• Bud
    Dudes and Dudettes,

    After much reflection over the past few months, the time has come for me to "hang up the gloves" and retire from reviewing vaporizers.

    What I'm referring to specifically are the formal review videos and write-ups for individual products, I'm retiring from doing those for the foreseeable future.


    This may come as a shock to many of you, and to some it's a wish come true. I really don't plan on going anywhere though and this whole vape business is still my livelihood.

    I won't say I'm retiring from reviews for eternity, but it's going to take some serious innovation in the vape industry to get me excited about doing what I used to do and bring me back into it again.


    I will still be participating in the forum and sharing my thoughts about any products I decide to buy, my posts will just be more candid and informal, I'm just a citizen now! :sweat: The plan is, hopefully, that I will be posting more as a result of this.

    Besides, you guys are the real reviewers on here! I still encourage you all to share your thoughts and opinions on all the vapes and products you try, that's the real value that people get out of this forum.

    To anybody who wants the opinion of a douche who's tested 99.7% of all vapes in existence over the last 10 years, I'm happy to share my thoughts on new products. But for extremely detailed reviews and breakdowns of any specific vapes I'm leaving that up to you guys.

    Renewed focus for the purpose of the forum:

    I will post more about this in a separate thread, but one of the questions that's come up quite a few times over the years by members is "What is the purpose of this forum?". After much thought, I think it makes the most sense to make the VapeLife Forum the #1 go-to source for the Latest Vape & MJ News and happenings. This is of course in addition to all of the great reviews, tips and tricks you guys should keep posting here.

    I've realized one of the main values I personally get from this forum is how quickly new information is surfaced, and how everything posted by you guys is really the "latest news" about products, companies, and the industry in general.

    There will be an effort on my part to curate this news and make it easy to read and discuss. Anyway, more about this later, but I feel a renewed sense of purpose for the forum is the point I'm trying to get across :sweat:


    I really haven't come to a decision on this, as far as whether or not to continue posting any youtube videos while I'm "retired". If I did post any more videos they would either be vape news, industry updates, or just bullshitting about whatever's pertinent at the time. I'm really uncertain :groan:

    Livestreams TBD - Same feelings as the videos, do I still do these? :chin:


    I guess what I'm saying is that I haven't figured out how to handle the video/stream situation yet. I have a feeling the videos and streams won't stop, I generally enjoy doing them, it's just a matter of coming up with a system that's comfortable and makes sense.


    Well I took it in the A$$ from all angles on this one. Things started out great last year when I was ramping things up but it quickly starting turning sour. Mainly manufacturing problems and quality control with the custom glass parts that had to be manufactured.

    In my last G43 update I was super confident that the supplies were in to build almost ~200 Sled G43's, which was to be the next iteration coming from the Mod version.

    Bad news, I only spot-checked the first sample shipment of ~20 glass slides and they were perfect, the other ~180 that arrived shortly after are not built to spec, the vaporizer literally can't be built because of it.

    Getting money back or having any parts reproduced is out of the question at this point, the ship has sailed on that one and I'm back at square one with nowhere to reliably source custom parts from. A problem equally as challenging has been the amount of time it takes to produce each unit.

    I'll post a better G43 update soon in another thread, but I wanted to let any of you know that are waiting for the Mod version that I still have you on my list in the order you requested and will be reaching out as soon as I physically am able to build your unit. I'm still able to produce a few dozen of these.

    The future of the G43 is still in question, but perhaps I can spend more time in the lab and make something even better, we will have to wait and see how things unfold.


    I'm anxious to post this thread, I know the response will be mixed and I appreciate anything you have to say, just don't be mean! :cool:

    Peace and love!

    :100: :100:
  • BobCat
    Much :heart: I'm EXCITED about this so let it be the 1rst comment my douchaloof brother!
  • ssaucyc515
    Hey bud, glad your taking time to revamp and rebrand :) excited to see the future. Hope you're well dude!
  • CreamCityVapes
    Glad to see you taking the time for yourself! Can’t wait to see what you come up with dude! Can’t wait to have you back!
  • Pud
    Glad you can step back and decide what's right for you. :clap: Not everyone would or could do that... takes guts. Glad you will be on the forum still as I for one value your opinion and value many other posters on this forum. Thanks again for the 7,000+ posts and endless hours doing videos, etc you've already shared with us.
  • Karec
    You had a huge influence on a lot of people me included, almost 100% of my vapes were picked after watching some kind of review made by you, this forum is also my N1 to share and look for info about vapes and MJ related, i learn how to do Rosin here and im honest i like to have you around.
    Your opinion is highly valued so any new stuff im always waiting for your input since they are on point, and i proudly own a G43 and some picks you so kindly sent.
    I know we didnt share the same enthusiasm about the MV1 but im still waiting to try it and in the end you're probably right about it :lol: :rofl: :lol: , Its nice to see that the forum can survive your absence but its not the same thing.....
    Take your time but dont disappear on us Bud.
    Love to you and @Hazel :heart:
    Thx for everything
  • Baron23
    I'm just a citizen now!Bud

    So, does that mean I can be The Vape Critic now? ! hahaha LOL
  • AnVom
    I don't blame you man, most of the vapes out are either old tech or straight trash
  • cilantro
    @Bud you are the OG Vape Critic and have helped me over the years. Really happy for you to move forward to the next phase of your life and career. Welcome to being a citizen and curator of this awesome place, and thank you for your work!
  • Lucic and Chong
    100% respect to you for this decision. After all, it's YOUR life and you should be most concerned about what makes you happy, not appeasing the masses.

    I would like to express a huge thanks to you for all that you have done for us. I have learned so much from your reviews, and from this forum.

    Best of luck on your next chapter as "citizen vape expert". I'm looking forward to your candid, and very truthful, comments and stories about the industry. Your opinion is still very valued around here.
  • John Cocktostone
    You gotta do you. Happy pre Thanksgiving.
  • TERRY1973
    Hi Bud...you know already that i started to vape with you after 27 years of smoking. Of corse you got to do what you got to do but remember I'm on the list of the portable G :rofl: . Just kidding...stay up and balance!
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Best of luck @Bud Thanks for everything you've done
  • FloridaMan
    I remember the time when I wanted to start vaping and began to search about vaporisers.
    Although there are a lot of people reviewing and giving recommendations, you were always a yardstick when it come the time to pull the trigger and spend the money.
    Thanks for everything!!
  • LouieB
    Big Thanks , Bud, For all you have done and still do for the VL community. I came in with the Pax and your early reviews....and hung all the way through....Getting the amazing G43, winning a Dyna M, on the forum, and jumping in to the Ghost MV 1 , and loving convection, mostly abandining Conduction, due to your influence and expertise. Peace + Love to you + Hazel , and looking forward to your next phase , and goodies from the Bud Lab ! Cheers, Y'all
  • chaos191
    I'm happy you've been able to take time for yourself I can't imagine doing this for 10 years plus now and not needing a break to say the least. Sounds like the forum is gonna get a good shaking up. Sometimes that's just what is needed. Thanks for creating this excellent community I'm glad to be a part of!
  • Tdog420
    All love! You do you. I will be excited to see where the future takes you bud!!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Hey @Bud its super f@#$%&g cliche but "When one door closes another opens". Your character and integrity will make whatever this next chapter brings a success.

    I for one can live without any review videos, but I really hope you will continue to do the informal "Hang" videos because they were really fun.
  • BestBuds
    I think Bud should be the 4th Modern Cannabists member :cool:
  • High Five
    Bud, thanks for all of the informative and entertaining reviews, I'm going to miss seeing any new ones!
  • Terpenetime
    @Bud you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do to make yourself happy and keep yourself healthy. You’ve done as much as anyone could possibly have asked for this community and for that we’re all extremely grateful. You have my best wishes for whatever you want to do going forward :pray: :strong: :100:
  • Señor Negro
    Hi @Bud, whats up!!

    I just came (temporarily) from my retirement to express how sad this shocking news are for me :cry:

    Except that, let's be honest, this is not as "news" as it sounds, because we could see that coming seeing how disapointed you were lately for the lack of innovation in the vape industry.
    This means that, as sad as this thread sounds to me I had enough time to realize that what really matters is that you stay up, no matter what you do.

    But this does aplies to the fact that no matter what you do, you will always be THE Vape Critic for me :ok:

    PD: A mysterious e-mail will reach you soon ... :smirk:
    So, does that mean I can be The Vape Critic now? ! hahaha LOLBaron23
    NO WAY fuck off!!!! :rofl:
  • Mangu
    Hey @Bud I’m glad to have you around in any capacity that you can make yourself available. I’ll forever be grateful for your energy and the knowledge you have shared with us/me.

    It sucks that you’ll leave the realm of new vaporizer reviews in the hands of a bunch of loser, wannabe, sell-out shills that is the rest of the vaporizer review world. The thing about you that has always been awesome is your passion and honesty. It’s refreshing to find that in anything that might interest people, and that’s why this community has built up around you and your vape reviews.

    I hope you find the right spot for yourself again, and I hope it involves more g43s for the world and bigger and better things. Also keep those live streams going as long as you can; we love chatting with ya and vaping it up whenever possible. I’m sorry I can’t make it every time but I’m happy when I do. It’s like fireside chats whith FDR, which pre-date my time, but I imagine that’s what it was like. Maybe you can do a weekly sesh at a predetermined time where people know to be free or they’ll have to stream afterwards, with sporadic special seshes every once in a while....idk. But you are definitely appreciated and don’t ever forget the platform that you have built from the ground up - It’s sucks that it’s all stuck behind this barrier of a website/forum, but your energy is literally the only reason I even care about vapes or reviews. No other corny shill can take that away from ya.

    Peace and love to you vape brother. And I hope all is great and positive vibes to @Hazel as well :pray:
  • Drew420
    @"Bud Gotta do what you think is best for you and your family. Wish you the best. You are right not much innovation in new vapes out there. I'm replacing old used vapes with either the same vape or other models that came out 3 or more years ago.I'm sure you will work hard in the lab and come up with an even better innovation for a vape. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to lead a hand to you.
  • Chandler
    You already know! Nuff love n respect my brother!
  • meeemeee
    End of an era.
  • meeemeee
    Come do just private streams with mates on zoom. Un recorded. We can all see and talk to eachother.
    Or make it an open zoom on here?
  • 420vapezone
    Bud you're such a legend man.

    I'm sad to hear both of your retirement, and the unfortunate G43 scenario.

    I hope something amazing enough to pull you out of retirement comes soon.
  • bulllee
    God bless you for all you've done and accomplished. You are the zen master of the vape.
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