• howdiepowdie
    Hi guys,

    anyone using the Plenty Storz and Bickel with other than weed ? with herbs like sage, thym etc. The thing is. I got my plenty a couple of days ago and I have not any weed at disposal right now. So I am wondering if my unit is working properly, because I have nearly no vape even at setting 6 (190 C) for example with sage. I do experience some refreshing effect though, but even with a full loaded chamber , this refreshing effect will maybe last for a max. of 3-4 hits and then it seems consumed. So I do not know if my unit is really working properly.
    And I just wondering if you have only that dense vape with weed buds or does anyone has the same vape amount with other herbs. That would be really helpful. :pray:

    Thanks and best from Germany :smile:
  • BestBuds
    Different herbs can behave differently when they're being vaporized. Some can give off no visible vapor. Some need to be rehydrated with something like a bovida pack. If you enjoy the flavor, and you are feeling effects, it should be just fine. Lotus was always a nice herb to vape too.
  • Wallace
    You should find a list of temperatures for different herbs in the plenty's manual.
    But you are running hot for.most herbs dial 4 is more than plenty.
    And as said above most herbs don't let out any visible vapor
  • howdiepowdie
    thanks for your clarification @BestBuds and @Wallace So I can be relaxed that my unit is working as it supposed to. I will take that in mind and dial 4 at max. Yeah I know the list in the manual. There are also other websites with temperatures suggestions for different herbs, which you will not find in the manual.

    However I will try the lotus, I have just ordered it. :grin: and as soon as I get my hands on some weed, I will certainly disappointed by the vapor :joke:
  • Señor Negro
    Hey sorry for the late answer.

    Unfortunately there's little to no information on dry herb vaping other than weed outhere. I guess that's because there's not much interest on it, and people who does do not share their experiences as often and deeply as many would want to.
    That means that the brief experience I have on those is from myself, so take it with a grain of salt just in case :sweat:

    I do not own a Plenty but so far I found sage as the best of the options I've tried because temps are not that far from what you would use for weed. But if you want to see vapor you have to raise it to the point that, as you already said, it gets done in many fewer hits that you would do on a regular session. You could still vape it at lower temps, but it doesn't feel that "cool" if you can't see vapor? I know it sounds silly but ... :roll:

    So, as far as I know I don't think there's something wrong with your unit, but maybe (?) with the way manufactures desing their devices, as so many claim they are for "aromatherapy" or "dry herb" usage, when they should really be saying "designed exclusively for weed/hemp".
  • BobCat
    Don't know the accuracy, but here is a list.
  • howdiepowdie
    Thank you @Señor Negro for your reply.

    I just had a talk with the seller and he told me more or less a similar thing. That for having vapor you need to have oil or resin which can evaporate.

    So after having used the unit for a while and not focussing on vapor but more to get an effect from different herbs, I can definately say, my unit is working greatly.

    I noticed that my domestic sage from the garden indeed had not that much ingredients or maybe was to dry and old to give me some effect. However I would like to share some of my recent experience:

    I tested garden lemon, hop, valerian, damian and guarana (powder), chamomile, thym, peppermint

    hop: Temperature: dial 1, 130 C

    makes you greatly calm down, has a very pleasant calming effect, sweet taste you will experience it within 5-10 min. But don't overdose it, just start with half a TSP of herb, if you can use the fill chamber reducer. I used the standard chamber and it was too much. Also make sure, that you have finished all your work before vaping if not you will have a hard time to do it after. As I forgot to walk the dogs and I was nearly too tired, to get up but I managed it LOL.

    Garden lemon, temp, 130 C, Dial 1

    It is similar but not the same as the hop just try t for yourself. it has also a calming effect and brings you down.
    However both helps if you had a hard working day and you just can't sleep.

    You can mix hop and garden lemon with valerian, the effect will be even stronger. And you should sleep tighly. But again don't overdose it as you could feel the effect still the other day.

    Again I did a full chamber mixed 1/3 hop 2/3 valerian and it had still a tiring effect on me the other day. So don't make my mistakes. ;-)

    Valerian: temp. it is said to be to evaporate at 230 C, but you can already benefit from it at 190 C dial 6 till dial 7. Works great with the Plenty.

    Damiani, temp. 180-190 C, dial 5 to 6
    Quite strong taste, a liitle bit soapy, can give you a kick or make you sick. The latter will happen if you vape it on a empty stomach. Yes I know I should have known it better, but I forgot to eat enough before vaping and the result was I just felt sick. :lol:

    Guarana, 180-190 C, 5-6

    I had only powder and this will not work nor if you mix it with other herb or put it pure in the chamber, or use the capsules for the reducer. So I did not find a satsifying way of vaping guarana to take effect. I rather put it in my tea, water or any other beverage and drink it :razz: .

    Chamomile: 130-180 C
    helps with cough, bronchitis, blocked lungs. Same with

    Thym: 130 C
    if you feel sick, just vape some, clears your lungs and the respiratory passages

    Peppermint: 130 C
    Will also help you to clear your throat and lungs

    However none of the herbs described above produced a strong vapor, but nevertheless had still a strong and pleasant and sometimes healthy effect on me

    These are my experiences so far. To be continued ;-)

    Have a good one.:cool:
  • Señor Negro
    Nice update.
    So far my research is not as deep as yours, as I gave up not too long after my initial tests. :sweat:
    But I like the way you are open minded and not worried to try and find better experiences.
    I will keep my eye on this topic and wait for your updates :up:
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