• SouthboundPachyderm
    Troy just posted on his site Ghost vapes has officially shut down.
  • chaos191
    Wow. What about warranty and things like that? I'm not registered on Troy's site I tried a bunch of times and couldn't get it to go through but any word on the reason behind it ?
  • Cl4ud3
    No emails ? nothing on their website either.

    What about warranty and things like that?chaos191

    That's what I was thinking about too :sad:
  • LabPong
    Sounds like investors pulled out...
  • Pud
    thats what i thought too.. according to the webpage they are still having a sale... lol!!... and no press release... nothing other than the letter Troy received
  • SouthboundPachyderm
    Yeah im only going off what i read over at Troys page. Pretty crazy though. Not all that shocking though either i guess
  • LabPong
    I always had the feeling that they were just throwing money at over engineering a new vape and thinking it was going to change everything. They forgot about the old adage..... K.I.S.S.
  • weedaholic
    i wonder what all the vape shops that sell it will do now with warranty issues..id say the amount of returns was threw the roof with the stealth edition. i had it replaced 3 times all the same issue, latch door would not close.
  • kiddvudu2
    What a terrible time to be back in the hunt for a new on-demand portable dry herb vape... Damn it seems like this industry should be spinning new and honestly-improved products out almost as fast as flagship cell phones these days. It's mind boggling to me that with all the concepts that have been identified up to this point as "good" and "bad" haven't brought something to market better and cheaper than what we currently have available. And then you dump a big ole pile of covid on top of the market and now I'm stuck handling my satin silver with kit gloves because I'll be back to only conduction devices when this one gives up the proverbial Ghost... fml
  • Magicman
    I always held back on this one. Too many pieces, too many pictures of happy girls, borderline portability. Guessing that it was mostly "Made in China".
  • Pud
    probably why seemed like they started passing them out like candy... had a couple containers full of new ones trying to convert them to cash... so wanted to keep everyone happy so they could try and sell a few more units... cash flow is a killer.

    I'd say they will keep cs going for a while as long as they have parts and units..
  • acstorfer
    Puff it up is blowing them out for $119.00. Almost want to do it for the battery since I can’t buy any of those.

    I haven’t used my Ghost in weeks. I just pulled it out. It’s such a good vaporizer. This is really a shame. Seeing how this is my third I can see how their replacements could be a problem.
  • LabPong
    What a terrible time to be back in the hunt for a new on-demand portable dry herb vape...kiddvudu2

    google "tinymight"
  • Bruce
    That is a shame. Ghost Vapes presented very good customer service with a very unique device. Sorry to hear of their difficulties. I don't use mine much but its a bummer. I hope they still have a warranty system.

    I have written many times that the companies stability is more important than the warranty.

    I do hope they have a plan for the warranties.

    Lesson learned. That is why I choose Pax and Davinci. Ghost is a new company so its not a total surprise. From here on forward, #1 - Customer Feedback and #2 Corporate Stability are on the top of my list when choosing a vape.

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Dry Herb Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Baron23
    What about warranty and things like that?chaos191

    No company, no warranty. Sorry.

    I'd say they will keep cs going for a while as long as they have parts and units..Pud

    Reference, please???

    So, like Magicman (wow, never thought I would say that) they spent a fortune on vids of the young and beautiful vaporists, sponsoring rock band tours, giving out replacements without...to my mind...doing due diligence, and bottom line is that they made an over engineered, over priced, often fiddly vape.

    As for the RMA generosity, yes...very good for customers. We loved it.

    But I never could understand how they could possibly cover these costs.

    On the subject of fiddly, it ain't like they weren't told before they launched. They just chose not to listen.
  • kiddvudu2
    I've had my eye on TM since about November. Still on the fence. I haven't checked on the forums in a couple weeks (I will now tho), but I started waning interest when seeing all the newest owners go through similar learning curves as all of us went thru with MV1. I love my still-functioning (with a sticky fire button) satin silver, but I know it won't last the entirety of it's extended warranty. What I don't love is all the extra parts/pieces that I need to clean and carry with me when I want to travel with it. I know here is not the place, but I do have some inquiries about TM and will present them on the proper threads or maybe a PM to yourself it you don't mind?

  • Pud
    why wouldn't they? So you think they are just going to trash all the units and parts they have left? Many companies have folded only to re-open again in a month... wouldn't be the first nor the last. So if they ever want to re-open using their name and goodwill they have spent so much effort and money to amass and perpetuate, they will not just lock the doors and run... like Kmart did... stock to zero, bankrupt sorry about your luck but here we'll sell you this new stock at $14 a month later.., lol!.. its happened a hundred times... so if they don't, then they are fools because they squandered company resources taking care of people and great customer service for what?? for nothing, is what you are saying... to flush it all down the toilet the next day? No they will parlay this now to get govt money felling sorry for them and re-open later with a new product, new something... I don't believe they are stupid.
  • Baron23
    for nothing, is what you are sayingPud

    Now, Pud...we are buds. But let's be clear...I didn't say shit. I asked for a reference and that's it.

    I misread your statement to be that Ghost was indeed keeping CS open.

    Re-reading it, I see you were expressing an opinion that they will.

    As for why they may well not do this....because they don't have any money to pay employees and their investors are not interested at this point...or they would have kept them solvent. Yeah?
  • Pud
    but it won't take much just a couple people could work out of their house with a storage locker.... and goodwill is same as cash... otherwise they are buffoons.., and I really don't think thats the case. Their website is still taking orders so its not like they don't have any money...
  • zibit
    Too bad, I was looking forward to Ghost 2 after Bud talked about consulting with them. If they implemented some or most of his suggestions it could have been a great vape!
  • Baron23
    and goodwill is same as cashPud

    Not to the investors. If they thought they could sell the biz, they would have kept it open and done so. If they thought they saw a way to stand the company back up, achieve profitability, and recoup their investment, they would have done so.

    Goodwill in a bankrupt company that never really did make it.....dunno, as an investor I would not throw good money after bad.

    Its shut down and I think that's pretty much it.

    Their website is still taking ordersPud

    Orders for what? vapes? They don't have any. Batteries? They don't have any. Fast Chargers, nada. Crucible dispensers...nope. Heat sinks and stems....not that either. Not even crucible lids will load into a cart. You can't even get one of their hats to go into the cart.

    So, what are they still taking order for???

  • Pud
    Vapes with batteries in the sealed boxes... a manufacturing company did not have everything dry up and evaporate into thin air... lol!... yes they have inventory they were not built to order... lol! And if they don't have inventory then that is called Fraud and that is federal time
  • 420vapezone
    Full write up here: https://420vapezone.com/ghost-vapes-is-no-more/

    If Ghost had a sad little violin song, it would sound like "EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
  • Triad
    It sucks to hear I'm one that really liked the mv1 and was looking forward to the next version with all the kinks worked out.
    The best customer service I've ever dealt with.
    But in these times were gonna be seeing a lot more places closing. Great vape technology one of the best tasting vapor with the smallest amount of erb.
  • BobCat
    Least surprising news since @Baron23 caught The Clap in the South Pacific in '76. :joke:

    My heart goes out to the owners who will be adversely affected.

    So now that y'all know they're going out of business, reminder that I'm selling one if the last ones to go around for a very reasonable price ;)jslam96

    You funny brother! Is Confederate currency accepted? j.k.
  • Baron23
    yes they have inventory they were not built to order... lol!Pud

    So, do you actually know something or is this more of a thought exercise.

    Cause you cannot order anything off of their site and they have said that they closed the doors.

    End of story, my friend.

    And exactly what fraud are you speaking about...specifically. Its no crime to go bankrupt. Its not crime to run sales to try to stave off bankrupcy. And I think it would be very hard to prove that they dumped inventory with full knowledge a forehand that they would be shut down shortly.

    I don't see it, frankly.

  • Baron23
    Least surprising news since Baron23 caught The Clap in the South Pacific in '76.BobCat

    Uh, Robert....that was nonspecific urethritis and my flight surgeon will swear to it!!!

  • BobCat
    ..that was nonspecific urethritis and my flight surgeon will swear to it!!!Baron23

    Great retort!!! :rofl:
  • spider
    And here I thought they were going to do an update? Oh well, even though the costumer service was on point the ghost was always a little finicky for my liking..
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