• jqcj5

    3D printed?

    I never thought it was too hot in the 1st place
  • jqcj5
    glow in the dark, lol
  • Karec
    What i need is a 3D printed of the body..... hard to see my crafty going dead because of F#$%&g plastic when everything else is working...

  • BestBuds
    One with a door to replace the battery! :naughty:
  • Terpenetime
    It probably didn’t take long because it had been in development for the previous version.
  • justjustin
    So will this become the Stainless steel version? Like the Stainless Mighty Cooling Top
  • Terpenetime
    So will this become the Stainless steel version? Like the Stainless Mighty Cooling Topjustjustin

  • iamdiosa
    I hope they aren't using that to vape with but is going to be used to cast or something.
  • UbarDog
    With all the tec now and I hope someone takes this idea and runs with it....... 3D Scan a Crafty case and a single 18650 battery sled. Then make modifcations in the Cad, mold the 2 together. Then print em out by the hundreds .Electrical wise its just 2 crimps or solder joints. And.....Voici..... Crafty with built in replacable battery sled.
  • french touch vaporizer
    HI all !
    "Rendez-Vous" today at 4:20 pm (french time !)
    Warm up your Crafty!

    instagram: docteur_vaporisateur
  • jqcj5
    And there it is:


    Steel/metal crafty cooling unit.

    By the way it looks like Troy's Mighty cracked where the cooling unit attaches. He posted a pic a couple of days ago.
  • french touch vaporizer
    Hi !

    There is no risk that the stainless steel Mighty cooling unit will break the Mighty's shell.
    We had a little problem at first with a small stainless steel part that put a little pressure on the hull.
    But the problem was quickly solved....
    Moreover, by dint of using it, the problem was solved on its own.
    For the Crafty/Crafty+ stainless steel cooling unit, the problem has been solved at the base and the annoying part simply no longer exists.
    Now, the 2 units for Crafty and Mighty can be put on and off the vaporizer even more easily than with the original!
    The stainless steel cooling unit for Crafty/Crafty+ has been highly optimized for better heat dissipation and efficient cooling.
    This was all the more necessary because the unit is smaller in size than the Mighty!
  • Magicman
    The one thing everyone of my Craftys have had in common is broken plastic where the cooling unit attaches.4adrvxujo0ghknnu.jpg
    Plastic sucks.
  • french touch vaporizer
    Yes, of course, the Crafty does not need our stainless steel cooling unit to crack...
  • Karec
    mine is worst since i open it up multiple times as the screws got damaged only 2 working....and the top part is just mm away to be like yours...

  • Karec
    Hey guys, after posting here i needed a plastic case for my Crafty some days after i got a message from @HomerSchwag saying he had a dead RMA replacement unit with 5h :yikes: and he would send me if i paid the postage, i immediately agreed since it was a no brainer. Now i got it and i already replaced the plastic case of mine and now looks like i have a brand new unit. Finally i have my Crafty back from the limbo and working great.
    My Crafty have around 400h survived 2 thermal fuse and 1 battery replacements and still can work for 4 sessions after the Sony VTC6 replacement, i would rather use the Crafty than the IQ on the go mainly because of the air resistance and the fact the Crafty can produce more fulfilling vapor imo.
    I dont know how much time my Crafty will last if i only use it as a portable unit, i would like to keep this since it was truly my 1st vaporizer (actually i had a FF1 for 1 month before i got it but made up my mind on vaping herb). Now im thinking about selling my IQ with a lot of accessories to get funds to get another portable, TinyMigth is front runner but the Tetra P80 made me think (and i have the G43 P80 so would be great to get it at a reduced price without the mod and just add another profile for the Tetra)....off course if i think only about portability TM will certainly win.
    I would like to have a SS CU, i already mentioned looks great but im not inclined to invest more in a device that can fail on me at any time.
    Again many thanks to @HomerSchwag u rule man!!!!
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