• tsr
    Just wanted to share Troys latest video, because it might be interesting to the Volcano Hybrid owners.

    @Moderators: I am not sure if this is alright, but because it covers safety concerns, I thought its alright/appreciated. If not, please feel free to delete it
  • 420vapezone
    Thanks for sharing tsr!

    The residue is concerning. If the video is too long and you'd rather read some words and see a few pics, I have a written version on my website: https://420vapezone.com/volcano-hybrid-health-issue/
  • BestBuds
    :yikes: :scream: Oh that looks really gross.

    Do they think they won't get burned on this? That's bad, bad stuff right there.
  • Bud
    I knew it when I first opened this thing up on live stream that the materials were not the same as they used to be!!!

    They think we stoopid!!
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Looks like they should have spent 20 years +1 day releasing this update to the Volcano :down: . Sounds like a recall issue. I would neither want to clean it after every use nor use it not cleaned.

    Thanks for the info @tsr and @420vapezone
  • Curt
    I'm beginning to wonder about the Plenty. Very similar aluminum ring.
  • Mr White
    Now wait a minute. Isn't the volcano a medical device? Can the same be said for the new volcano? If it is doing this(shedding Aluminum particles)I don't see how it can keep a medical device certification.
  • Baron23
    me too and mine isn’t used heavily.


    Looks like aluminum on aluminum rubbing.
  • Señor Negro
    Not my business here but I would be extremely carefull before stating or even suggesting that's actually metallic particle's dust :chin:
  • Gman
    not much else it could be if it's coming back after cleaning. There is ONLY metal there.
  • ScentNomad
    Why? We are allowed to guess based on our experiences. I'm quite sure S+B are wise enough not lawsuiting anyone at this point. This is critical enough anyway.

    Boy, I really feel for you Hybrid owners... That's the flagship model of one of the most reputable brands...

  • SouthboundPachyderm
    This is crazy. You expect this from cheap shit, not a $700 S & B Product. Someone dropped the ball hard
  • The Rogue Wax Works
    Doesn't mater what that stuff is. Its on the heater and in the herb chamber by S&B's own admission!
  • Baron23
    To me it’s very clear that it’s a bit of AL wear between the conduction heating ring on top of the unit and the AL of the oven.

    Prob not breathing it (but not sure of that at all) but it does seem to be the inevitable result of two AL surfaces with a twist to close.

    As we know, previous Volcanos didn’t have that ring and oven assemblies didn’t screw on.

    That’s aside from some melting plastic but I have not seen that on my unit.
  • upside
    I just Q-tip'd the filling chamber on my lightly used Hybrid and it shows the same grey residue. It looks like aluminum oxide which forms quickly (in "hundreds of picoseconds" according to Wikipedia) on any aluminum surface exposed to oxygen. If it's aluminum oxide then it's unclear why Storz & Bickel advises cleaning it "before every use" since it will immediately reform. I wonder how much of this residue is produced by the Hybrid and how much enters the air/vapor path. FWIW, there are published guidelines in the US for workplace exposure to aluminum oxide:

    OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) advises the legal airborne permissible exposure limit (PEL) is 5 mg/m3 (as respirable dust) and 15 mg/m3 (as total dust) averaged over an 8-hour workshift.

    ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) advises the threshold limit value (TLV) is 1 mg/m3 (as the respirable fraction for Aluminum) averaged over an 8-hour workshift.

    Perhaps anodizing the aluminum parts would prevent this. Also, maybe water filtration (such as with the Magma or Obsidian) would help to limit the amount of particulate matter that could be inhaled.
  • BobCat
    You expect this from cheap shit, not a $700 S & B Product.SouthboundPachyderm
    Agreed. I thought the potential 'health and safety concern' may be you can't afford to eat after you buy it.

    Now wait a minute. Isn't the volcano a medical device?Mr White
    Great point. Hope you and doggie are enjoying some time off! If you're not JT I still hope you had some good times, but I think this is him.

    -Mr Pink
  • dzoinp
    Just clean my plenty and was the same shit...
    And the mighty and the crafty is the same when i clean the bowl with the liquid pad, but then I clean it well with iso and cotton until no residue comes out...:mask:
    But now I ask how is it possible for S&B to make us take risks? Why use such fallible material?
    fuck S&B
  • Mr White
    yes sir and Merry Christmas Bella has a full belly of Turkey, dressing, green beans, and mashed potatoes. I'd say she's a happy pup.lol
  • Mrcurisan
    I always doubted Aluminum in the making of inhalation devices like these, especially before I purchased my Mighty. In Puffitup there is a breakdown of the OG Crafty and plastic literally surrounds the AL heater. I’m going to try this swab test on it to see. I believe that any worries of dust inhalation can be mitigated by using water filtration. If you guys are worried about aluminum then you should also start swabbing your grinders and see if there is any metal to metal friction. Thats why I got a HerbRipper.
  • meeemeee
    They need to recall this and change it. Make the join Magnetic or changed materials stainless steel or something.
  • readyman
    I cleaned the rings on my plenty plenty of dirt came off is this the same as vilcano I dont have volcano hybrid sound like its similiar to the plenty
  • Bruce
    It's a shame. I hope that companies like Pax or Davinci can ante up because it looks like the Great Company of Storz and Bickel before being bought Canopy of Canada is a major question mark. My personal opinion I wouldnt buy any of the S and B Vapes, for any price. No use for me.

    Right Now, I would put the S and B Vapes on the lower end of my top 10.
    1. Pax 2. IQ 3. Tera 4. Dynavap 5. IQ 6. Solo 2 . 7. Air 2 8. S and B vapes.

    They were at times the Number One Vape for most. (IMFO) by far.

    I hope things shape up because the dry herb vaporiser market is in midst of a big shake up.

    Peace, Love and Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • ScubaFlavour
    would you mind to link your original live stream of the Volcano Hybrid?
    The one where it didn't even manage to switch on... :D
  • ChronicBlaze
    @dzoinp @readyman
    Regarding the plenty, at no point does the heater ring contact any other metal surface. I've used it for close to 6 years and have never see any buildup resembling this, only the regular caked on weed on the metal. It looks like they are using all new material? to make this hybrid.
    I would also like to know for certain though, I have to question S+B now that they let this hazard make it to market....
    Maybe someone here will know more about it.
  • dzoinp
    Regarding the plenty, at no point does the heater ring contact any other metal surface.ChronicBlaze
    yes ... when you screw it it gets in touch! (aluminum and SS), otherwise you were drawing cold air.

    never see any buildup resembling thisChronicBlaze
    try swabbing with a bit of iso (the aluminum ring on top of plenty and the bottom ring on the bowl which is from SS)
  • readyman
    rocket scientists on this forum will get to the bottom of this IM sure this could be a problem or not
  • ChronicBlaze
    Upon further inspection, you are correct. I've never looked that closely at it. I also see the grayish crap described.
    I've contacted storz and bickel, and will await their response...Until then the Plenty is out of action. Too bad, S+B are supposed to be better than this, very disappointing.
  • Pablopicasso
    Just pasted from what I wrote in a other forum

    This is what Storz&Bickel answered me by mail:
    Dear Paolo,

    Thank you for notifying us of your observations regarding wear of the metal on metal union at the filling chamber for the new Volcano HYBRID.

    As we have only received a handful of customer complaints regarding this issue so far, we are investigating whether the problem is most prominent with certain production lots of HYBRIDs. We are currently tracking the lots in question, in order that we might investigate the matter fully, and as such we would kindly ask you to send us your VOLCANO HYBRID which you reported to have the issue so that we can analyze it.

    As an immediate measure, we have prepared special handling and cleaning instructions for the VOLCANO HYBRID which you will find attached, and which will be added to the documentation sent out with every new unit. This information will also be made available on our website. By cleaning the Filling Chamber and the top of the heating element before every use, the chance of any dust, dirt or debris entering the output vapor should be minimized. Additionally, we have noted in these cleaning instructions, as well as in an update to our Instructions for Use (page 77), that the filling chamber should not be over-tightened when attaching it to the HYBRID, which could damage the device and introduce health risks to the user.

    Furthermore, design changes to the Filling Chamber have already been initiated with R&D prototypes being tested later this week. There will be a notification as soon as a new version of the Filling Chamber is available.

    If you need further service, we would ask you to set up a customer account under the following link:


    Please choose your country first before creating an account.

    Once your account has been verified, you can register your device under "My Devices" and initiate a repair request.

    Please contact us if you got further questions.

    We hope this information is of assistance to you.

    Kind regards,

    Vertrieb / Sales

    Any comment by my side it will be no useful and will send my volcano in.
    I do this just for info and help and hope to everyone to vape safe...... peace
    Just for info I'm in Spain.

    My reply:

    Good Morning


    First I would like to thank you for the quick response.
    I believe in S&B product and I can understand that thinks in life some time get get hard and some mistake can be done.
    Said that I will send you my Volcano asap just let me know best option to do so.
    At the moment I'm posting at fuckcombustionb forum the content of this mail just for help with info and not giving any personal opinion because of my luck of nolege of the facts so I prefer just to be informative and helpful.(there is peaple really worried about their health)
    Wish to you and S&B all the best and to be back stronger than before.

    Kind regards

  • kr1sh
    Let's hope the investigation gives a clearer picture as to the cause. The timing sucks however it being the holiday season. Lot's of people will be contemplating whether to use their hybrids whilst celebrating. As long as it remains a component issue, i'm sure upgrades can be made. I hope S&B are taking this matter seriously.
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    I never cleaned my chamber but always made sure to tighten loosely and blast at 446 to get the res off the screen. I just swabbed the metal ring and merely nothing? I’ll continue to use :up:
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