• mac47
    Then that's my error because I was led to believe it was like the Firefly where you have to use an app to change the temperature (otherwise you're limited to one heat setting)
  • BestBuds
    No problem bud, take a look at the quick start guide Bud linked HERE.
  • Terpenetime
    Yes, the unit has a Learning Curve. Just like a modern Supercar, you must Learn HOW TO USE IT to get the Most out if it.okla68m

    On the contrary, modern supercars are relatively easy to get the best out of in comparison to previous generations :fire:
  • okla68m
    Not if you turn off Traction Controls, etc !!!!
    Im talking about No Stability Electronics, Not Fly By Wire cars !
  • Bud
    Great post Señor I finally read it! :sweat: Fairly worded as well :up:
  • Señor Negro
    LoL that was a brief answer but It's ok, I know you are busy.
    I apreciate your kind words, thank you :up:
  • Terpenetime
    Not if you turn off Traction Controls, etc !!!!
    Im talking about No Stability Electronics, Not Fly By Wire cars !

    Yes, even when the ESC is disabled.

    By the way, I’m not disputing the fact that supercars have a learning curve as all cars do. My point is that (modern) supercars have never been easier to drive, so the learning curve to go fast is less steep now than it’s ever been. And before you ask, yes, I have driven many supercars on road and track over the last thirty or so years.
  • badbee
    I've been using my MV1 without the app since I got it in November. I could use my wife's phone with the app to control it but haven't bothered, no need. It's not the most user friendly I'll give you that, it takes 10 button presses to go from shipping mode back to my starting temp. Ghost MV2, if there ever is one, should adopt the more "standard" control buttons as found on Arizer and Boundless vapes. They went a little overboard in their effort to look cool.
  • AwFug
    So after some more testing and whatnot, this vape has been in my rotation more steadily. I consistently see its high praise on multiple forums, and I really do like the way my stealth model looks. I’ve actually found that I can grind my flower a little finer than medium and pack a bit tighter if I draw deeper and a tad slower. I’ve been getting great results, and it still doesn’t use that much flower at all. Thanks for all the tips everyone :cheer:
  • Baron23
    No, it has five preset flower temps plus a concentrate temp. The highest two flower temps can be user modified via the app (and why not all five...WTF knows..sigh).

    So yes, without an app you can temp step.
    The GHOST MV1 delivers air in to the crucible at a pre-set temperature. The fixed pre-sets are: Low – 338°F, Med – 365°F, High – 392°F. When paired with the App you are able to set the 2 favorite settings on Red LED 1 & Red LED 2 anywhere between 284°F - 428°F. Below are the default temperatures for each setting:
    — Ghost

    Its incredible what you can learn with a search engine.
  • mac47
    Never used a Ghost and clearly I didn't investigate as much as perhaps I could've. I don't want to have to use an app for a vape and if the controls are integrated onto the device itself then it could be more user friendly.
  • BestBuds
    it could be more user friendly.mac47

    Their interface IS horrible! Absolutely no doubt about that! :lol: my biggest complaint with the MV1 is still the crucibles. they are a pain in the arse unless you have that little tray thingy. But even then the pack has to be perfect so the tray is only good to a point. :meh:
  • WOLF444

    Are we certain that the MV1 can reach a temperature of 470? The temperature readout through the app itself indicates that 428 (F) is the max temperature.... When I tap the Concentrate setting through the app it changes the digital readout of the temperature (from a lower temperature value) to 428...

    Currently I suspect there was a typo on that infographic - or it was from an earlier design/configuration of the model that didn't get implemented... Or the app wasn't designed to correctly read out the temperature in Concentrate mode? Not sure....
  • Baron23
    nope, I’m not certain at all. Just from their manual. :up:
  • SensoryLeaf
    I'm sure many of you knew this was coming, but ghost have folded:

  • MaritimeJoe
    Can't say that I'm shocked
  • Alexis
    Hey, anybody who might see this bump...

    So by a turn of events, I have been using my Pristine unused Stealth MV1 recent days.

    It's not perfect by any means, but the process of using it is easy, and I especially like the effects.

    If anyone is willing- what's basic consensus on heat setting and adjustment through draws?

    Sorry I should check this out for myself but am supremely wasted for the moment.

    I am using Amber 2 to start mostly.

    But after that first hit, it feels necessary to go to red 1, to get worthy hits. Even red 2 to finish.

    I'm sure I recall @Bud saying in a video- he just starts on Redv1?

    Just curious anyway. Sorry to be asking the obvious.
  • Pud
    This may help by telling you temps that correspond to led colors. Enjoy!


    The stealth model had the issue with the door latch breaking. So maybe press the door in then unlatch and let go of door to open to maybe help preserve that latch on the door...
  • Alexis
    hi. Thanks very much for that.

    And yes I already was religiously freeing the latch, opening and closing the door, to minimise strain.

    Now Im a bit different in some ways (lol, understatement), I use my "nose" to find my own preferred sweetspot with any vape, regardless of alleged temp corespondance etc.

    Not to sound unappreciative at all. I just wondered if most people have a basic temp level start and adjust formula, to simply get the best hits out of a crucible.

    It seems to me to go to Red 1 quite quickly is necessary.

    That chart will be very useful though thanks @Pud
  • BestBuds
    I used to do 2 hits on the custom setting set at 380°ish and then I would do the rest on the max.

    I would get hot spots on max temp if I started there but that could have just been my mv1 or draw speed.
  • Pud
    @Alexis On The link i posted, go to page one... not sure why it did a random page in the thread... that has Bud's recos there
  • Alexis
    yes that thread is very appropriate and useful. When Im sharper witted again it will be a great and interesting resource.

    @BestBuds thanks also for the simple pointer. Good resource and food for thought guys.

    Normally, I would have quickly figured this out roughly myself, but my crazy Acid bender finished on 3475 micrograms, so a degree of cognitive slowness is ensured for a couple days only.
  • Pud
    it's ok to ask questions... thats why we are here :smile:
  • Alexis
    exactly! And bizarrely, I very rarely do so myself. I usually just share my own experiences as honestly as possible. And add my natural humorous perspective of course, always in the name of positive community spirit.

    Jence me using a "chip" to directly consult y'al all haha.

    I had 2 MV1 crucibles in the end. 2nd Amber 1 hit, then 3 hits red one.

    It got me nicely stoned too. Edibles and CBD oil just now, 250ug LSD from about 7 hours ago levelledvoff a bit. I couldn't even finsish the silly strong Kava cocktail I brewed earlier- 50 grams, managedcaboutb34 grams worth tonight.

    Thanks for the advice guys and do hope you have a great night.
  • Baron23
    Bruce - I doubt you are going to get much love from Richardo on this as his post was a year old.
  • Alexis
    So I am now starting on amber 3 heat level. I can get 4 worthwhile, tasty hits before moving to Red 1.

    Draw speed is very crucial with the MV1 I feel already. It does get me very high though.
  • EasyToSlip
    I was a regular Ghost user for a while. When I got everything dialed in I would usually start at amber 3 then get 4 very good hits and then red 1 for another 1 or 2 not so tasty hits.
    I liked the flexibility of the Ghost but once I found my sweet spot I never changed it.

    One good Ghost tip is the kief sandwich. Load a crucible with a layer of ground herb followed by a layer of kief and then another layer of herb. The crucible keeps it all in place. The MV1 does not get messy or gunked up and it works GREAT!!!!!!!! Try that on red 1.
  • Alexis
    hi thanks. And funnily, that's what I discovered myself. Starting on Amber 3, a good 4 hits, then red 1 for yes, less tasty hits to finish.

    Judt trying to find the will to rise now to manage my insane allergies so I can breathe again, but too exahausted to move, after over 5 weeks of flu and exactly 50 tabs of acid in 7 days, just one day off.

    Too much even for me. 5 mg's is like 20 original Microdots. I think I will bravely tackle my oil pullimg, cayenne, turmeric, raw garlic then steam inhalartion - a 2.5 hour process.

    But the other side is always wondrous and I need to get there asap so I can drink some kava, or a black tea with a vape first, or edibles.

    Kava saves me from emotional crisis and panic attack every day. No way am I ever taking that much LSD again though.

    I will come out of it fine as always but it's damn damn hard coping with such extreme exhaustion and pain, unable to breathe, with a truly scrambled head.

    Gonna do it though, right now! Bid me luck. Brighter things lie ahead though there is no doubt there, just dark moment atm.
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