• Hapo
    ...right now that would be the Elev8r though the WPA for me...

    ...if you get too toasty and start to burn you can SEE it before it ruins eveything and just STOP the draw...

    ...methinks I am going to go full circle here and try to make a glass Weedeater out of it...

  • CreamCityVapes
    That’s a really tough question. The Elev8r is a beast but I’m not a fan of having to torch it so much. I do enjoy the MV1 a lot. Some of the coolest vapor I’ve experienced, and the SSV is a tank too. Those two are definitely up there. Dynavaps too obviously since they are so concenient.
  • Hapo
    ….LoL...I fukin' hate my DynaVaps…

    ...I have not tried those other two...don't know what the SSV even is yet...LoL…

    EDIT: Sliver Surfer...of course...I should probably try the Ditanuim…

    …do you think they compare...???...
  • Mtbowls
    I'm hitting my Elev8tr with a big brother butane torch exclusively. Big tasty hits. Need to buy that electric heater though, have to go back and re read Labpong thread about where to buy. Miss my lost Lil Bud classic , but am buying another one for me and one for a friend( the only vape I would risk buying as a present for a non vaper)
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    @Hapo could not agree more. My knock off elev8r is still my go to.
  • BestBuds
    Elev8r, Lotus, G43 are the best vapes in my possession for flavor.
    As for my best vape over all it's the G43. Like the issue you were having recently @Hapo I was having issues with my bud. It wouldn't vape in any other vape besides the 3 mentioned above. However I had issues not combusting in the Elev8r because the herb was so dry, the lotus wouldn't vape a smaller load, the G43 did what I wanted it to do with sub par herb. That's a winner imo.

    I think every Newb should get a smokestack as their first butane vape. If you're interested in the Elev8r but don't want to waste money in case you don't like the butane world hit up Rogue Wax Works for a smokestack. It's inexpensive and it works. I never purchased anything from him but I had all the parts and tried it myself and it was great!

    I love innovators.
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Thanks @BestBuds after rocking the SmokeStack for a year my friend sent me an Elev8r and somehow within the first few weeks I heat cracked the heater. The Elev8r heater is definitely more efficient. The SS takes a little extra heating but rips huge hits!!
  • Disappointedvapor
    I gotta say my pax one is like an old beat up Honda civic. It was my first vape and it still works today after like 7 years. The magic flight box I bought after is long broken and gone and my 3 month old vape already broke. I just got my pax 3 on BF and I'm planning on giving my pax one limited edition to my sister in law. I'm gonna miss the old beater, there may be better flavor out there and better options but damn is the pax consistent.
  • Baron23
    I have some wonderful, absolutely incredible, vapes and I feel very fortunate to do so.

    But, if I could only have one, it would be the EVO for super heavy hitting, minimal cleaning, and ease of set up and use.

    But, my NV FP is a VERY close second, and my Enano and Volcano are valued bench players.

    I have portables, but I'm an old fart who vapes alone at night so I can get some sleep and pain relief. So, desktops....and in particular desktops that are quick and easy to use...are in my wheel house.
  • meeemeee
    Herborizer Ti for plugging myself into and Tubo Dual for my portable powerhouse. :fire:
  • Karec
    From all the vapes i tried and own, the EVO and the G43 i would keep and the Mighty for portable.
    I Wish i could try them all :lol: :rofl: :lol: but i think i tried some very good Vapes so far. Vapes like NV FP and Elev8r i am curious to try them...
  • mmx
    Lotus - I love the "analog" heating and when you get hold of it.. massive tasty hits. and lung capacity will def go up haha

    I have Elev8r on the wishlist for 2020. Im not sure yet, if im ready to mess with the big torch :sweat:
  • Dr green thumb
    I'm going to agree with @Baron23 and say the Evo. It is hard hitting, easy to clean and simple to use.

    I run three devices at home, Vapexhale cloud evo, the Newvape weedeater and my 30mm banger and enail from 710coils.

    Just my home setup.
  • Grogglin
    My hebalizer held #1 for me the longest.. option between the whip or bag, precise temperature, faster heating than any desktop.. oh and the tase is phenomenal.
    HOWEVER,, I recently bought a ditanium. My ditanium has slowly become my daily driver due combo dabs. It’s also nice having it hooked up to a rig. Highly recommend a ditanium if you’re not able to get your paws on a herbalizer.
  • Bad Dog
    For daytime my Dynavap is king, for me it's a perfect dose and nice and smooth through my wpa. Night time is another story and my go to is my Ditanium, it satisfys my need for a heavier hitting desktop.
    When I’m on the go it’s my Tetra X :love: :strong: :fire: nothing comes close.
    While I’m at home I’m using my Volcano Hybrid its BEASTMODE all day :up: :hearts: :100:
  • Hapo

    ...LoL...I gave away my Pax 3 but I still have a Pax that works fine if I can get it to charge...

    ...I did not hate the Pax 3 but was trying to convert a bro...he may just give it back...
  • ScentNomad
    Omni XL 4 evah!

    Seriously, I'm happy I purchased the Omni quite early in my vaping journey, because I think it saved me from the VAS virus. Performancewise it's just perfect for me, taste, throat hit, efficiency, ease of use & speed (using it with a Mag Heater IH). I also like that it can't fuck up the way battery driven devices could. It's pretty much indestructible too. No need for an app. Easy to clean. Tons of accessoires available. Huge community. I could go on. After my DaVinci IQ stopped working, I used the Omni exclusively for quite a while.

    The only thing it doesn't work well at is being shared, mostly due to the need to explain the proper usage („Nonono, the other end!!!”) and its small chamber, that's why I recently bought a Tinymight. *Amazing* device, love it so much. But if someone put a gun at me asking to choose, it'd be the Omni no doubt.
  • Disappointedvapor
    yea I can acknowledge its faults but like I said consistancy king. And the ability to just hand it off to someone who's never vaped but they can easily use it cant be stressed enough .
  • Hapo

    ...I have not come up with anything to replace it yet but sometimes I almost just grab a bowl...
  • Hapo
    ...the Pax 3 is a notable improvement but it is still a fukin' PAX...
  • Disappointedvapor
    I got the mv1 recently but I realized I needed more of a session vape so I busted out the old pax and gave it a good scrubbing and boom it still worked. But that BF deal for the pax 3 was way to hard to pass up. And so far it hasn't remotely disappointed, like you said its still a pax but a well improved one definitely.
  • TERRY1973
    G43 is the best I have...then I hit the TiM19 and the Crafty (two bowls x charge :worry: ). Fury edge for outside rides.
  • Papic914
    Definitely can’t live without My mighty and my dynavap second followed by my sticky brick jr. As a wild card
  • Nwhite2443
    I love my sticky brick jr. quick, easy, tasty, and full clouds every time. I can clear a bowl in 1 hit or 6, that’s my favorite part. G43 for waterpipe one and done hits and an enail for concentrates.
  • highasakite
    ...right now that would be the Elev8r though the WPA for me...Hapo
    ….LoL...I fukin' hate my DynaVaps…Hapo

    Could not agree more!!

    Everyone has different tastes, but I like the responses in this thread. Would love to try the other desktop heavy hitters - FP, Evo, Herborizer... Just not practical for me right now.
  • Robo7676
    My three favorite vapes are
    THE EVO, and
  • acstorfer
    My favorite is easily my Omnivap XL. First and foremost I’m a medical user. I gave up decades of opioids for weed. Unfortunately where the opioids were free, the weed is not! Thankfully there’s more competition so prices have been far more affordable over the last month or so. With my Omnivap I use just a fraction of what I’d use compared to other vapes I own. Secondly, it gets me there in awesome ways. Finally, I got it from @bud!
  • EconMan
    Don't even have to ponder much.

    FireFly2 :love:
    The taste-chaser's convenient dream. :starstruck:
  • BobCat
    Don't even have to ponder muchEconMan

    Was the FF2 one of your earliest purchases? My favorite vape to this day was my second Tier 1 vape purchase. I feel like I'm in a huge minority.
  • 01867
    Omnivap by a wide margin. First portable vape I've had which holds a small enough quality that every other hit can be a fresh. Since the heat up is fast and on demand there's no wispy vapor, and every hit is consistent and satisfying. Prior to that a log was the closest experience
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