• Tdog420
    This looks like what the peek should have been. Any thoughts?
    200 dollars
    Usb c charging
    Precise temp control
    3 different nails ti,quartz, and cermaic
  • Baron23
    If they are still using pen type atomizers....ceramic disks or donuts or the like, then I'm not interested, personally as I find them to be crap in pens. So, no interest in paying more than a pen for the same lousy atomizer designs.

    I love the Tsunami from NewVape but the $$$ made my eyes pop out.
  • Tdog420
    agree!! Im curious as too if these buckets are different then normal atomizers or if are a consumable and burn out. Im not a fan of electric dab rigs. I use a rig w banger or my terp pen. I think my next purchase may be a rio for portable dabs.

    Would love love a tsunami if i was a millionaire lol. Otherwise i could never spend that much on a dab setup!
  • Jory
    That tsunami is really killer cool. I wish it were out this past summer when I bought my D-cup setup. I probably would have bought the tsunami instead. Now they have a v2 DCUP, and another new banger, the “t-bucket” which looks surprisingly similar to a Liger air. One thing I wish they still had is the 30mm Obsidian dish. I have one for my DCUP and love it, and I would have liked another one to keep as a spare if I had known ccs 710, who manufactured them, was going out of business.
  • Baron23
    ccs 710, who manufactured them, was going out of business.Jory

    Yeah CCA710 supplied them but did not manf them....but Josh (who fucked up by the numbers) wouldn't/didn't share that info.

    Edwyn of NV tried to find the exact material type and a source and was unable to.

    SiC is a close second, but I agree that the Obsidian is the best surface I have come across in terms of ease of keeping clean and a neutral taste.
  • Jory
    Hi Baron,
    What’s up brother, been a minute. How you been?
    Yeah, Josh was a real fucking asshole. ...but he had a good product. I probably would have went with a Liger instead of the DCUP, but wasn’t about to deal with Josh. Plus, I didn’t want to wait months to get it. Edwyn and Chris at New Vape are both great people who will go out of their way to help you. I do really wish they still had the Obsidian dishes though.
    If you remember, your the one who advised me to go with the obsidian, which I Love. Thank you very mich for your help back then. I love the DCUP setup with the Auber and use it several times daily.
    Next I need to get a flowerpot, probably a vrod, though I’d like a shower head as well. I’m waiting on either a good sale from NV, or to find one for sale on the forum used.l (which I would prefer).
    What do you think of the v2 DCUP and their T-bucket banger? I’m wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to one of them? What do you think?
    Thanks man, I really appreciate it.
  • Jory
    Thanks so much brother.
    Yeah, I did see that before, but I really don’t need, or want, a lot of the stuff he’s selling with it, especially the glass, as I’ve got a shit ton already, and the case, which is insanely expensive, like $100, and for me completely unnecessary as I have a desk in my house that I use as a dedicated dab/vape station. I looked on the NV website and added up the items I do need and they only came to like $425 or something, and this guy wants $490 for his setup. I think I might offer him $300 and tell him he can keep the case if he likes and see if he’s interested.
    Thank you so much though; I really appreciate it.
  • LabPong
    This looks like what the peek should have been. Any thoughts?Tdog420

    It looks like they didn't even try to make it look any diff than the Peak.....lol
  • SirSixPence
    This is just a repackaged dabado bolt type design,
    It’s the “soldering iron “ heating element with screw on dishes.
  • Gman
    This is by FAR one of the best designs I've seen. The only problem being the screen and controls under the glass. However, the airflow is completely above the atomizer and internals!!! Every damn e-rig should have this feature or they are pretty much useless.

    The only issue is non removable batteries.
  • OhHello
    These leaf buddi rigs look like old tech

    Did you guys see Randall from ex-focus made another terrible looking erig branded under Source vapes (he’s owns SV now)

    Does have a removable airpath though

    And it is only going to be $169

    Source Versa

  • Baron23
    It’s the “soldering iron “ heating element with screw on dishes.SirSixPence

    So, not a pen type atomizer? I looked more closely at the vid and think you are right and it looks like a much more durable heating element.

    They show putting your dab in there, capping, hitting the button three times, then draw when lights turn green. I think I would rather have it up to temp, put the dab in, cap and hit like regular banger.

    I would love to hear about performance from some actual users.

    Hi Jory - I don't specifically remember recommending Obsidian....but I'm 67 and can't remember yesterday! hahaha

    And I do rave about that dab surface from time to time. @bud loved it too....or still does. Not sure what he had it in.

    Ah....you know, I'm not sure Josh was an asshole. I never spoke directly to him and his emails at the time I bought my Liger V2 (and CCA710 was working well at that time) were always brief and on the business subject.

    I have NO idea what the hell happened after that to him but it sure went down the crapper, yeah? Lot of people got screwed by him. He could have OWNED the Ti banger market but ceded that to New Vape, IMO, but totally fucking up.

    I still have and use my V2 with and Obsidian dish. I have a D-nail SiC Halo I never use and should sell. Its a very good nail, I just use either the Liger or 710coils.com quartz bangers and coils. This goes to your question about upgrading....if you want the latest and greatest, you will prob end up upgrading every six months or so! haha Me, if I find a good solid product that works well, I tend to stick with it. I mean, its really not that big a deal to heat a surface and drop a dab on it and in the final analysis that's all any of these e-bangers are, right?

    I did buy from a guy on another board a still shrink wrapped 30mm Obsidian from CCA710. I bought it thinking I would buy the Tsunami but its just too damn dear. So, may well go for a D-cup though a guy on FC who has a D-cup now is raving about the T-bucket. I mean, how different can a hot piece of metal with an insert in it be?? Dunno but I am holding on to this Obsidian.

    Josh sold Edwyn Obsidian inserts then disappeared. Edwyn sold out, reached out to a LOT of materials people trying to find it, and just couldn't. Its certainly not obsidian the volcanic glass (which is what obsidian as a material really is). It appears to be some sort of high polish ceramic like SiC or maybe high polished and then coated with....something. We just don't know.

    And Josh didn't or won't share his source. So, Obsidian is gone unless Josh decides to open up about the source.

    Take care.
  • Tdog420
    We need some1 trusted to try this and report on the nails/atomizers or whatever they are.
  • OhHello
    I see other people saying this is like a dabado/ dr dabber boost style.....thin ceramic heating rod and the different dishes screw over it....old style technology and it’s even got those shitty magnetic carb cap and dabber that the old school erigs used
  • Gman
    I think you guys are missing the only real point that matters. The above coil airflow....

    Nothing else matters, you can have a nail, a bucket a straw hat. You have a choice of coils to use so you can pick on to your fancy. Ti, quartz or ceramic, it's going to perform like any other e-nail.

    This is about safety, and currently every other rig like the peak/carta puts you at risk if a coil burns out, this does NOT. I gets my vote for the only possible erig of this style that I can actually feel ok telling someone to try. And the Dr dabbers since they all seem to follow this same above coil strategy.

    Not sure what the other companies were thinking... or not thinking maybe
  • BobCat
    A 'reviewer' on Instagram posted about this vape. I posted a comment, and when I went back the comment was deleted. I messaged the reviewer. Please refer to screenshots.

    Another reviewer bought and sold, and a shady Chinese company. The contact phone number country code on their website is 86 which is China. This company has been 86'd for me. Caveat emptor.


  • Gman
    damn, I take it all back.... that's not good
  • BobCat
    Yeah. Sad. What's worse is I wonder how ubiquitous these types of practices are. But, no one wants to hear it. :victory:
  • Cl4ud3
    Which IG "reviewer"? seems like dodgy practices and par for the course from some product showcase channels and not real reviewers.

    edit: No worries I've seen the "reviewer" and the question that was asked. Got to say this is shady as hell not being willing to have discourse on a product and deleting genuine questions.
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