• Detroitvapes420
    Hey Everyone,

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get more bulk on your buds during last 2 weeks of bloom. I'm wanting to give her one more push. If you have any ideas please comment. Thanks
  • priestsmiler
    Drop the humidity, drop the temps, flush with ph'd water. Add extra c02 if possible. And give total darkness and no water for the last 48hours preharvest. All of this and you should be golden. It all should add up to extra resin production or "fattening" of the buds and a nice clean tasting, smooth burning flower. And DON'T rush the drying/curing process.
  • LabPong
    Exactly as priestmiler explained......

    And make sure you are flushing it out now.....no more anything but water ...then let it go dry last several days....then lights out.......then chop in darkness and hang........

    Give 6-12 days dry time....then jar and burp......give it as long as cure you can.

    Oh......and one last thing.....if you dont have one.....save to get one.....Press it up!
  • Hapo
    ...the biggest mistake most make is not flushing the crop well enough...

    ...often they are the ones trying to push it at the end...greed kills...

    ...nice grow...!!!...
  • fullyautomatic
    all of the above and flush, flush and flush :D
    lovely sog btw!
  • 01867
    Just remember that most people harvest early. Many people wait for a mix of amber and cloudy trichs, but I go for maximum amber.
  • Detroitvapes420
    Hey all you guys thanks for the tips. That's my plan is to start flushing 5 to 7 days before I plan to chop down.

    I should of said she is in coco coir, does that seem right to you guys 7 days worth of flushing for coco?

    I made lots of mistakes on her but she was just my first.

    @priestsmiler yes more co2, I got another TNBNaturals to add in there.

    @LabPong what kind of press do Ya have? I'm looking to get a small one soon.

    @Hapo. I'm going to do her right I just wanted to push some bulk on her is possible. I did add mammoth P.

    @fullyautomatic. Ya the scrog was a after though. I wanted to be able to move her is needed so just made it out of trim strips, staple gun and string. Super light and works. It's 31 in. by 22 in.

    @01867 ya I'm going to go for 50 - 50 amber. I like couch lock. This is going to be my night nite meds,

    Thanks guys.. I'm hoping to get a solid 4 to 6 ounces oft her.
  • fullyautomatic
    looks brill for a first attempt mate!
    as said before by all of the above, drop them temps a bit, they'll start to fade out and push some bulk waiting for pollen (imitating early autumn and a last attempt to be pollinated) and shut the lights out for 2 days before you chop. and 7 days sounds like a good flush to me in any medium. coco will retain less nutrient salts so should be super clean by the end. i always do 3x the volume of the pot in liters of water over a week to 14 days depending on how heavy they fed if i'm using bottles (i use a 70/30 coco coir to soil mix with guanokolong bat droppings and amendments so they need as little feed as possible).
    50/50 to 70/30 amber to cloudy is usually when i take mine. makes for good pain meds and sleep aid.
  • LabPong
    LabPong what kind of press do Ya have? I'm looking to get a small one soon.Detroitvapes420

    I use a small one.....super efficient and inexpensive. Dulytek 800. Best $200 I have spent on my medical needs!

    Oh...if your in coco.....no worry about flushing times....it will go fast and a week will be fine.
  • EconMan
    I use a small one.....super efficient and inexpensive. Dulytek 800. Best $200 I have spent on my medical needs!LabPong

    Yep. I even bought a super-duper fancy one and I STILL use the little cheap dulytek. $199, massive value. :100:

    From last night. No bag. Got in late we wanted a dab and squished a fresh one on the fly with the M800. From start to dab was perhaps 10 minutes. :cool:



    Enjoying this thread as I don't know much about growing.
  • 52
    Me either, I was going to grow 1-2 plants outside this summer and build a room after the holidays but never got to it, may have to jump right into indoor first.
  • EconMan

    I simply lack the discipline for it. Even my diamond growing I end up dabbing them at a premature size.

    My business partner loves to grow stuff. So when we retire, he will grow and I will process. :nerd:
    Partners for life - lol
  • LabPong
    Me either, I was going to grow 1-2 plants outside this summer and build a room after the holidays but never got to it, may have to jump right into indoor first.

    Yea...start growing indoors first because you will understand growing much better this way, and you will have much less problems as well. Though, cost is higher obviously.....

    With outdoor growing....there are many variables that can limit the quality of your grow....though if done decently can yield much more.....but "done decently" is usually harder than one thinks.

    I suggest you get a 4x4 or 5x5 tent to start out. They will seem small after you get growing in them for a few harvests or so. Do 2 to 4 plants at a time and build from there. I suggest going soil-less (bags of fake soil..not coco type). Use something simple like fox farm trio nutrients and their 3 crystal boosters and your fairly set...but your lighting and hvac are going to be your big investment.

    I simply lack the discipline for it. Even my diamond growing I end up dabbing them at a premature size.

    You'll never be a doctor then...........cuz patients are necessary... :joke:
  • EconMan
    You'll never be a doctorLabPong

    But I am a doctor. It is my physician who is not :nerd:
  • Baron23
    So, to all of you outstanding growers (of which I am sadly not one), what do you think of this????

    New Research Shows Flushing Plants Before Harvest May Be Unnecessary

    The results of a new research trial released this month show that flushing plants before harvest may not improve the quality of cannabis flower. The results seem to contradict the commonly held belief that flushing plants improves the taste and burnability of dried cannabis flower.

    Under common, although not universal, cultivation practices, cannabis growers stop fertilizing their plants one to two weeks before harvest in an effort to improve the quality of their finished product.

    “Flushing is important because it removes excess nutrients that are leftover within the plant,” explains High Times senior cultivation editor Danny Danko. “So it helps with the burnability of the flower by leeching out excess salts and nutrients.”

    But in the trial conducted by RX Green Technologies, a manufacturer of cannabis nutrients and other cultivation products, researchers determined that those participating in a blind test tended to prefer cannabis flower that had not been flushed before harvest.

    To conduct the trial, growers at the RX Green Technologies research and development facility in Colorado cultivated cannabis plants of the strain Cherry Diesel in a coco-based medium. During growth, the plants were fertilized with the company’s brand of nutrients. Four groups of 12 plants each were subjected to different flush times as harvest approached. Each group of plants was flushed for either zero, seven, 10, or 14 days.

    Flower samples taken the day before harvest were analyzed for essential plant nutrients. Overall, there was no significant change in the mineral content of cannabis flower as a result of different flushing treatments.

    After harvest, the plants were cured and tested for final trimmed flower weight, terpene, and THC concentrations. Lab analysis found no significant differences between the different flushing treatments for flower yield, THC potency, or terpene content.

    Samples of cannabis flower that had been subjected to the various flushing times were also distributed to cannabis industry experts so they could rate them on smoking characteristics and flavor. Stephanie Wedryk, Ph.D., the director of research and development at RX Green Technologies, says she wasn’t sure what the outcome of the experiment would be.

    “I did not know what to expect going into this,” says Wedryk. “I had talked to some growers I know and all of them had experience with testing flush times and not flushing and all of them only had negative experiences when they did not flush.”
    Flushing Shows No Benefit

    But when the data from the blind tests were analyzed, the researchers discovered that the participants tended to prefer the taste of the flower that had not been flushed at all, although overall, the duration of the flushing period had no impact on flavor, smoothness of smoke, or color of ash. In the results of the study, RX Green Technologies wrote that the trial indicates that “there is no benefit to flushing Cannabis flower for improved taste or consumer experience.”

    Wedryk says that while she doesn’t think that cultivators should overhaul their practices based on one trial, she does believe that growers should be open to trying new things.

    “I would definitely recommend that growers play around and find what works best for them. I talked to a grower at the event who doesn’t flush and he’s perfectly happy with his product,” explains Wedryk. “Everybody has their own unique system and there are so many different components that go into growing. What works for one grower because of their unique set of circumstances might not work for the other grower.”

    Danko agrees, noting that growers who are careful not to use too much fertilizer may need little or no flushing time for their plants.

    “Really, flushing is an extension of the fact that most people are over-feeding their plants,” says Danko, advising growers to feed their plants lightly, in many cases at lower levels than recommended by nutrient manufacturers.

    “It’s always easier to bump up the nutrients when you see a deficiency than it is to remove nutrients when you’ve overfed,” he says.

    Although Danko still recommends that growers flush their plants prior to harvest, he supports efforts to examine commonly held beliefs in a controlled scientific setting. Wedryk agrees, explaining that “as more and more research comes out in cannabis, I think we have to question some of the things that we think we knew and see if these still really hold or is it a new day?”

    Wedryk says that RX Green Technologies plans further research into common cultivation practices, although she declined to offer any specifics.

    “Stay tuned,” she says.
  • fullyautomatic
    personally, i don't do it to improve taste or produce "whit ash" when it's combusted, i do it so i know it's as clean as i think it can be. being a medical user, i don't want anything else adulterating it and possibly causing my health to become worse than it already is. and being in a non legal country, street weed is stamped on more often than not 'cos people are bastards lol, so i like to control all the variables i possibly can.
    from my personal experience (and this is only my opinion after testing the theory myself), over fed plants that aren't flushed can taste alot worse than plants that are fed nothing but water for the final 2 weeks of growth if fed with bottled nutrients and not in a sustainable soil mix. and i honestly, i think it's personal preference more than anything else. i just the way i've always done it and my results have never let me down :)
    Ruby autofem from AutoFlower Portal grown in Tropic Batmix under AutoCOB 6500k and 3500k LED's. Fed Biobizz range with some BuddhasTree boosters. 7 days fluch and chopped at 65Days from seed.
    i hope you don't mind me posting these pics here :)
  • EconMan

    The proof is in the puding and the pudding is certainly tasty looking :starstruck:
  • fullyautomatic
    not bad for an auto, ay lol. super mongy strain, very floral and a little gassy/plastic hint to it. its actually purple under the trichs. i took her about 2 weeks after these pics. and thank you, i try :)
    upskirt for the lads :lol: and ladies if they are so inclined haha
  • EconMan

    Truly lovely. :starstruck: seems to have some properties of a Key Lime Pie and/or a Grand Daddy Purple. Two favorites of mine.

    Growing is the last link to connect in my supply chain :nerd:
  • fullyautomatic
    your too kind, sir :pray:
    she was a trooper. had an operation half way through growing and she suffered some scorching and dried out a few more times than i'd have liked due to neglect but produced a good 4.5oz in the end. very dense and compact buds, think the resin added most of the weight lol. the phenos vary but this last lot i grew out came up all purps/deep reds. slight variance to the fragrance across 3 plants, but mostly very floral, earthy pineapples.some gave off a strong lavender and ozone taste (like rain on dry soil) very complex. absolute pleasure to vape. sadly discontinued now but one of my all time favourites from a very talented breeder.
    not ashamed to share my mistakes hahaha
    the smaller plant was the last lowers from a CBD Yeti auto that i pushed 3 weeks past main harvest.
    growing your own is the way to go! or having someone close by with sticky green fingers lol
    mine is strictly personal. too much agro passing it on lol. and i don't really need the readies
    this is the result from the CBD Yeti. super potent 1:1 strain. just about perfectly ballanced from Healing Path Genetics
  • LabPong
    personally, i don't do it to improve taste or produce "whit ash" when it's combusted, i do it so i know it's as clean as i think it can be. being a medical user, i don't want anything else adulterating it and possibly causing my health to become worse than it already is.

    Pretty much the same for me as well.....

    Baron...most of the pro's still argue over this part of growing still to this day......

    But there are so many factors with regards to flushing. First off....what you feed the plant, how often, is the biggest factor. So to do a test....use the same genetic strains/clones. Then use a million different combinations of feed type, feed regimens, and use different grow medium (soil-less, coco, full hydro, organic soil...) and then years later you will get a more clear answer...but who has time and $ to do such a large test?
  • fullyautomatic
    totally agree! without lab analysis and super tight control of conditions, strains, nutrients, feed schedules, everything said above and more, it's hard to separate anecdotal evidence from fact. the industry isn't at that stage yet as it seems to be purely money driven, even in medical research from what i can tell. hopefully things will be different in the near future. but for the foreseeable, taking steps personally to ensure it's clean is my biggest concern when ever i fire up the garden :)
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