• bulllee
    No way am I ever taking that much LSD again though.Alexis
  • Alexis
    On the up (ish). Allergies managed. Recently neglected infection treatments currently underway, had one Bluedream load, strong black tea, and made 60 grams of kava for inna short while and a hot shower soon.

    Damn hard and bleak start to this day earlier. But much improved now with hard work and mental strength.

    Well off my head though still no question. Perhaps don't expect too much sense from me for...aboutba week, maybe, lol....
  • Triad
    I recently used my mv1 haven't used in a while but I always thought that when it was working good it's the best vape out there in terms of effect, taste especialy for the amount being used. I own mostly every top vape out there. I always noticed that it worked great when battery was just fully charged.
    So other night Got great hit first pull but diminishing next few. So i decided to plug in and use it plugged entire time and basically every hit was great. So anybody who has mv1 try it plugged in and I like to hear from others on how it works for you.
  • To the Cloud
    I will still use mine that has a broken latch, no haptic feedback and the battery USB connect is rattling inside the battery (will only charge with my fast charger)
    It's a good one to sip on. The issue was having a session / vaporizer which required as much fucking upkeep and dialing in as cooking a four course dinner. I mean even when it hums the whole get going process is such a hassle
  • Baron23
    I have two MV-1 plus lots of batteries, crucibles, etc.

    Gosh, haven't used them in a long time as I'm an at home vaporist and favor my desktops....in particular, EVO and Flower Pot.

    But I think I need to dust them off and give them a run.

    I always felt that this vape extracted ok and I discounted the bit of green seen on the top of the load once the lid is taken off. After pouring out the AVB many times and not being able to find those little green pieces, I'm convinced that they are just that....crumbs that I don't need to worry about.

    I thought of selling one or both but hesitated as this is an out of production vape without support so I'm not real sure of how ethical it is to sell one.....and that's assuming I find a buy who actually wants one.

    This vape had a LOT of promise that, IMO, was squandered by Ghost who just didn't want to listen to any ideas/comments contrary to their vision for this vape. I worked in very high tech as a program manager (retired now) and I have worked for a number of start ups and observed the trajectory of many more. That certain type of arrogance.....being in love with your own vision to the exclusion of input from expert users....or said another way, drinking your own kool aid....brought down many a very well funded start up and GHOST, IMO.

  • John Cocktostone
    you described Disney. Arrogant fuckers.
  • To the Cloud
    LOL that's a billion dollar conglomerate that has thrived for generations being compared to a defunct dry herb vaporizer company.

    Ghost hired , who described to the T of drinking their own Kool Aid. young naïve influencer type reps. These guys didn't even see their own ship sinking with all the writing on the wall. Half thought it was just poor timing and really believed a clunky 9 lb paperweight that always jammed and was a pain to use outside the house was on par with the PAX 3 and would be the next hip cool millennial vaporizer.

    I still use mine and love the vapor quality though. So there's that.
  • Alexis
    My MV1 stealth ceased producing vapor full stop after maybe 30 crucibles max recently.

    It WAS working perfectly. 3 or 4 great, tasty, potent visible clouds on yellow/amber 3, then several more on reds 1 & 2.

    Then suddenly, no real surprise, zero vapor. Vibrates still, whistles, all lights, button function, adjustments as normal but no vapor. Short life.

    Nothing unanticipated. Except the only shame- my 71 yr old mum liked it. The only vape in the world she would consider using. R.I.P. Ghost. But I hold no grudge or bitterness towards them, only gripe maybe how they could, should have listened to Bud at the time and incorporated more of his feedback.

    But apart from that, I think they honestly tried their best, did a good job overall really at honouring warranties.

    Obviously they had to for ongoing reputation sake, but that honourability, or rather the (naively unanticipated) gigantic demand for it, was their undoing ultimately.

    If they had the interest, freedom, and resources, I expect they could start again from the bottom and possibly make a much much better job out of it.

    Maybe one day?!

    Just in case, if you are listening Ghost- BIGGER crucibles. Better airflow through the crucible design too.
  • Alexis
    hi. I tried this. Full battery. I was using the fast charger, so not possible with your experiment here.

    So I tried this with plugging in the slow charge USB charger cable. No joy. Still no vapor.
  • Alexis
    yeah except one HUGE distinction.

    Ghostvapes has NEVER been a Satanic organisation, unlike Disney and Hollywood.

    Innocent, well meaning entertainment? My gigantic butthole!
  • Baron23
    Did you pull the MP/air cooler assembly, look down into the heater, and see if it began to glow or not when operated?
  • Alexis
    hi Baron. I did not. I was sure there may be some sort of troubleshoot or inspection, I intended to inquire when energy and priority for it aligned.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will explore any avenue in case it has life still, for my mum’s sake.
  • badbee
    @Alexis, if the coil isn't warming at all you have a serious problem. If the coil does glow, but you get no hit, it could be due to a leaky heat sink seal. Typically the device overheats and flashes all red after 10 - 15 seconds when this happens. Disassemble and clean the heat sink and ensure it is reassembled correctly, the black silicon piece at the top has to be oriented the right way. Put the bottom of the assembled heat sink against the palm of your hand to block the air passage and inhale. If you get air there is a leak.

    My MV1 is running strong after 400+ crucibles and still one of my favorites.
  • Alexis
    thanks mate, appreciated advice. I get a glow!

    Mum cleaned heat sink parts. Tested today. Def got stoned, but unconvinced it’s working presto, so I will check the seal you talk about next.

    And keep testing. I still don’t know if it might be best to fairly pack a bowl, slightly tamp, vs less herb, more spacey.
  • Chaotix
    It’s really weird that there was this big discussion about the MV being better than the mighty and being better than any other Vape I was always wondering but now after all this time it turns out that was all bull. Good thing I never bought one.
  • Buzzman
    Been using an mv1 for two years, on my third one because of the latches braking, and just realized they’ve gone out of business. I really liked the portability and being able to take ten pre-loaded crucibles with me on the go. What should my next go to vape be now? Should I just buy another ghost that’s sitting on someone’s shelf or is there another portable convection dry herb vape that comes with extra crucibles to pre-load???
  • standingsideways

    The healthy rips vapes like the fury edge are convection heating and have the option for dosing capsules. I don't own one so can't tell you much more but they are very popular.
  • Buzzman

    Thank you I will check out the fury edge. Also looking at the davinci iqc, it looks like they also have dosing cups. Not convection but I guess the mv1 wasn’t truly convection either.
  • Pud
    if you like the Ghost then I'd also look for another as it is a good vape for sure. I have seen brand new ones as cheap as $75 since there is basically no warranty. Just be mindful of the latch,
  • Buzzman

    Thanks will be deciding what I do this week. I do have many spare parts for my mv1 and if I can find a new one for under $75 I’ll have some more money to spend on some flower.
  • Ernielicous
    pm me if you interested in getting another ghost!
  • ShayWhiteGrow
    The CRITIC was always correct!! :cool:
  • Triad
    If there's anybody that wants to get rid of their Ghost pm me I will take it off your hands.
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