• Gloeck79
    Oh Nice that's $402 with shipping and tax. nice. I have someone who contacted me about selling theirs so I will see what they offer price wise, I just might jump in and go for it. So once I get this, I can hook up a coil banger system, but i'm thinking just why not use torch till I want a coil. What is the preference that you guys like to do, torch or coil? Asking cause I haven't used a banger yet, been using EVO which I stopped to keep that clean and only for dry with large My folks might want to use the EVO so we see. I am really trying to have them get off combustion or at least stop burning all the time. I mean everyone like to burn from time to time, but on a constant long term, vaping much healthier. Again thanks guys :wink:
  • Bad Dog
    One last thing about the Ditanium you may hear that if you crack it to max it's capable of dabbing in as little as 30sec-1min and I can confirm that it does work with a but. As stated if you crank it for a min then turn it down to your dabbing sweet spot then dab but since it's not heat soaked it doesn't have as much heat built up to draw from so you might be leaving some of your dab behind. I think a description of a typical Ditanium dab session might be helpful, I always start with a 10 minute heat soak then I measure out my dab, I attach the whip to my bong than to the Ditanium then I start to melt my dab on the head of the nail. I’ll stop around half way through my draw, sometimes I carb cap if it’s a big enough dab. When I’m done with my draw I remove the whip from the Ditanium, after that there’s 2 things you can do either wait 30 seconds and the remaining fats and wax’s will start to burn off, you can accelerate this by cranking the temperature then wait for it to burn off or at the end of your draw shut off the Ditanium and get two qtips and use one to hold the nail in place then use the other to swab out the dish. I do the burn off method it’s a lot easier.
  • gratefulabe
    Coil all the way for me. I just leave it on and just do a dab whenever I feel like it. Repeatable results.
  • EconMan

    No. It is what I meant by "A good banger and cap with a proper rig under it is ALWAYS better than anything else." If I have a choice, I use my rig almost always. I use the FF2 for concentrates as a portable (ie. when I'm outside in the woods. For flower, it is my main "desktop" -- stays charged all the time in its cradle. I disagree it has "small bowl". It has the perfect size bowl for what it was designed for -- a personal vaping device that provides world-class smooth and tasty hits (for folks that value that). I don't break it out when I have company, unless they want to try it.
  • UbarDog

    Man your zeal for the FF2 all ways makes for jones for one, Such passion for the device!!!!

    Nothing more .. Carry on ! :cool:
  • EconMan

    And it is still there. And still working. It's been such a perfect possession for me I will need to send it to a engineering tinkerer like you once it finally does break :)
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