• Baron23
    Thanks Upside....of course I believe people who say that they have had that problem...but also people like me who have not. Not a trace of scratches or galling on my heating ring.

    Certainly is puzzling.
  • upside
    @Baron23 Here are pictures of the heating ring on my Hybrid and and heating chamber. I'm using the reducer and both are clean. I then opened and closed the heating chamber a few times and swabbed it with a wet Q-tip which is pictured here under magnification. It was difficult to get a good picture of it but I believe this is showing both aluminum oxide and small flecks of aluminum, likely from those scratches.

  • Baron23
    Well, I'm not so sure what I'm seeing in the qtip pic, but wow...yes, your rings are chewed up.

    Mine don't look anything like that.

    Wow.....and I do know there are others with this same damage.

    Really a shame they didn't get it right the first time.

    Any plastic melting/charring?
  • Oscar nunez
    Here is pic from my volcano I no longer own. You can see the aluminum oxide dust and little tiny flecks of aluminum on the napkin, the flash from camera helped expose this more easily. My unit was only used 2 times with only 2 bags each time before I did this cleaning. jjzfqq60pby93p39.jpg
  • justjustin
    I think it's a good thing this was brought up and I'm generally very careful and worriesom about this sort of thing but I really don't think it's a big deal, especially if u just clean it occasionally and I doubt if much or any of that tiny amount of dust gets into the vapor when the chamber is screwed down, although I'd like to see just stainless steel used instead.

    I handle aluminum carts everyday and see that residue everywhere but that's aluminum for you, not metal I really like. You could probably grind the entire aluminum chamber up and inhale that over your life and be fine, so I don't think a fleck and some residue amounts to much harm, especially given all were exposed to everyday but keeping exposures to a minimum is probably a good idea.

    Anyone comment in S&B's Hybrid fix with their S.S. insert and chamber? The insert just sits on top of the aluminum correct?
  • Baron23
    The insert just sits on top of the aluminum correct?justjustin

    Nobody I know if yet has it so nobody knows.

    Could sit on top and I think most people would reject that as being insufficient.

    It could be a snap fit of some sort.

    It could be that they send a procedure with it on how to exchange the AL ring for the SS.

    Or something else.

    Unknown at the moment.
  • justjustin
    willing to bet it'll sit right on top, like a washer...and I don't know how that will solve the issue because it's still likely to move and wear when screwing the chamber on/off. You won't need to worry about the two SS to SS contact but SS to aluminium is another story and will likely wear more,faster, easier because sS is harder than alum but I'm hopeful for the Hybrid owners
  • Pablopicasso
    Very upsetting:
    2 day's ago S&B agreed to a refund which I didn't see.
    This morning I received a notification that A new Volcano hybrid was on my way with USPS from Germany arriving the 21-01-2020.
    After 20 calls in Germany I managed to talk with a lady that was very understanding and said that it was a mistake probably.
    At moment I spent 10€ of extra on my mobile bill for get a good communication because by mail it been impossible and just received standardised answers(like new chamber and more.. probably you know..)and spend 40€ because due to me for sending back my volcano olso I'm out of 600€ and not volcano!
    Right now calling legalitas to see if I can get them to do things properly.
    Will take my time because right now is becoming personal

    Just preparing a email with my lawyer where Im asking a ligal receipt o a pruve of refund and ligaly making sure that I don't Agree with the solution they provided me olso not accepting hybrid if send to me.
    My experience is: stay away from S&B they are trying to be smart but they're not.

    Will give a copy of the mail to anyone that like to do the same by pm
  • upside
    No plastic melting/charring but I've only used it sparingly.

    Meanwhile, Storz & Bickel responded to my email about obtaining a replacement stainless steel part for the Filling Chamber Reducer:

    Dear _____,

    thank you very much for your message.

    In order to also claim an updated Filling Chamber Reducer, please send us either a copy of your Filling Chamber Reducer order or a picture of your Filling Chamber Reducer.

    In the meantime, we ask you to adhere to these cleaning and handling instructions.
    These instructions, however, are only relevant until you receive the new filling chamber cylinder, which will come with simplified cleaning and handling guidelines.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards,

    Vertrieb / Sales
  • Baron23
    Hello my friend - I don't have a reducer....had one for my Digit but...for me, not the right product. I did submit for my SS ring and chamber.

    So, a fella in Germany got this reply from S&B (as posted on another board and translated by...well, Google haha)

    thanks for your email.

    A stainless steel ring is used on the heating block and fixed. The filling chamber insert will also be made of stainless steel.

    We couldn't find any abrasion in our tests.

    Do you still have the melted filling chamber?
    — S&B

    So, it says fixed (despite semi-hysterical speculation on another board, with absolutely NO knowledge of how it is to be implemented) that it will just sit on top like washer. Apparently it will be fixed in place...but how.

    Is it a remove and replace for the AL heating ring? We dunno

    Is it a snap on over the AL heating ring? We dunno.

    As long as its fixed in place AND this is the same exact config that they are going forward with in future production....then I don't have an issue.

    I too have not experienced any melting or charring of the orange plastic and this may well be batch related (as in some jerk off used the wrong raw plastic beads in the injection molding machine...and I actually have seen that occur 45 years ago at a place that made motocross face shields, visors, and the like).

    If what they give OG owners as a fix is substantively different than future prod config, they will be in for a shit storm and I will be part of the Greek chorus.
  • upside
    @Baron23 Too many unknowns. Hopefully we'll have more (and positive) news about the fitment of that ring soon.
  • justjustin
    Anyone receive their replacement chamber and insert?

    You have to take a pic of the chamber reducer or pic of receipt to get the SS reduced chamber?
  • Baron23
    only if you don’t have a purchase receipt, I believe.
  • justjustin
    Any updates?
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