• kebcatmorgan
    G43 is a beast, period. Well deserved.
  • Heroin Batman
    I haven’t posted here in forever, but your comment has made me. You are smoking way too much weed to attack sneaky Pete like this. There’s bigger conspiracies in the world than a guy with a hobby making a modest living off a website and his hard work providing free content. You’re paranoia must be off the charts. People used to attack bud all the time saying he takes money from ghost or blah blah blah. This is vaping weed it’s not the jfk assassination. If someone makes a few hundred bucks who cares honestly? You sound like a total moron writing things like slippery pete. You can reply but I won’t read it. Have a nice day.
  • Bud
    Nooooo noooooo noooooooo
  • PAM
    g43 :strong:
  • Heroin Batman
    if I went too far feel free to delete my post. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine since way back.
  • John Cocktostone
    I cried and went to a safe place
  • Baron23
    you forgot to insert you were "triggered" before crying and seeking your blankie (hahaha....just kidding with you.... I know your post was intended as sarcastic humor...or that's the way I took it, at least).
  • John Cocktostone
    oh it is sarcasm for sure. We recently hired a younger gal out of college and she asked if we had nap pods in the office for when employees "just cant deal"...
  • Baron23
    You're shitting me? Really? Nap pods. Can't deal?


    She think she's in daycare? I mean, milk and cookies then nap time.

    Too late now, fire her and she will think up some discriminatory reason or American's with Disabilities Act (I think being a complete snowflake may be covered by the ADA LOL)

    What industry, may I ask?
  • Pud

    File a complaint that she was asking you to a "nap pod" and you are uncomfortable.... lol!!
  • BestBuds
    Tell her to go cry in the bathroom stall like everyone else. I can't stand that mindset.
  • John Cocktostone
    I get to work from home so I guess I technically have a nap pod lol. She also wanted a vending machine that dispenses organic vegetables , which ok I can understand the concept but most these guys at work eat steak and drink beer daily. It's not the place one would find a nap pod.

    Baron, I'm a Data Analyst in the oil and gas industry. I look for weak points in pipelines that could lead to a rupture and explosion. I specialize in being able to read magnetic flux lines that are oriented to represent a 45 degree offset to the pipe. We are able to detect hairline airline crack-like features in a pipe w/out the need for ultrasonic inspection. I'm a math guy so I like all the numbers and fractions etc but English waved bye bye a long time ago as I'm sure you've noticed.
  • Baron23
    So, she is in the oil industry. Oh my, I don't see this twinky lasting long with the guys. I'm glad I retired...I couldn't deal with this crap.

    She wants an organic vegetable machine. Snacks are usually picked to be in vending machines at work places based on the MOST popular items. I have a feeling that organic carrot crudites ain't going to be that! haha

    So, when we over g'd the aircraft in the USAF, I think I remember the process being magnaflux. Would that make sense.....circa late 70's?? Or am I confusing things here?
  • John Cocktostone
    magnaflux is still used. Kinda funny how much has changed in the industry but something as simple as magnaflux is still around.

    She won't last. They never do as oil & gas is it's own culture.....and thay culture sure isn't broccoli
  • YaMon
    Just keep your watches at a distance!
  • Terpenetime
    She also wanted a vending machine that dispenses organic vegetablesJohn Cocktostone
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  • tsr
    ok - these few posts triggered me: because I love the way this forum seems to always bounce back to a happy civilized place. Don't understand why and how - but I sure as hell like it. thanks guys for keeping the positive energy high^^
  • John Cocktostone
    sorry, I can get off topicvm7z4hhm9kttntqi.jpg
  • tsr
    no reason to - I enjoyed the off topic^^
  • spider
    Like sneaky Pete's accessories, ect, but as far as he goes and the way I've seen him do business over the yrs, I'm not a fan, sent me a defective mv1, and he also left out 2 glass accessories on my past order, definitely not a fan.
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