• Bud
    IQ2 testing update:

  • PuffItUp
    Thanks for posting this man, stoked to watch it later tonight
  • BestBuds
    Does it still get really hot and does it still have the satanic butthole you have clean below the flavor chamber?
  • Terpenetime
    ↪Bud nice shirtJohn Cocktostone

    does it still have the satanic butthole you have clean below the flavor chamber?BestBuds

    Are you talking about the chicken or the vape? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  • Tdog420
    we need to know about the devils an*s and how much easier it is to clean.
  • kiddvudu2

    dang, I hope his mom doesn't read that! :rofl:
  • Infamousvapes
    Doesn't look worth the upgrade or price.. seems like another (crafty+ , firefly 2+ , ect..) minor changes to a preexisting vaporizer. I wish someone would blow our minds already and come up with something worth re opening your wallets for..
  • BestBuds

    Both! :rofl:

    Ugh I just imagined a chickens "flavor chamber". :vomit:
  • Vapster707
    was wondering how hot it gets amd feels in tha hand ???
  • gildp67
    Can you speak to the issue of how hot the device gets as the original gets way too hot.
  • Tdog420
    does the mouthpiece pop open when it gets hot?
    Hows cleaning in the devils whole?
  • Giomaz
    Basket of iq2 is good also for iq?
    I would like an iq2 but now is not possible it s more expansive so now i m waiting for an iq. Hope only is better than my last vaporizer(ascent) i still love it
  • Bruce
    Looks pretty darn awesome.

    Bud, The Vape Critic Had done it again, You just got reviewed by the one and only Vape Critic B'Iyatch!

    Great review. Looks a like an excellent vape. Looks like a great choice for anyone buying.

    Peace, Love and Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • trulukkyphrank
    seems just like a small upgrade to the IQ.. I'm pretty sure the interiour looks much the same

    I'm always surprised how much they invest in marketing rather than in the product itself
  • BestBuds
    I sort of disagree, respectfully. I would say Davinci made some good upgrades on this. The chamber below the flavor chamber is now a clear shot through. That old style dubbed the devils butthole was horrible to clean. Along with the air flow change and a few other things. I think they did a lot more than S&B!
    I'm not a huge conduction fan but I do see it's place in any lineup. I think this new IQ addresses the pain points I had with my Davinci IQ.
  • TheZman
    $300 is Ridiculous for this or any Small hand held Conduction Vaporizer. It's a shame these Companies price these at such high prices. The Air flow dial is pretty gimmicky IMO. I mean most people would want the most air flow possible. Not dial it down to the most restrictive setting. I don't know. To each there own. I might be interested if it was $150 or less.
  • Bruce
    It looks incredible. I agree. (IMFO) Its a lot of money.
    The G43 is $100 (Stronger than the IQ2).

    I would choose the IQ2 on overnight delivery! I have the IQ, and have watched a few reviews. They did a great job. I simply cant afford it. This is for the high end. Which is great. Buying a Volcano was a down payment for a car.

    A. $200 Pax 3
    B. Arizer Solo The origional $107 on vapor.com
    C. The Arizer Solo 2
    D. Them Dynavaps M-$60 - Titanium $160 (Brilliant Product of the year (IMFO). Not to mention you can run it over with your car and it will still-be like new. Maybe a few scratches. Please dont try that at home.

    Peace, Love and Vape

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Braduk
    I just got an iq2. Ive got the original iq and a Miqro (which I don’t rate). I have an ecapple and a flowermate V05pro also.
    The iq2 is vastly superior to its predecessor. It doesn’t get as hot, you don’t need a glove like the iq and the top doesn’t pop up when it’s on max heat. The whole build is better and the hinges are stronger. Nothing is interchangeable, even the mouthpieces which look the same aren’t.
    I only bought the iq2 on a whim as I saw one half price but now I’ve got it I’m happy I did cos it’s so much better.
    It does seem slower to heat up but the vapour is better imho.
  • Braduk
    Anyone else with iq2 that won’t shut off? It’s happened with mine about 6 times in 2 weeks. I have to take the battery out to turn it off.
    After a draw and the draw meter gets stuck and none of the buttons do anything. Tried a reset but still doing it.
  • Braduk
    Follow up to above post^^. I contacted DaVinci about the problem with my iq2 and they are sending me a replacement. I’m very impressed with their aftersales service.
  • MrSotoNouse
    I used to have an Ascent because I loved the unrestricted draw and all glass, but I just upgraded to an IQ2- matter of fact, they gave me a trade in credit for my Ascent which was pretty cool. Saved me a buck. It looks like space technology and has great flavor and still an unrestricted draw due to the airdial they added.
  • Bruce
    The IQ is one of the best vapes I have owned. The IQ2 was a surprise and is a good upgrade from the IQ.

    If it were to be looked at from a Landscape of perspective.
    ~ The Original Davinci - A top quality vape. Great investment.
    ~ The IQ - A top quality vape. Great investment.
    ~ The MicroQ - A top quality vape. Great investment.
    ~ The IQ2 -A top quality vape. Great investment.

    With that, I would say you got a great deal at half price. A great investment.

    Hopefully, they are pulling through in this rough market, they make excellent products.

    Glass, and Ceramic Zirconia Mouthpiece... very user friendly. The capabilities with the drawing measurement, CBD usage is outrageous. Just like when the original Davinci hit the market outrageous.
  • Braduk
    Yeah Bruce I like their products a lot. A removable battery is a biggie for me and the features like the pick and filling trough are well thought out. I use mine in basic mode and find the smart paths perfect to get the most out of a load. With the IQ2 I cover the air hole and shotgun it which is nice.
    I used the app on my original iq a few times but haven’t bothered with the 2. All a bit ott for me. Like the shut off messages on the Miqro, a bit gimmicky, I like the draw meter tho.
    Works well through the bubbler with better clouds for some reason. A tighter draw but ok . ✌️
  • Bud
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