• Snave
    My Volcano stopped heating up and when I contacted S&B with the serial number, they said it was a counterfeit product and would not even talk to me. The box had a S&B seal on it and there was no way I could have known it was a fake. I bought it on line and the price was very low (only $250, guess I should have been suspicious). I can't find my receipt so I don't remember who I ordered it from.
    My question is this: how often does this happen? Is there any way I can get it fixed since S&B won't even look at it?
  • Mangu
    Hey man. Sorry this happened to ya. There do exist so many fake digital volcanos; it was always something to look out for....especially in the earlier years. I can’t think of anyone who will professionally fix the counterfeit products, but I can’t imagine why anyone would. The plastic and silicone parts are made from questionable materials, at best. And you really lose the whole “medical grade” aspect of the vaporizer. Personally I would take this one as a blessing in disguise and get yourself an authentic product that will hopefully do less harm than that fake one.

    And yes $250 for the digital, brand new, is TOO good of a deal. Just get the classic and you will be happier knowing it’s not a fake.
  • Pud
    Here's a vid from to the cloud on how to spot a fake... not a help to you now but maybe will help someone else


    I'm with you in the thinking it's made with questionable materials so I don't think I'd try to fix it now that you know it's fake
  • Karec
    that happened to me with my 1st vape a FireFly1, bought 2 for me and my friend on Ebay and after 1 month broke down, i contact FireFly instead of the seller and the reply was the same it was a counterfeit, the best they saw and they were suspicious if was faulty units that should had been destroyed and went to the black market...., my luck was with the communication between me and Firefly Ebay returned all the money... at least was good to know that vaping was the THING and i went and bought the Crafty.
    The price was to good even for a 2nd hand unit u should be more suspicious when the offer is that good mate.... i feel for you but like Mangu said maybe it is a blessing in disguise, get a proper one and enjoy vaping.

  • WOLF444
    Look through your email inbox around the time when you would have purchased the vape - and look for an order acknowledgement//confirmation email from the seller...
  • french touch vaporizer
    It's less expensive than the pro price...
  • Dankpup
    I think before you even get into the minutiae of spotting a fake, just do the basic research if youre finding a brand name vaporizer and its 30 or 40% below what a reputable online vape shop sells it for(I like planet of the Vapes) then it’s suspect right? Long way of sayin if it looks too good to be true it is. As a rule just don’t buy a new vaporize off eBay.

    I can understand snaves frustration, he thought he had a legit product. I’m in business and I have people bringing items they bought elsewhere (that I carry)and ask me to trouble shoot/assemble etc, for free! That can be very frustrating, hard not to be rude when people are pushy.
  • Pud
    not all scammers are going to shine a light on themselves by a ridiculously low price. Maybe just 20% off instead. Plus they can be in the used market also. So like I said maybe not helping him but a person who has never seen one before buying a used model is just as susceptible to a fake. Knowledge is power. Good information for our forum in this thread to help the community. :)

    I didn't see about Ebay... did you pay with PayPal? If so give them and or your credit card people the info from S&B about it being a fake and file a dispute to get your money back. Hope that helps!
  • Karec
    As a rule just don’t buy a new vaporize off eBay.Dankpup

    Mate buying on eBay fake stuff its not new...and you're right but at least if you can prove it thats a fake eBay will refund you and you will keep the fake (eBay ask you to dispose of it) so its way worst buying on a site because if they screw you all you can do is complain on vape forums and share some negative feedback... not saying that all sites are meant to scam people but... its the same of providing your bank accounts instead of paying thru PayPal... its way safer to use PayPal or similar, people will get more smart buying online if they are careful and wait a bit before pushing the buy button...
    Ask for pictures, serial number, information, try to get as much info you can before buying and even with that you can get scammed.
  • Dankpup
    yes, I would cultivate 3 or 4 reputable online vape shops (depending on what country youre in) if not the manufacture themself, and don’t price shop. I think penny wise pound foolish really applies in this situation*. I personally would never purchase used.
    eBay is the king for knockoffs. The riddle is manufactures and consumers want that product cheap. China has that ability partly cause they don’t respect basic human rights....ahh but why would they respect intellectual property then? “Yes we will make this device for you, then turnaround and knock it off in our sister factory.”
    *My first portable was a pulsar, guess you could say I was price sensitive....then I found buds videos and this forum/wealth of info and haven’t had a misstep in buying since.
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