• LC23
    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading a lot of information about CBD oil/wax and it's made me curious. This forum is really the only place I feel comfortable asking about something like this since I know everyone here gives their honest opinion. I guess these questions are for the people that use it.

    What do you use it for? Like is it for medical purposes?
    Where do you get it?
    How do you consume it?

    Those are a few of the questions I have... depending of you guys' feedback more question may come up

    Thanks everyone!
    I bought 100% pure crystalline CBD, from cbdhealthsolutions. At that time it was $149.99/gram.

    I bought 1/4gram for $39.99, and vaped maybe 1/16th of a gram, when totally sober after a week long tolerance break.

    CBD doesn't get us "high", it feels instead like the body comfort of acetominophen or ibuprofen, and it apparently has quite a few anti-cancer, and other benefits.

    Didn't really get the "cherry" taste most people mention CBD-strains having.
  • LC23

    Have you smoked 100% CBD when you're not in a tolerance break? If you have, did it counteract the effect of thc? And what I mean by that question is, did you have to smoke more thc to feel the "high"?
    What I'm trying to do is vape CBD for pain relief and whenever I vape thc I still would like the "high" without having to increase my thc intake.
    I don't think there was any perceived difference in it decreasing the effects of thc when used in conjunction together, no.

    I have read reports of such, but haven't experienced that phenomenon personally.

    If anything, it just gives a more awareness, towards the loose analgesic body high effect, like you drank two theraflu's and had all that acetominophen in you.
  • silat
    LC if you want the THC high then just mix your pure CBD with a bit of THC product.
    I just use my dab tool that is a bit sticky on the end that the concentrates stick to.
    Then I dip it in my crystals and get a dusting of CBD.
    I get the CBD affect and the THC impact.
    You could use the same logic with flower. Get a high CBD flower that has a lower % of THC. You can find flower with varying amounts of THC matched to high CBD %'s. Or you can use oils or cartridges that meet your requirements.
    I do use just the CBD when I do not want the THC high.
    I got my crystals at Isodiol for about $50 (shipped) a gram.
    Isodiol has very pure, tested and certified product.

    And I have noticed no lessening of THC impact while mixing with CBD crystals.
    I am a micro doser.
  • mrluther
    Here in CT our meds are usually a 1to1.5 ratio of TCH to CBD. It has been said that a 1 to 1 ratio is optimal for pain management and nerve damage patients like myself. Out on the West coast they have the real CBD strains that can be as high as 20 to 1 . They always get the good stuff!! LOL We have flowers and extracts and oils available to us.
  • silat
    I must add that today I was reading the CBD thread on FC and see that some do think the CBD lessens the overall impact of THC to some degree. And some science seems to possibly support this. I did some searches to see some of that info.
    I find the CBD seems to alleviate some anxiety that I usually get from some of my concentrates.
    But I still get plenty high from my mixed microDAB.
  • ushemp
    CBD wont get you high it will make you feel good. CBD helps with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and many other problems. Taking CBD in a controlled manner is good.
  • bum karacho
    not high but relaxed
  • 420edc
    CBD is psychoactive, but it isn't euphoric.
  • Neuropenguin
    So I use strains that are 20 to 1 like AC/DC or 24 to 1 like four lights are here in Boston during daytime. I prefer a one to one or a 2 to 1 when I’m going to bed.

    My wife uses the oil from kats naturals which is all hemp derived so there’s no THC - she puts it under her tongue for pain management. I am I also use a CBD cart for anxiety/ptsd as needed when I’m out.
  • nowayout
    I just recently bought CBD flower. I bought it from cbdhempdirect.
    I have been mixing the CBD flower with regular THC flower, and it is saving me money on buying from our regular and I am still getting the 'high' feeling. I use it in my MV1.

    The CBD flower by itself(also depending which strain you get), which is Berry Exotic makes me feel relaxed, and it does seem to alleviate my anxiety(what it's advertised to do). But it also makes me feel sleepy after a while if I let myself get too comfortable at home. There is really no 'high' feeling by itself, it does make me feel a slight heaviness in my eyes.
    I also find that you have to vape CBD at the lower temperature settings to get its full effect. I hardly get any vapor on the higher heat setting I usually use for the regular bud we buy, and if I lower it, I get more vapor.
    I don't get any anxiety, or get paranoid whenever I'm vaping the CBD flower by itself, but whenever I mix the two, if I take more than two hits, I will feel the 'high' and get too baked. lol Just one hit is well enough to still feel relaxed and feel that 'high'.
  • Vapedude
    Lately, I have been experimenting to see, whether certain CBD Cannabis oils make me feel zzzzzz sleepier, or spunkier than other CBD oils.

    I began to do this, after I realized that one type in particular, made me feel sleepier, than a “hybrid strain” CBD oil that I was comparing to.

    I called to the grower who made this oil up, to ask if it was from an Indica plant, and my suspicions were confirmed that indeed it was. I also noted the terpene profile of that strain, so that I can compare to future data that I collect from other CBD strains to test out.

    Need more time.

    This experiment almost feels like a rabbit hole, lol. The deeper you dig...
  • 52
    Try taking a big hit of cbd just after you come down from your favorite non cbd strain. When I do I get high again for about 45 mins. I’m guessing it messes with the receptors and let’s them absorb more thc already in your system.

    I vape two different cbd sativa strains in the morning that are a rare 1:2
    7-8% cbd and 14-15% thc

    I relax and sometimes fall back to sleep for about a half hour but within an hour I’m energized and in the shower. Well on good days that is. Some days(too many lately) nothing seems to work but neither does pain pills.
  • Dankpup
    I believe your REM sleep periods become shorter with increased usage, so even tho you can feel sleepy easier, it may stop your brain from doing the proper shuffling and maintenance in the long term
  • Baron23
    So, this is what I don't understand....if I do understand correctly, the only way that they seperate out CBD (from either MJ or hemp) is to extract and then distill with both of these processes being very hard on terps.

    So, I'm surprised that the "type" of the source material is having a substantive impact on the effects although I'm sure you are just reporting what you observe.

    So much of the MJ industry is still murky and subject to many ill defined terms.

    Best of luck and thanks.
  • okla68m
    The ONLY reaction I've Ever gotten from any CBD product, is the feeling of THROWING MONEY AWAY !
  • Dankpup
    A lot of farmers in midwestern states have invested in labs and equipment onsite so they can process the hemp into full spectrum cbd, (you’ll get other cannibiniods) you can get very high potency cbd from them. It is expensive compared to just purchasing bud. It does have an effect on your central nervous system, that’s just science, I think people feel ripped off cause they don’t get the psycho active effects, and using high strength cbd can actually lessen the psycho-active when smoking. At least I’ve found that to be true.
  • John Cocktostone
    I love CBD. If you want to know if it works or not take cbd and then vape .01 thc..a tiny tiny amount and you will feel in working with the cbd ..hard to explain but it's the entourage effect.
  • BestBuds
    I envy you. CBD does nothing for my pain. :down:
  • MunicipalBlack
    I'm a medical user and I take a CBD oil daily that's 50mg/ml CBD and <3 THC primarily for pain relief from IBS and also for migraines. It does well for anxiety as well as it gives a very calming feeling. If I'm in need of something faster acting I have a CBD strain that's 20% CBD and <1.5% THC. I vape it on its own and/or mixed with THC strains I have on hand.

    I don't find CBD makes me less high if I have THC in my system but because of its calming effects it makes a THC high tolerable if you're starting to get anxious. There is some sort of interaction between THC and CBD and all cannabinoids for that matter that causes them to enhance each other when used together. I don't know the exact science myself and scientists are still investigating the interactions/reactions.

    I can see why some people don't like CBD because it doesn't get you high, which most people are looking for when they smoke, vape, or eat Cannabis. Although it has "medical" applications I don't like saying it's the medical side of Cannabis as THC can be very "medical" for some ailments as well.
  • Bad Dog
    I like to use cbd when my back is out and for mussel soreness and I find it works to a certain extent but it's no miracle cure all. I vape a 13-15% cbd 0.5-1.5% thc and I admit that I probably don't do it enough but I do prefer thc and the cbd isn't that much cheaper. My back is out right now and I'm experimenting with dabs and cbd and I'm having good results. I've been doing 2-3 small dabs in my dyna coil followed by 1-2 crafty's of flower and I feel better than the dabs alone or just cbd. My dg is getting in cbd concentrate carts soon and I look forward to trying it
  • OhHello
    I had a kidney transplant a few years ago and have severe neuropathy now, my doctors suggested cbd because I refused daily pain medications. The two “brands” they felt comfortable with were Lazarus Naturals and CBDmd. I have tried both in all forms, oils, wax, crystal, rubs , freshly pressed cbd Rosin etc, all while using high doses of thc and I noticed with dabbing it that it would immediately sober me up / cut anxiety by about 50%. This was not in a bad way. While using oil and capsules I noticed a difference in my mood after about a month on just 25mg daily. Neither got me “high” or helped with pain at all. With rubs, roll ons and what not I get good results with taking the edge off, especially during break through pain.

    I have a legal “caregiver” because I am a medical patient, basically he is his own grower / dealer / dispensary for 5 specific patients , he paid to have samples of my Lazarus naturals and cbdmd tested by a 3rd party testing facility and both were spot on for what they were advertising at.
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