• Bruce
    Bud, You changed my life. Thank You. I didn't know the first thing about vape. I cant smoke so this is the only way for me.

    Barron and the rest of you. See you on the youtube vids and around the vape world.

    ------ I leave it to you like this . I said it 5 years ago.... the great moment New Jersey made Medical MJ legal. Now instead of a good thing we have concentrates which is an abuse of the good name Dry Herbs offer. Its a dab world.... I was hooked on concentrates. I tried it 3 times,, and all 3. I want no part of that shit. Concentrates are addictive drugs and dry herb MJ is a medical marvel. Another thing about concentrates...

    I think the Vapes I have, all Bud influenced, I am good for forever...

    I kind of appreciate Pax. Because I feel like they are a solid company and at least there will always be one high end vape maker. Its good to look at the list places they are. You can get one in a store almost anywhere in the US.

    I trashed the first Pax. But they did good by Pax 2 and Pax 3. Now I am saying thank goodness.

    May The Vape Be With You,

    Peace, Love and Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    Oh, for heaven's sake....what now, Bruce?
  • Dr green thumb

    Concentrates are the same drug just a different form.
  • BobCat
    Bruce, what are you trying to say? The title makes it seems like you are leaving the forum, but you never address it further. Your post is replete with digressions and non sequiturs leaving me confused. Did you type while on concentrates? :joke: :joke: :joke:
  • OhHello
    Smashing plant material with heat makes it a different , addictive drug? This is the type of bullshit we need to stop
  • Bruce
    Nothing at all. I appreciate the site, but I am rarely able to keep up. I appreciate all that I have learned. You are the best.
  • Bruce
    Concentrates are a lot more than smashing buds. Its smashing buds and collecting the part that you want. That makes it different and the result is super charged THC. That is altered. The higher potency is what becomes addictive (at least for me).
  • BestBuds
    I get what your saying. Coca for example can help you not loose your shiznit if you go to the extreme heights of Machu Picchu, concentrate it to cocaine and now you have a dangerous drug. I know it's not exactly how it works but it's the spirit of the subject.
    I think extracts can be more dangerous than flower because you can physically take more in that possible with a naturally grown plant. I watched some kids become very emotionally and mentally disturbed because of doing massive wax dabs. Basically dropping a cherry sized dab and getting 8 different kinds of fcked up on a regular basis.
    However, as a medical user I find massive benefit with extracts. There is nothing better in my possession right now than a twax load in a Elev8r at 3am sitting outside my bedroom door in massive pain begging for sleep. I don't want 4 bags from the EQ. I don't want to sesh. I want a boost of meds quickly. Extracts can get a person who is in unbelievable pain, to a place that is manageable in seconds.
    My fear for the cannabis industry is that it's all going to extracts. They already have THC from yeast it's just a matter of time before they market THC only products as the majority. I do not believe the healing is in the THC, CBD or any other molecule. It's in the plant. The entire balanced plant. They should be breading plants that mimick the cannabis plant of old but more potent. Instead they are breading super THC plants with no CBD and other cannabinoids and terps are being ignored.
    Just my 2¢
  • 52
    I have 3 herniated disks starting at my sacrum and gout flair ups in my feet and knees about 6 times a year. When I stress my back swells up and it’s murder as when it’s not inflamed it’s no picnic to begin with, gout if anyone has ever had it is enough pain for a once in a lifetime event let alone multiple times a year. Flower helps greatly but trates help way more and faster which is all that matters during an attack. Other then that they are also a great recreation hobby I’m in love with at the moment(along with flower). Both flower and trates have replaced bourbon and Vicodin, thanks but I’ll stick with the evil concentrates.
  • AnVom
    Extracts are to be respected, it's stronger so use less. People dabbing sheets of wax are just being indulgent and flashy; rarely do actual patients need that much. Use however much you need for your condition/situation, but no more
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Maybe the addictive quality of concentrates is that, for me, they get me higher initially but wear off quicker so I feel like I need more sooner. Flower does not get me as high but it seems to last a lot longer so I dont feel the need to vape as often.
  • 52

    That’s exactly why I like pressing my own. I can dab the rosin then vape a bowl of the same flower after and I’m unreliable for a while, lol.
  • Bud

    I'm very happy and honored to hear what you said, you've always been a cool guy with a great sense of humor :strong:

    Now, sit yo ass down you aint goin nowhere! :lol:

    I completely understand what you said about concentrates and have at times felt the same way, they effect me differently and not in a positive way.

    In general I wish the whole movement was geared more around the flower, the buds are the gold :fire:
  • Bad Dog
    I've also found concentrate to be a useful tool in my medical arsenal. Combo dabs with cbd flower are just what the doctor ordered when my back is out. I'll even have the odd dab day and still only burn through 1/2 a g at most. For me a few times a month is all I really need but if money was no object I'd probably dab a little more often predominantly at night for sleep.
  • BobCat
    Please ask Binky is Bruce is leaving the forum. Still confused.
  • bulllee
    Gotta love Binky. :rofl: Most mmj users have found just what exactly it is that rings their bell. Some prefer the flower (me) others are strict concentrate users. I tend use concentrates occasionally in conjunction with flower. I have noticed a trend in the high thc, 0 cbd, but that's all changed. Now I'm seeing a lot of high cbd flower, and lots of cbd dabs, in Az there's a wide variety now. Dabs do a number on my lungs, but I seem to be fine. :rofl: :lol: :blush:
  • ruju
    I've never tried any concentrates or dabs or anything like that, just dry herbs. I don't really have an opinion either way. Just enjoy what works for you and ignore the rest. I'm fortunate enough to live in Canada where herb and edibles are now legal. Adults can make a few more adult choices. Responsibility is in the hands of the consumer.
  • Bruce
    I wish there were a way for the people to understand. Vaporising - concentrated MJ is a complexly different from vaporising dry bud.

    I can yell and scream, that they are different and most people dont understand.

    I wont change the world. I will try online.

    Try means I spoke to two people in local government and they now understand. I asked that when the subject comes up please address it as Dry Herb is unmodified. Concentrates are modified to make the THC 10 times more potent.

    You cant overdose on dry herb. You can overdose on concentrates.

    I agree always freedom. Sell them all, but it should be stated C L E A R L Y - Stated. CONCENTRATED AND MODIFIED MJ. .. I would agree with over 21.

    There has to be a warning... that shit can kill you,,, you know and I know it.... Putting that in my lungs my Pulmonologist said is as bad as Gasoline. (unless you have a press) Everyone says a Pressing is great and Wholesome... There is a chemical alteration. The press is extracting

    I agree with you totally,, freedom.... I think that the Dispensaries are for dry herb and Liquor stores have concentrates.

    I leave you with this.... i got my concentrates from a Guy i know.... then i wanted more,,, and it was getting to be a huge problem. An expensive one too. I went cold turkey and went dry herb, i had mood swings, i was craving it like cigarets. It was a strong withdrawal - Strong like Bulls Balls. I am enjoying dry herb, but still have to resist getting them oil cartridge, now sold at dispensaries.

    Peace, Love and Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Dr green thumb

    You cannot overdose on any form of marijuana. Stop this shit. If you dab too much you pass out, if you smoke too much you pass out. If you eat too many edibles you pass out. The sky isnt fucking falling.

    If you do not like something dont do it. Keep it to your self and stop spreading propaganda.

    I dab pure thca and mix with other concentrates.
    It takes time to get to that level you do not do that your first dab. I regularly mix edibles, tinctures, topicals, vaping and dabbing at the same time.
  • BestBuds
    You cant overdose on dry herb. You can overdose on concentrates.Bruce
    :brow: False.

    I agree always freedom. Sell them all, but it should be stated C L E A R L Y - Stated. CONCENTRATED AND MODIFIED MJ. .. I would agree with over 21.Bruce
    :brow: The government doesn't give us proper food warnings you expect them to give a warning on a substance they still consider illegal?

    that shit can kill youBruce
    :brow: False

    I leave you with this.... i got my concentrates from a Guy i know....Bruce
    :brow: Perhaps the guy you know is less than honest? Perhaps there is more at play than what you think?

    I don't know Bruce..... I tried to understand you but this last post has my eyebrow stuck...

  • fullyautomatic
    i get palpitations from concentrates, they are too much at once for. same with smoking now as my tolerance has dropped dramatically from the amount i used to consume when smoking spliffs, just cant do it any more. makes my heart race like i've just ran 6 miles at full sprint. scares the poop out of me.
    i think some personalities can form addictions more easily than others. but as i've learnt recently, a little can be more than enough and i enjoy it more that way. makes going from smoking an oz a week to an 8th a week seem incredible. and keeps my stocks up too. also keeps my cardio doc happy lol and stops me from making panic attacks wore than they already are.
    hope you find a good middle ground soon :)
  • EconMan
    I agree with @Dr green thumb and @BestBuds.

    Rarely am I made speechless. :nerd:
  • Hapo
    ...I use concentrate to get high and weed to stay up...

    ...that way no one has to die...YMMV...
  • Gman
    Rosin is a simple mechanical separation of medicinal contents. How is that any different than putting the weed in your pax and using hot air to separate the medicine from the plant? Just because we do it before hand?

    There is no "alteration" of the medicine, it's a simple separation, no different than vaporizing. It's threads like this that remind me how happy I am to be above average IQ.
  • bulllee
    I leave you with this.... i got my concentrates from a Guy i know.... then i wanted more,,, and it was getting to be a huge problem. An expensive one too.Bruce

  • deep_meditation
    Concentrates have been a “one (or two) and done” for me. Extremely helpful for almost immediate pain relief. Also, less odor is a bonus for condo dwellers.
  • MothChewMoth
    Fear mongering genuinely makes me upset. C'mon man.
  • 52
    I would like to know how to make my 17% thca bud 10x more potent, what exactly is 17% x 10 anyway? I live in a world where nothing can be more then 100%.

    Sometimes I wish I were dead when my pain reaches its max but dabbing rosin relieves it and I’m still alive, how can that be if it kills you?
  • EconMan

    Indeed. Which really is THE bragging rights of Rosin.

    Rosin's "avb" is essentially the discarded puck in a manner of thinking.

    I live in a world where nothing can be more than 100%.52

    Perhaps it "identifies" as a different math. :lol:
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