I am getting a Ditanium. From what I see it's has been compared to the vapor of a eNano but it can do concentrates double decker style.
  • Bad Dog
    From what I see it's has been compared to the vapor of a eNanoBestBuds

    that would be pretty high praise indeed, can't comment on whether that's true or not but I can say I was very surprised and pleased with mine. I vape the majority in the OG whip through my rig and even though water the taste is robust enough to satisfy me but I do find that the Sneaky Pete whipless glass hand piece taste is brighter and truer. Been experimenting with the glass whipless hand piece and combo hits and even though my concentrate is passed its prime I've been mostly happy with the results, at noon or just a smidge passed the combo hits were a lot smoother than I had expected. Highly recommend the whipless glass hand piece or some other all glass alternative for best flavour but I think I still prefer the effects of the OG whip, love those bigger loads.
  • CreamCityVapes

    The Evo is a beast of a unit. Likely it would be best to maybe invest in a whip for it or a whip based unit. It may be a little more simple to use given your situation. Maybe consider checking out the SSV from 7th floor. It’s a beast, you can leave it on all day, and it rips.
  • Gloeck79
    yes it’s pretty good size
  • chaos191
    So I'm on the fence still thank you for all of your input everyone. I found a really good deal on E original Volcano including chamber reducer and 40 dosing For like $370, there's no whip of course but watching vape critics review of the 2 side-by-side and I tend to want to agree with him that the analog version has less moving parts so therefore less to go wrong and probably a more reliable unit. I've never used one before I don't tend to smoke in a large group or much of a group at all and doesn't take a whole bunch to medicate myself does anybody know the chamber size approximately of the Volcano classic? And when filled approximately how many blooms will it fill up? For my caregiver and even for my slightly impaired diaphragm it seems like having the vapor on tap in a balloon would be very convenient and simple as well as easy to replicate consistent results. On the other hand I do like the ditanium The ability to do dabs as well as flower is nice but it does require stirring and I don't think you're supposed to leave the glass andal/bowl and with on the unit so at after every hit you have to remove it set it down and then put it back again not a lot of work but more work for my caregiver. So many choicesAfter looking at the Evo and having to have my caregiver put the Hydrabomb on top and then put it up to my mouth for me to take a hit also seems precarious especially being that there is so much glass within the unit I know that there is a whip system but I don't know how wild lamb about that and it is quite expensive. The last vape that I was really and am really considering Is the V rod but there's again high potential for burn which would be badd. I guess I'll have to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision are there any Volcano lovers here? If anybody has one and has experience with it I would love your opinion and feelings on it. Thanks again everybody pardon the spelling or use voice dictation
  • Bad Dog
    For the Ditanium ideally it should work something like this, one hand will be holding a appropriate rig with the inserted whip attached, in the other hand is the wand end of the whip to engage the heater and disengage before you reach the end of your inhale so you can clear the rig, the Ditanium unit will remain stationary. Dabbing on the Ditanium is incredibly easy and repeatable, low temp dabs are pretty tasty, you can micro dose dabs that would be lost in a banger and combo hits with a favourite strain and some good concentrate are fantastic. There's also the option to pick up a Sneaky Pete whipless glass hand piece, it takes a smaller load and at lower temperature quite flavourful and smooth but can still deliver some big rips, for that one your assistant would attach the whipless glass hand piece to the Ditanium then lift the whole thing to your mouth.

    You have some pretty excellent choices unfortunately for me my experience is lacking in the other vapes your interested in. I have heard a few things but take what I say with a grain of salt, the Evo is a beast of a machine and the unit does get warm to the touch so you'll want the heat resistance sleeve but the sleeve may make holding onto the unit harder and the connection between the unit an HT is somewhat delicate it is glass. I read a few comments that for concentrate it was lacking and a few pics of dirty bamboo. Still all that said the Evo has a certain elegance

    The volcano is your biggest unitasker bags is all it's good for. A bag is only good for 10 minutes before the taste starts to go off. It is good to get really lit really quick just down a bag or two. It's super easy and requires no technique

    The V rod like all things flowerpot has this industrial edge. Probably the most involved assembly/disassembly for maintenance , it's a burn hazard and needs a stand. Don't really see it being any easier than the Ditanium for your assistant, it will need 1 hand on a bong and the other on the heater with the controller close by.

    Hopefully someone with more experience can give you some of the information your looking for. I believe @Baron23 owns some of these maybe he can help
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