• Hubrkn
    I'm just getting started with vaping, and I almost bought the AirVape XS. It is the right price, and i've read some good reviews. However, the Pax 2 just dropped in price, because the new Pax 3 is coming out. So, I'm debating between the two. I would only vape (for now) about once a week for single or double sessions, and I want something that is relatively discreet. Mainly, I don't want the neighbors next door smelling it in the hallway. Any advice on which is the better vape: AirVape XS or Pax 2.

  • mrluther
    I love my Pax 2! It gets you there with a very small amount of herb. It does have two major drawbacks...it smells and the airflow becomes more restricted as the material compacts due to heating. If you dont mind this...as I dont...its great and very efficient. I wish I got it at a lower price!! Pax 3 may suffer from these issues as well cause they really didnt change the design. I am waiting to see Vape Critics review!!
  • VapeCritic
    Hey they're both great options in the $200 price range - i think you'll like either one - but aside from looks I'd say the biggest differences are that the PAX2 has a little more draw resistance than the AirVape XS (a tad harder to pull from) but it does also have a slightly larger oven (~0.3g versus ~0.2g)

    AirVape has the glass mouthpiece that sticks out the top and with the PAX I recommend the flat mouthpiece that doesn't sitck out
  • DomIke
    Heeeey brow! Never used the Airvape xs, but i already ordered!
    But pax 2 iv used a lot, i think pax is good one when you talk about warranty, and discreet device, buuuuuut i dont like a lot conduction vapes, and i think that this is one is the biggest difference betwen Xs and pax 2! XS has a hybrid way to vaporize the herb and pax doesn´t! So thats in theory i think that @VapeCritic could tell you more about the quality of the vape production and compare! I think Xs seems to be clouder and tastier and smoother thee the pax 2! @Hubrkn
  • Hubrkn
    Thanks all for the advice. I'll make my decision tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  • shani
    So, what did you decide on? I already got the Pax 2 since a few days and afterwards I saw the Airvape XS... looks quite interesting! And right now it's on sale for only 135...
  • koepen
    tried the airvape xs first... didn't like it,
    sent it back, ordernd a Pax 2 -> really diggin it!!!
  • Flipz
    I'd go with the pax 2 over he airvape xs if I had to choose.
  • shani
    Ok, good to know, thanks for your replies! :)
    I'm generally happy with my Pax 2, but I'm missing pass through and adjusting the temperature would've been nice. The ceramic oven also sounds interesting flavourwise + it seems like the XS is easier to clean... so the 135€ deal for the XS really piqued my curiousity. But maybe I should just wait and buy the Davinci IQ some day.
  • Flipz
    both are pretty easy to clean but the airvape would be the one easier to clean if comparing both. I like how the IQ looks and sounds also so hoping to add that to my collection soon :D
  • koepen

    what i liked about the airvape xs:
    -heat up time (outstanding)
    -draw resistance
    -easy to clean

    what i didn't like:
    -glass mouthpiece is getting hot
    -vapor is definitely NOT as smooth as from pax 2
    -mouthpiece can get lost easily
    -not as efficient as pax 2 -> a session with the half oven lid provides more draws than a full session with the airvape xs. One session was about 5 draws (12-15 sec. / 185°C/365F), then my herb was completely finished. maybe i packed it too lose!?!?!?
  • shani
    Wow, your cons really convinced me not to buy the XS now. :-O
    A hot mouthpiece would be a no-go for me, I already didn't like that about the Crater (European Pax 1). I also suspected that the mouthpiece could get lost, but wasn't sure about that. Thanks for confirming it.
    Finally, less vapor smoothness and less efficiency are the nail in the coffin. Because similar to what you wrote, I also found the Pax 2 to be very efficient with the New Vape Pusher. It almost gives me as many draws as I would have with the oven fully packed, but at the very least 10 nice draws.
    So 5 draws with the XS sound really laughable. ^^ Although packing your material tightly seems to be a rule of thumb for all portable vaporizers.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, that was very helpful!
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