• Dankpup
    Wondering how many people on here are not openly marijuana users? For this poll “in the closet” means you have at least one close family member or friend that doesn’t know you partake. You actively hide it from them.

    I’m not totally open, however there has been a direct correlation between my increased usage and increase tye-dye in my wardrobe lol.

    2nd try posting this, thank you baron23 for your help.
    1. Are you in the closet? (41 votes)
        Yes, have to hide it from some people
        No I’m totally open user of marijuana
        I’m so brazen people just have to know it
  • EconMan
    I don't tattoo it to my forehead, but I'm very open. Everyone knows. Faculty and administrators, business partners and customers, friends, kids, friends of kids, etc. It was controversial one particular year because I was chair of the Chancellor's task force on drug abuse while openly using illegal drugs. But tenure was nice. :nerd:

    One reason concentrates have become so popular with non-young-adults is they can easier deceive their kids. No smell, and not much apparatus to be discovered. Yes, I'm judging but I understand why parents choose this strategy as nearly every friend i have does.
  • Baron23
    I'm pretty open about it with some exceptions in family and friends and I'm ok with that.

    Its my personal choice and they don't need to know.
  • John Cocktostone
    My family fears the day I have to stop using
  • Pud
    I don't feel compelled to announce it or advertise one way or the other... but I don't talk about any of the meds I'm taking or trying to help me
  • bulllee
    I suffer from bipolar, and a host of neck and back issues, so yeah everyone that knows me knows I medicate. I kept it on the down low for about 25 years. I made mostly edibles so my kids wouldn't have a clue. Then one day my daughter in high school smelled someone toking up in the bathroom at school. She came home, smelled my cookies, and quickly put 2 and 2 together and figured out Dad was a secret tar head. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: . I live in AZ a medical state. Never in my wildest did I think I would ever see legalization and I'm grateful as hell I will be able to. There are times when I still need stealth. But those are few and far between. Thank God !
  • YaMon
    My employer is zero tolerance and will likely remain that way even after removal of Cannabis from Schedule I, or at least there will be a delay of some sort. My immediate family is old school Catholic so no bueno. Cool cousins and friends know very well I medicate for chronic pain. As I absolutely hate secrets, I can't fuckin wait for this prohibition shit to be over. No telling if it will be during the less than a decade remnants of my working career. When it's fully legal and there are no adverse consequences (As in insurance/work/benefits/memberships/etc) I have zero issue telling anyone. I don't drink; I only vape and only vape weed.
  • okla68m
    Been Openly(to my family and friends) using since 1970 !
  • Foxhole
    My wife knows I use tincture for sleep, however she is strongly opposed to herb even though 25 years ago we smoked some together. Prior to our marriage 30 years ago I smoked on a regular basis. Now we have medical marijuana and she has tried both CBD and 50/50 but won’t experiment with different dosages and still is anti weed. Due to her illness she normally goes to bed around 8pm. That’s when I use a convection device for herb. Frankly I don’t feel like getting into an argument with her so I just use herb after she has gone to bed. By the way I’m 82 and she is 78
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