• french touch vaporizer
    Hey, everybody!

    The stainless steel cooling unit for Crafty/Crafty+ FTV with Titanium and glass mouthpiece is finally available and it's really great!

    - Airpath about 12cm
    - Max. optimized weight (approx. 100 grams)
    - Super cooling
    - Perfect fixation ...


    For the stainless steel cooling unit for Mighty, it's always that way!


    Warm up your Crafty !
  • jqcj5
    It looks like the mouthpiece attaches like the aftermarket glass mouthpiece on the original cooling unit. Using a silicone gasket.
    I got one and tried it on the Mighty for about 1 bowl and then put it away. Kept pulling away and seemed like it would fall off easily. I like the way the oem mouthpiece snaps in.
  • BobCat
    Couldn't agree more. Got a glass mp, taste was improved, but went through 5 silicone gaskets. Shitty connection solution.
  • tsr
    Would love to have such a cooling unit for the minivap!
  • dzoinp

    Is a stainless steel case not in your future projects?
    I even suggested it had a battery change opening on top
  • french touch vaporizer
    Unfortunately, I don't think Storz would like it if we dismantled their vaporizers...
  • french touch vaporizer
    We don't have any other solution for the connection because glass and titanium are rigid compared to plastic and its small fasteners .
    Honestly, it works very well!

    But here we are talking about the stainless steel cooling unit and therefore the whole part, not just the mouthpiece, and it's really excellent.
  • french touch vaporizer
    The glass mouthpiece and the titanium mouthpiece hold together... Not like the plastic one, because there are the little plastic notches that hold it.

    Here we are talking about the STAINLESS STEEL COOLING UNIT FOR CRAFTY/CRAFTY+ and not only the glass and titanium tips...

    A big plus for the Crafty and/or Mighty to get rid of the plastic and improve the steam output!
  • BobCat
    It was not my intent to be insulting. If I was to you, I apologize. I was commiserating with @jqcj5 over the same issue with a glass mouthpiece and contributing to the forum.

    I do hope you are including at least 10 silicon grommets with the Glass./TI configuration because I went through at least 5 in 6 weeks while attempting to be delicate. I do think you could adapt something i the style of a plumbing fernco, minus the rubber, with a tiny clamp on each end. Just a thought. :victory:
  • Baron23
    Honestly, it works very well!french touch vaporizer

    Honestly, I also have the glass MP with the silicone sleeve holding it in.....and it doesn't work well, IMO.
  • french touch vaporizer
    I don't have any trouble with it sorry... I use the titanium one. you just have to go with it when you turn it.
  • french touch vaporizer
    No, don't worry about it!
    Thanks for the advice!
    On the other hand, everybody talks about the tips but I repeat, the big interest is that we replaced the plastic whole unit in addition to the tips !
    Good vapes !
  • Señor Negro
    ... everybody talks about the tips but ...french touch vaporizer

    This time I'm going to be the mean one who says what (I guess) at least a bunch of people are thinking. Why would you want to avoid the subject to that point? :chin:
    No need to answer me but I would bet there are some people who would want to know.

    But avoiding the mouthpiece as you asked repeteadly I'd rather ask about something else myself. Seeing the pictures looks like there's some sections where the thickness of the metal could be considerable, at least relatively to the total size of the unit.
    So, my question is: Wouldn't that make the "cooling" unit to hold more hot and therefore be harsh not only for inhaling, but even for touching it? Especially on prolongued sessions, or back-to-back multiple sessions.
  • Karec
    Its good looking no doubt i have a glass MP on my CU works ok even with the silicone. But the price its a little high imo, i would be more interested if there was an option without the TI MP and only the CU itself. Agree with @dzoinp SS body would be great even without the feature of replacing the battery.
  • french touch vaporizer
    I can answer all questions without worrying whether it's about the tips or the unit.
    As for the mouthpieces, they hold well and you just have to go with them when you turn them.
    The unit itself is not hot during a "normal" session of a few minutes and starts to heat up over long sessions or multiple sessions even if stainless steel has a rather low thermal conductivity compared to other metals.
    Basically, it takes some time to heat up and some time to cool down.
    Titanium heats up very quickly and cools down very quickly.
    Plastic heats and cools very slowly.
    Gold, for example, heats and cools almost instantaneously.
    So the steam is really fresh the first few minutes and I find the steam rendering even better than the plastic unit.
    The mouthpiece lasts much longer before heating up and cools down very quickly whether it is made of glass or titanium.
    The whole unit is about 100 grams and the whole crafty + unit doesn't give an impression of general heaviness!
  • french touch vaporizer
    Unfortunately, 95% of the manufacturing cost comes from the unit itself and if we sold it without it, it would bring the price down very little....
  • Karec
    i understand that doesn't make sense selling the CU without the MP but i would consider buying it without the MP at a cheaper price, i rather have glass than Titanium on the MP, the OG CU its already great on cooling the vapor, i replaced the OG Plastic MP to glass and i am very happy with the performance, i wouldn't get a SS CU because of the need of a cooler vapor but only because i like the design, looks great.
  • Señor Negro
    Thanks for the answer, that's all I needed to know :up:
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    Stocking stuffer for myself here Christmas Eve! :grin:
  • BestBuds
    I would like to see a top that extends (internally) the length of the air path with a small and subtle bump that is the mouthpiece. No moving parts, same small footprint, maybe improvements on the cooling as well? I can draw something quick, but you guys probably understand what I am saying.
  • spider
    I would probably say that if there is even a slight chance, of cooler vapor using this unit, I would give it a try.
  • french touch vaporizer
    hi !
    Yes the airpath is around 12cm with the stainless steel cooling unit.
  • spider
    thankyou for the diagram,
    My question is, do people that have used this cooling unit, state that its cooler? one of the issues that I kinda have about the original cooling unit is that I feel like storznbickle could have sophisticated the cooling unit by making improvements on the heat transfer/absorption in the original cooling unit,
    Also, is this just for the crafty? Or do you have one for the "mighty"
  • french touch vaporizer
    Yes sure we have it for mighty !
    The vapor is cooler for a normal session of a few minutes.
    After 10 minutes the unit becomes hot even if the steam remains warm and pleasant.
    stainless steel actually has difficulty dissipating the accumulated heat after a certain period of time because of its thermal conductivity.
    mighty stainless steel cooling unit ftv
  • Dr green thumb

    So what is the benefit of purchasing your mouthpiece and cooling chamber if it gets too hot after 10 minutes? The mighty is typically used for long periods of time.
  • spider
    very nice,
    I appreciate the input but I'm looking for definite reasons that your cooling unit will cool the vapor,

    I'll keep my eyes and ears open for reviews, it sounds to me like it may actually heat up faster being metal, thankyou For your time, I'll possibly look into one on the future, depending on what I hear ✌
  • BestBuds
    In a way, Yes that is helpful.
    What I mean is: would it be feasible to make it so your mouthpiece is not a separate part?
    Would it be possible to make it so the metal post that the mouthpiece presses into is smooth and more integrated. Therefore becoming the mouthpiece and eliminating the risk of it falling off.
    It's probably not going to be a popular option with others though. Just a thought...
  • french touch vaporizer
    Hi !
    The average duration of a Mighty user is about 5 minutes with intensity.
    On Troy's videos, we can see that he uses it on super long sessions without any worries.
    When the unit heats up, the steam and the mouthpiece does not become hot.
    If you take a puff every 1 or 2 minutes, the unit won't get hot either because it's related to the hot air passing by.
    The qualities of the unit
    - Get rid of the plastic.
    - Have a cooler steam during a classic session time
    - Improve flavour rendition
    - easier cleaning
    - unbreakable
    - mouthpieces (glass and titanium) with very low thermal conductivity
    Possible negative aspects
    - The weight of stainless steel
    - The unit heats up after a certain period of time.

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