• Magicman
    I just use a doubled-up large blue Crafty o-ring as the adapter. It works with both pfe and normal tip. The silicon tip works well too if you double up the top. Thinking I may get the master adapter from sneaky pete.
  • Señor Negro
    Sorry I can't visualize that :brow: .

    Can you show me a picture of your o-ring ? :rofl:

    EDIT: Pun intended, but I'm serious about the crafty o-ring set up with the hopper :sweat: .
  • CDN24
    I picked up a Ti IO, while it worked, it was amazing. Effects I hadn’t felt in years. Unfortunately it only lasted two weeks. Waiting on a replacement part to be sent now....

    Still debating another it was so good though or might try a tinymight as people seem to suggest it hits at the same level.
  • Cl4ud3
    For someone who hasn't been following these on FC what's the general consensus on reliability.

    A vast improvement over the original, not as bad but still issues, or about the same ?
    I know we had members here who's originals spent more time at hopper labs than with them and the turnaround for repairs wasn't very good.

    Also what about batteries and average run time, are they using improved batteries or running on the same even though this is a beefier device ?
  • Señor Negro
    I've been lurking around for some time while this forum was down and aparently there are not many issues (or at least not as many as they have been reporting for the original) and even people with any have, generally, recieved responsive answers from hopper labs, even sending replacements instead of starting un-ending RMAs.

    I'm sure there are some other folks here that could give more details about this subject as I have not been studing it too close but seems to me that finally hopper is (slowly, because their past history will take much more to wear off) finally reaching a point of being capable to recover customers confidence.

    But as I said I'm not following this scenario too close as my idea is to wait for 4/20 discounts period to see if I can get a good deal, and hopefully that dreaded reputation has improved.
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