• Señor Negro
    I would normally do my homework by myself: Read a lot, watch some reviews, and make some punctual questions to the "right" people. Then, make my list, and decide based on my liking and budget.
    But this time I go completely blind to a completely new experience I could even not like :scream: So that means that even I've already done most of the "cutting" I still have doubts I cannot clarify for myself. Or maybe stuff I'm not considering or discarded too soon ... :chin:

    Here's my concept of a cheapo, yet versatile(?), introductory set:

    • Ju1ceb0x handheld rosin press.
      I do not have access to concentrates, I have to do my own. Easiest, safest and cheapest way to do it seems to be rosin. Right? :sweat:

      Yeah, I know some of you may want to bite my neck (It's ok if it's done gently :smirk: ) but what can I say?
      I don't grow my own (yet?), I can't chose herb strain or quality (it is what it is available) and I have to consider something of low value so I don't lose too much if I have to resell it. Also, I'm not a heavy user so tiny bits of concentrates could be enough to rocketeer me to the moon.
      A hair straightener would be cheaper, I know, but that looks too bad even for my cheapo budget shit :groan:

      Anything else I should consider? :nerd:

    • Terp pen.
      At first I had my eye on the NV Honey suckle, but I have found no EU distributor so I had to look for something else.

      The Terp pen not only is cheap, but IMO it seems to be more convinient, easy to use, and safer.
      I could even pre-load it, put the cap in, go outside and suck it discreetly.
      I do realize I will have to pay attention to more cleaning, battery charging and the eventual coil replacement.

      That's the closest thing to dabbing I would like to try for now, as I definitely don't want to use a massive torch (or a massive heating coil) on a massive piece of glass :scream: :scream:

    • CCELL Silo OR PCKT One Plus
      I really like the convenience and discreetness of a cartridge battery. It would provide me an alternative and extremely easy way to do rosin.

      I do realize, thought, that as Bud experienced on live streams not that long ago, he had problems with rosin being too dense for a battery to vape it properly.
      I would prefer not to cut my rosin with anything if I can avoid it, so I thought maybe a dual inhale/fire-button powered battery could do the job better?

    IF that goes the right way AND I do really wanted to keep going, I could consider a Kandypens Crystal, but that's as far as I would go without having more experience and time to consider more options.

    Oh by the way, forgot to mention that my idea is to decide what the definitive "whole kit" will be before 4/20, so I can take advantage of both 420 discounts and hopefully have a happy birthday (4/17) celebrating I'm older :groan: with a KO "FINISH HIM!!" hit :death: jajaja!

    Any additional info, suggestion or whatever will be welcomed. Thanks in advantage for letting me exploit your guru knowledge :100: :up:
  • John Cocktostone
    I used a dyna coil and home pressed rosin to get myself started on concentrates. Is it the best? No but it's a start and most people already have a dynavap so you can start with trates for 25 bucks dynacoil
  • Azn2101
    Brent from Advanced Vape Supply who made the Molecule 15mm, released the M22 which is a 22mm Concentrate RDA deck but where things get really cool is that he made a Crucible called the ESCC (Energized Silicon Carbide Crucible) that has legs that insert into a deck similar to how all the other 510 coil based 510 Concentrate RDA's and is directly heated so no coils underneath and it heats the entire ESCC evenly, like an Axial Coil on a bangers except if the banger heated up without the coil on it's entire surface area, and was also made from SiC. It also runs on Coils like every other 510 RDA but that's not the reason people are primarily buying it.

    Since the TCR values of the ESCC can jump oHm's to pretty high levels and even have negative oHm's only the Mod released by AVS will be able to have Temp Control over the ESCC but right now every one but a few testers are using wattage Mode by Pulsing the power button on their mods so if you don't want to get the whole set-up and just the M22 (when restocked with the ESCC/Full M22 package) and not the Mod, Bubbler, and tether's that's a solid set-up in itself.

    I don't own one but I've been watching it very closely since the last time I went nuts over a product it turned out the company was build on lies to begin with (FocusV Carta) but Brent has had the design with ESCC' s being tested for like 8 months now so we as customers won't be the Unknowing Testers and seems my gut tells me he's a good dude and businessman.

    Upon it's release it had 2 issues and that was the springs that held the ESCC in place to create stability for consistent oHm readings weren't doing that and the ESCC's were too thin, mainly on the bottom causing them to break while being pushed in or messed with to get better oHm readings. Both have been addressed with the new springs coming in first but because of Chinese New Year & The Coronavirus the ESCC's went from mid-end Feb to an Indefinite wait.

    I think it's really cool and it's my next buy and would fit your criteria of needing something that can use small amounts that take you far and the ESCC will do wonders for the flavor.

    It is a bit expensive for a RDA at $170 with the ESCC version but the Coiled version is up for $80 and the bubbler at $60 and not sure about the Mod but I think he said he estimates the final package to be around $399 so I might do without on the Mod but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

    Good luck with your search man.
  • okla68m
    Ive found this to be the ticket !
    AEGIS Geek Vape & HVT SAI TAF
    Bucket Coil for Exquisite taste, Triple Quartz rod/SS Coil for a Lung Buster !
  • Karec
    I do Rosin with kief i store from the grinder and with a air straightener (can go more OG...) when its done i use an HVT SAI TAF with TI Bucket or a Puffco Plus to vape it, i wish to have a proper press to control and get better with it ... so far im not able to do this, its expensive for the the kief i have to transform to Rosin... so although my air straightener is breaking away i will continue to do this till i get a cheaper alternative...
    The cheaper solution i found (and in EU) was a german company by the name of Graveda and they have a really nice un expensive product which i almost purchased and maybe i will for 420 the link is below, i already talked about this unit on another thread to seek advise and peeps told me it would be a better solution to the one im currently using...

    Graveda Graspresso

    I think i will get this once i sell my IQ.... its time to move on from the AS

    Getting inside a cartridge.... i won't go that way for now or at least until i see a good working solution with safe addons....

  • Karec
    Found it cheaper...

    Graveda Graspresso

  • UbarDog

    Wow Pressing and Trates have allways been just out of my price range so I never did to much research in to presses. Is Thats looking too good for the price ?

    I know its "only" 600kg but for small pressers it would be great ?
    This press works out to cost 1/2 a "Zip/Oz" for me and thats doable and justifiable but still I would only be using this for special occasions. Have bookmarked it and will look again after we move.

    Anyone with some proper knowledge wanna chime in on the press ?
  • Karec
    Mate for sure is going to be a better solution and alternative to my Kipozi Air Straightener.... off course im assuming if we need higher pressure than 600kg this won't be good... i dont know how much pressure i use with my kipozi and some C Clamps but i almost sure is under the 600kgs... and 88€ is way cheaper than to get the cheaper press around... The other solution is getting some plates and wait on a good deal for a proper hydraulic press with at least 2T pressure but its going to be 3 or 4 times the price...
    I already sent them a coupe of questions that i want to see answered before i pull the trigger on this but for sure sounds good... sounded good already when it was 129€... I will share the answers once i get them...
  • martinstraka8282
    I was in your position not long ago. Uneducated and overwhelmed but wanting to get in to concentrates.

    First I tried the SAI ez kit after being a bit overwhelmed by mods and the TAF setup. I hated it quickly. Exposed coils get gunked fast and the taste was very poor. Seemed to lack the power I needed and wasted a fair bit in the bottom of the dish.

    The PCKT with refillable cartridges is great. I Use distillate and both my wife and I use each of ours daily. I can use a tiny piece of silicone tubing and a wpa and use it as a lung buster on water pieces with an upside down drop down set up or the sceptre water tool just overtop.

    I bought a Boundless Terp pen shortly after. That's decent for quick small hits, but it is limited and gunks up pretty quick I find. It does the trick but I find myself not reaching for it very often.

    Then I got the Dynacoil and a SS Vapcap. It works pretty well with my IH if I take it past the click. Good solution if you're alreaady set up for vapcap.

    The best performer for big dab like hits of all though is the GPen Connect my mom bought me for my birthday in december. Yes, my mom bought her 35 year old son a vaporizer lol. As Sneaky Pete points out, the nature of the device can lead to poor flavor, but I find its not bad at all with regular cleaning. There are mote elegant solutions for more money, but I do find this to be a solid dab like rig. Its tiny size is pretty cool too.

    The M22 mentioned previously is something I followed and almost bought in to but ultimately stayed away due to the growing pains and lack of availability of the total package. Seeing the expected price of the mod/bubbler combo kit, its a hard bargain at this point imo. It does look impressive though.
  • Hapo
    ...I wish I did that...
  • Gman
    The new all in one device from HVT looks pretty good. 199$
  • bulllee
    I believe it was @Econman that first recommended the Dulytek DM800 $200
    Dulytek_DM800_Front_Left_1500_x_1500_2019.01.23_900x (1).webp (56K)
  • PAM
    airistech quartz headbanger . dab & dip . under $40usd


  • martinstraka8282
    interesting! I assume the dip is similar to the terp pen, but is the dab dish an exposed coil or a contained dish you can just swab out?
  • Rockytdogg

    I thought tech that draws under coil didn’t interest you anymore...? Besides being an HVT device how is this different than the other 3 (or 4) out there?
  • Gman
    it's not under coil airflow, I made sure to check. It goes all above. I'm not sure how easy the airspace is to clean yet. I may get one though.
  • Señor Negro
    First of all, thanks everyone for the answers :pray:
    I'll try to summarize all info I've got so far, but I may forget something :sweat:

    I did not even considered any of your choices, and sorry but I'll pass on all those. :worry:

    I do not want to get my attention on any 510, that seems like a huge whole world by its own and I don't want to get mad trying to absorb that much info when I'm already confused. :groan:
    And I don't want to consider either any company/product that doesn't have enough info about (and/or good reputation) out there from, at least, several reliable sources.

    Yeah exactly what I was talking about!! :clap:
    Totally forgot about the DynaCoil! :scream:

    My selective memory totally discarded that one because I could not imagine I would like to use it ever. Well, that and ... to be honest, that it seems somehow weird to use. Not sure but seems quite unconvinient and unconfortable (?) to use it, at least to me.

    BUT, definitely I would note it and take into consideration next time I order more Dyna screens (I keep loosing 'em no matter what :roll: )

    Thanks a lot! :ok:

    i use an HVT SAI TAF with TI Bucket or a Puffco Plus to vapeKarec
    As I said no 510, and definitely no way I would consider any Puffco product :vomit:

    Graveda GraspressoKarec
    THAT'S ... another story :gasp:

    My first thought was literally "OMG it can't be cheaper than the crappy Ju1cebox. That press must be shitty as hell!!" :scream:
    But on a second thought ... neither could be crappier than the Ju1cething right? :sweat:
    Not sure how much pressure could a handclamp do, or how much would I need for top quality extraction, but let's be real, I won't reach that point and I won't go crazy trying.

    Now the question is, is that site you posted on the second link based on EU? In other words, what's the warranty they offer for it?
    EU legislation states the obligation of 2year warranty, and that could be the only reason I buy such a suspiciously cheap product (I may be cheapo buyer but I still do consider quality :cool: )
    If it's going to last me at least 2years, then I guess my choice is obvious :chin:

    Thanks a lot for that info, most useful piece so far :100: :up:

    I bought a Boundless Terp pen shortly after. That's decent for quick small hits, but it is limited and gunks up pretty quick I find. It does the trick but I find myself not reaching for it very often.martinstraka8282
    Exposed coils get gunked fastmartinstraka8282

    When I was thinking about 510 vapes one of the reasons I did not want to get into that was the coils. I'm not sure I like it and I would have expent a lot of time discarding those I distrust.
    Now I'm reconsidering the Terp Pen. Those exposed coils do worry me a bit, but I know I won't be using it that much either, and the price it's still appealing so now it's just a "maybe". :chin:

    The best performer for big dab like hits of all though is the GPen Connect my mom bought me for my birthday in december. Yes, my mom bought her 35 year old son a vaporizer lol.martinstraka8282

    How cool is that mom of yours? :100: % :starstruck:
    But, I um ... don't see it. I think I'll pass :sweat:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences :up:

    I believe it was Econman that first recommended the Dulytek DM800 $200bulllee

    Yeah I actually had that one noted just in case. But I won't expend $200 + shipping from USA :scream: :death: :scream: on a thing that looks as equally crappy as the one Karec suggested and, on top of that, has worst specifications (on paper).

    By the by, has anyone any thoughts on using rosin on carts? Would I be able to vape rosin on an only inhale activated battery? Or shall I need a button fired to make the magic happen? Or maybe there's no way if I don't use any solvent ... :scream:
  • Gman
    A sai with a Bucket coil and a poseidon bubbler is about as low maint as you can get. You literally just have to Q-tip it and wash the bubbler once in a while. All the airflow is up above the device. Their new all in one is just putting it all together so you don't have to worry about the batteries and 510 threads and whatever.


    I've seen semi-tear downs, the air path is above the internals, does not flow through the coils. The only issue I have is the non changeable batteries, but some people like that. If I was to buy something right now, that would be it.
  • okla68m
    You Dont have Exposed, Used Coils with a HVT SAI TAF with the Ti Bucket ! Do your hit/draw and wipe out with a Qtip/Alcohol...take another Rip !
    The Secret Ive found with Coils, is Not let them get Gunked. With the SAI switch/rotate, soak and keep enjoying ! IF you can take that many !
  • Señor Negro
    Still, no 510 :down:

    I would rather consider a KP Crystal.
  • bulllee
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  • Señor Negro
    ↪Señor Negro :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:bulllee

    I don't get it, where is the joke? :chin:
  • Ho lee fuk
    Hey glass rigs don't have to be huge or require a giant torch. Microrigs probably go for 40$ when theyre on sale. A cold (reverse) dab is very quick with the stock banger.
  • Señor Negro
    Hey, thanks for the suggestion.
    But for me, anything bigger than a stem or a J-hook is massive, considering my glass-phobia :scream: :scream:
  • Azn2101
    Well...from all the advice people have given out and the very specific parameters you want this future device to fit it might've been easier to have just said which ones you considered as contenders for people to advise on as opposed to asking for options to turn down.

    I mean you said it yourself, if you weren't about learning a 510/mod powered device why not say that from the get?
  • UbarDog
    1st of all I think I need to restate the title
    My (extra cheapo) plan to introduce myself to concentrates. Any advices?

    So I think we should all stop noting products that are $200+

    2nd Senor is in the EU this knocks alot of options off the table. Like the recommended Dulytek DM800 , We just can't get that shipped here with out paying double.

    Consider these 2 things when posting.

    I know you hate glass but its the way to go my friend . Get some 5mm plus think and you will be supprised by how strong it is. I have had my rig nearly 2 years now (Touch wood!)

    So I proberly agree with the idea of a Rig and Banger for Cheapness or the Dynacoil for my 2nd choise.

    .......but 1st mission for you is to aqquire or produce some. You can get a 1.2 l Vacum vessel for about £100, Then do some QWET washes instead. Or are you after Rosin in particular? There fore only presses ?
  • Karec
    Thanks a lot for that info, most useful piece so far :100: :up:Señor Negro

    Regarding the Graveda Graspresso i made some questions to the maker (129€) and that french page i shared (88€) warranty, postage, paying with Paypal and others, etc, i will share it with you since now im serious considering getting that one since the price is unbeatable.... and yes def cannot be worse than the Ju1ceBox, actually i was thinking making one lookalike with the plates of the Kipozi and a clamp looking like the one the Ju1ce uses...

    and definitely no way I would consider any Puffco product :vomit:Señor Negro

    I understand that, i was saying what i use but i won't def get another Puffco Plus...

    Yeah I actually had that one noted just in case. But I won't expend $200 + shipping from USA :scream: :death: :scream: on a thing that looks as equally crappy as the one Karec suggested and, on top of that, has worst specifications (on paper).Señor Negro

    Dulytek DM800 $200 was the 1st i considered but the price was high plus postage and customs from the states def not!!!! Than i also compared with the Graveda Graspresso and is a no brainer, 1st the spec is better and the price is unbeatable since postage will be less and customs won't be charged.... no brainer.
    Yes being in EU we have limited choices and getting from the states if we consider postage and possible customs its not affordable.... and thats why i struggle to get most of the stuff thru EU sellers so we dont have any surprises from customs... and way better for the warranty.

    I also run from exposed coils and the SAI TAF with TI bucket is a good and unexpensive solution, agree with @Gman and @okla68m but if 510 is a big no for you....you just need to find different solution, you run from 510s i run from torches and bangers....

    @UbarDog Rosin in terms of taste is unbeatable imo any solvent used takes away the flower flavour or at least i notice in RSO, i dont have enough experience to say what better but def Rosin taste like flower...
    Eventually i will get a banger, i already have water piece so i just need a banger and a torch.... but before that i need a proper solution to press.

  • Bad Dog
    I would also recommend a rig and banger with carb cap for best results at minimum expense but the Dyna coil isn't a terrible way to go, it was my introduction to dabbing. The Dyna coil compared to a banger tastes a bit washed out but going passed the click its effects are pretty good but again not quite as impactful as a banger. I have a few vapes that can do concentrate, a crafty with liquid pad its taste is subpar and kinda goes on forever. The Dyna coil that I now only use to take a dab on the go and requires frequent cleaning. My Ditanium that I like a lot but pretty much only gets my lower quality concentrate like shatter and wax. But when I really want to enjoy a top quality dab I use my banger.
  • okla68m
    What about "Shatter or Wax" makes it "Lower Quality" than whatever you are refering to...? Rosin ? If so, Why is it Lower Quality ? The "Shatter" I just made seems FAR from "Lower Quality" by any judgement, IMO !
    Clear, Amber, Snaps like Glass !
  • Bad Dog
    low quality may have been a poor choice of words but I was referring to the contrasting thc strength typically seen between shatter and wax vs live resin or diamonds and sauce as well as the price difference. I still consume both and both float my boat. In my line of thought I always considered hard liquor to be higher quality than beer but again when I did drink I had both.
  • okla68m
    How is Pressure and Heat any better at extracting THC from cannabis any Better, more efficient than a QWET wash ?
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