• TheZman
    I've thought about buying a Pax 3 in the past. I love the external design. But I was never a fan of the internal situation. The Steel bowl and the Air path situation being a pain to clean. And it being just Conduction and having to constantly stir just to get an even toast. Also having to pack a tight bowl is a pain especially for micro dosers.

    I'd love to see a Pax 4 come out this year with removable air path made from quality material for cleaning. And I'd like to see them upgrade the Bowl material to quartz or at least Ceramic. And have a better heating system that would allow for an even toast and would make it possible to load up smaller amounts in the bowl. I would buy one.

    What about you guys? What improvements would make you consider buying a Pax 4 if it ever comes out?
  • Disappointedvapor
    Maybe a better mouth peice design. The cleaning was definitely worse on the pax 1 then the pax 3 but now that I have a ghost mv1 every vape feels easy to clean. It would have to be a pretty drastic change for me to upgrade honestly. The pax 3 is just stupid simple and easy.
  • Señor Negro
    The Steel bowl and the Air path situation being a pain to clean. And it being just Conduction and having to constantly stir just to get an even toast. Also having to pack a tight bowl is a pain especially for micro dosers.TheZman

    I have not found any of those situations on my experience:
    • I had to admit I do not use my Pax 3 as much as I did, but unless you make a heavy daily use you don't need to clean it that much, and even if you do it's not that painful to clean it once you get used.
    • Conduction is precisely the reason you don't have to stir at all. AVB will always get evenly toasted if you pack it tight.
    • Even if you have, indeed, to pack it tight you don't need to pack as much if you use the half pack oven lid that it's included on the Pax 3 complete pack, or even less if you use the NewVape Pax 2/3 oven lid.

    As for the changes I would introduce to a new Pax 4? Here's a bunch of ideas I've been forging over time:
    1.- Starting with your idea, I would not reject to have an entirely removable air path system. It would make it clearly easier to clean indeed. Not a definitive improvement in my opinion but would be welcomed any time.
    2.- A better lid system. One that includes a fully adjustable bowl size, not made of plastic (but that's not mandatory either for me) and that completely seals the bottom of the unit. That would make neccesary the next step.
    3.- A (regulable? -as the IQ2-) carb system. I would make it to take the fresh air from a tiny hole on the sideways of the unit, straight to the oven, and from there to the airpath way up.
    Those last two ideas together would make not only to improve the draw resistance, but also hopefully solve the issue of the unit getting too hot (needing less power?) and even may improve the excesive odour on/after use.
    4.- A better mouthpiece system. I have no problems with stainless steel, or even with plastic. But they should get rid of silicone definitely. It's, by far, the weakest link of the chain for me. It's weak, it's dirty, and you never ever get rid of the odour it holds no matter how hard you try.
    Removable plastic mouthpiece, like a short of Crafty mini "cooling unit" would do for me.

    I had for sure more ideas rounding my mind but those are the ones I could find within my own chaos :sweat:
  • TheZman
    I agree the Silicon has got to go as well. Hopefully they listen to users and improve on the design. Like I said I would definitely buy one with all the upgrades as I really like the size, shape, look and feel of the Pax.
  • spider
    As an occasional pax3 user I definitely would be excited to see some improvements on the pax3,
    I use the NV, accessories in mine and really enjoy the vented lid, and nonvented lid, I also like to use the stock half oven lid as well,

    I think if they were going to make some improvements ide like to see it on draw resistance, it's a fine line though because you risk losing vapor production by doing that as well,
  • TheZman
    I'm hoping 2020 turns out to be an interesting year for new Vaporizers. Hopefully we see some new ones come out and a lot of updates.
  • John Cocktostone
    hopefully simple devices with few moving parts, clean air paths, apps that are optional, and quality build components.
  • spider
    One thing that I forgot to mention is that I would love to see pax do something different with the screen insert, I think that the NV, 3d screen is a absolute direction in wich pax should go,
    The original stock screen never seems to sit in the way I want it, so I always use the 3d NV screen

    Also I would like to see them go back to more of a matte finish, the new glossy finish really attracts alot of fingerprints, kills my OCD..
  • John Cocktostone
    someone said that they cant do the screen like newvape because of liability concerns.
  • spider
    oh well, hopefully they can do something because it seems like they could have a better screen, possibly a better fit,
    It's just so much easier to get the Newvape screen in because it takes out all the 'fitting' guesswork,
    It sucks sometimes when your dumping out the abv, "cleaning", but its definitely my go-to,

    As far as the other accessories, half oven lid, NV, vented oven lid, ect, I just rotate them out for a different experience each time, keeps it interesting⚓
  • Alex Hand
    I always appreciate a vape being pocket-proof, as in lint not being able to get inside and smell not easily escaping. The PAX has always had a mouthpiece design that leaves it wide open and I think it's a cleanliness thing, both because that's what you put your mouth on and because any debris from your pocket that makes its way into the airpath winds up in your lungs. So it would be nice to have reliable lids on both ends.

    Also, I agree with the above comment about feeling forced to vape a whole bowl or waste some. In general, I think that's where the Firefly got it right and maybe PAX could do a more convection-based method that's button oriented.

    However, all that said, the real issue is the thing costs several hundred dollars and when I can just use a vapcap and a lighter and get total efficiency out of the herb, it's hard to justify going back to an expensive, battery-dependent system, especially with no user-replaceable batteries. I basically haven't used my other vapes (including Grasshopper) since I got my first vapcap and my Ti Woody is still my #1. Unless a PAX 4 came in under $200 it's hard to see myself buying one.
  • TheZman
    I agree. The pricing on these Vapes is Ridiculous. Just like the new Davinci IQ2 that came out is $300. There's no friggin way that little pure Conduction Vaporizer is worth $300. Why because you can control the air flow with a gimmicky dial? These Companies need to get more in tune with there pricing and there customers. None of these small hand held portables should be over $$180. None of them. And even that's pushing it.
  • Alex Hand
    None of these small hand held portables should be over $$180.TheZman

    I agree the user's perception of the value of a lot of electronic models has gone down as Dynavap has gotten more popular. What I don't know is how much is spent on the research and design, manufacture and special parts sourcing. Maybe they are barely breaking even, and the diminishing returns of cost to value is why 2019 was such a slow year for innovation in the vape industry.

    I think generally speaking the smaller a company can make a vape and the more convenient it is, the better the perceived value. With the new solid-state batteries Elon Musk is working on with John Goodenough, maybe in the next few years there will be electronic vapes the size of a cigarette with a user-replaceable and rechargeable cell battery that will last all day.
  • TheZman
    It definitely comes down to the user. I just know I would never pay that price. Especially for a Conduction only. Heck you can get a Boundless CFV for like $130. And that's pure Convection. Much better option IMO. I think they have the technology to do smaller more streamlined Vaporizers as you mentioned. The Grasshopper is pretty close to that as a Pen Style. It seems like the Companies would rather go the more gimmicky route like Davinchi did rather then release something innovative. I mean an air flow dial isn't revolutionary if you ask me. Lol.
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